Been playing Lost Ark and its a good game but...

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  1. MMOer Augur

    I still miss EQ... Pretty much all MMO are so anti social.

    Sure, there is grouping in dungeons and raids sure... but its cross server match nobody chats wow raids. We just do the raid and then say GG at the end.

    I'm playin right now and tabbed out to type this because I was thinking of the TLP coming soon.

    I can still remember pug groups in crush bone from each TLP... I remember noob pug group that we put together in steamfont and played for 6+ hours from rats to past the windmills in one session together. Six rando players that had a blast and wanted to keep it going.

    I remember a pug in Lguk where we were kicking so much we all decided to play for 20 hours strait until we maxed level. We cleared our scheduled, planned meals, organized bathroom breaks, stretch breaks, etc... all on the fly. Just six randos that seen we were all good and had the time that weekend. I personally had to OK it with the wife, lol.

    We almost hit 50 at the end.. we were all exhausted by the end.. cheering each other on to stay. We made it for the time we committed.

    All the new MMOs are missing that social, chill, group and grind mobs experience. There is not chill and chat and kill.

    That's what I love about EQ... that is why I come back for TLP's each year.

    Anyway, just saying... these other games are really good but none of them have that experience. Back to Lost Ark to solo grind fetch quests. See ya'll next month!

    Can we start in Kunark this time?? Would love to have Kunark zones to level up to 50 in for a change. Maybe do Kunark for 4 months or so before Luclin.

    PPS... would love pop lock that allows xfers to Agnar once it hits lock or a "yearly" pop lock server that empties into a single server when done.
  2. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    You're way into randos. I prefer playing with friends and guildmates.
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  3. Corydon Augur

    PoP lock was cool. I still play on Agnarr. But we do not need another PoP locked server. I personally (alike with quite a few folks I have spoken to) would love an OoW locked server this time around.

    There is hope because originally Mangler and Selos were supposed to be PoP locked (for whatever reason) when they were announced. But the "audience" was raging so they changed the rulseset to what Mangler and Selos became in the end.

    So, let's have one OoW locked server this time for the folks that don't like chasing the carrot forever and a special other TLP for the folks that don't want OoW locked.
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  4. Pallie New Member

    I would like a Oow locked server. I am not sure I would still play on Agnarr if that happen. Might play on both, PoP lock still has an appeal to me either way.
  5. MMOer Augur

    I have one friend in my entire life that plays/played mmos

    He is the guy that introduced me to EQ.

    People I was raised with and know do not game for the most part.

    Def do not waste their time in MMOs

    They look down on it.

  6. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    How do you think you get friends and guildmates? They don't spawn from your imagination, they all started as "randos" to you.
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  7. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    He said he rerolls every year to play with randos.
  8. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    What about all the many online friends you must have compiled in all these years of fresh forays on fresh TLPs?
  9. ostill82 New Member

    I logged in just to Like this post. OoW locked server is what I have been waiting for.
  10. TheBudkai New Member

    Yeah I agree - to OP. All that I've realized from modern "MMOs" and single player games and board game nights... Is that I Don't Like Games. I don't like games at all. I like social experiences.
  11. Triconix Augur

    Hard to have friends when you only play 4 months of the year then post about wanting a new TLP for the other 8.

    Seriously, the thing people complain most about older TLPs - lack of population - would be completely resolved if those same people who complain just uhhh continued playing in some capacity? Brilliant concept.
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  12. Corydon Augur

    If people would stay on the server they rolled on, there would not be enough fresh meat to roll toons on new TLPs. For some reason people like to roll fresh every 1-2 years. Some are stuck in the everlasting nostalgia loop. For some it's serious krono business. Others just don't want to go past certain expansions. I think I am stating the obvious.

    Then we have the Agnarr-like people who don't want to roll fresh every 1-2 years and who also don't want to play past a certain expansion (PoP/LDoN in this case). That's what makes another era-locked server totally feasible in my opinion. OoW would be a perfect stop for many since the task system, relevant epic 2.0 and tons of raiding content are a nice place to live in for many years and to max out many toons while spending way too much money for bags/mounts/fluff for all of them.
  13. Treage_Imminent Elder

    I agree with a lot of what you said, but I wanted to point out that Lost Ark is an action role playing game (ARPG) which is why things tend to be faster paced than a game like EQ.

    The reason that mana and other resources regenerated so slowly in the beginning was to allow time for the socialization aspect that you and I enjoy so much. I have seen and read where the original devs admitted they went a little too far when people were reading novels during extended periods of downtime. It's also why /gems was created.

    I find it funny that they would make an in-game Bejeweled copy rather than increasing regen rates at the time. That's sticking to your principles in my book. :)

    Below is a really informative youtube channel made by a former dev. He has ex developers on that recount most aspects of how the game was made back in the day. I really enjoy watching it.
  14. Jendan New Member

    If they did this I think it should go up to DoN (like how Agnarr included LDoN).