Because of the real word situations with 'time off work'...

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  1. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Grocery stores are not price gouging nor trying to "upsell" people. Businesses are offering curbside delivery to maintain operations (status quo). You've basically admitted that offering "freebies" (i.e. free membership) would be an attempt to upsell their product. Otherwise, how would Darkpaw/Daybreak gain revenue?

    So yes, in my opinion, trying to upsell people in the middle of a pandemic is poor taste.

    Are you serious? How are they not losing revenue by offering free All Access? They are losing the revenue of monthly subscriptions and Krono purchases. lol.
  2. enclee Augur

    How are you losing money, if you're offering it to customers that aren't giving you money? You're really missing the bigger picture on DPG's revenue model. Subscriptions aren't the major focus that they used to be.

    How much revenue, do you think DPG takes in from an All-Access membership? Now, compare that to how much they make from a store place sale.

    Maybe you've been playing too long, but those free heroic characters have so many different revenue streams associated with them. Let's go through everything, we can sell someone that took the free heroic character:
    • Bags
    • Overseer Agents
    • Ornaments
    • LoN packs
    • Heritage Crates
    • Illusions
    • Illusion Key ring
    • Hero's Forge
    • Hero's Forge Armor
    • Mounts
    • Mount Key Ring
    • Nimbus effects
    • Familiars
    • Familiar Key Ring
    • Mercenary Slots
    • Experience Potions
    • Novelty Items
    This is just a small portion of the ways in which DPG creates revenue. Now, add in that free 500 DBC and DPG ensured the customer had a chance to browse their store. There's all sorts of analytics behind digital storefronts and how getting a customer to spend 1 time, creates recurring revenue.

    The long term aspect of offering a free month of gold is that you players to re-engage in the community. Maybe, you get some old guild members coming back and that keeps someone’s guild afloat. So, now that we’re getting people active in game again we’re preserving the games future.
  3. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    You are trying to upsell people in the middle of a pandemic. And you are hoping/assuming that microtransaction revenue will exceed the revenue loss from "free All Access."

    The "free" monthly 500 DBC doesn't count toward more revenue.

    We can agree to disagree.
  4. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    I don't see movies in theaters.

    Come on dude, I never created a free stuff thread, I have over $3000 into my account.
    I mentioned this thread because the entire world is financially effected.

    What are you talking about? Who is this comment for?

    Sure take away the nerfs of free to play. Prestige, J mercs.
  5. Duder Augur

    There has to be SOME incentive to pay... but J mercs would be rather reasonable compromise IMO.
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  6. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    I think All Access is fine where it is.

    If Darkpaw/Daybreak opens up All Access features to F2P, they will follow the model of EQ2 (and other MMOs) and sell or lock power in the marketplace (as sub revenue dwindles). Imagine having Jann's Veil or ToV's Griffon Mount (Mount Buff) in a RNG loot crate.

    EQ2 has a very generous F2P model where you basically just need to buy the latest expansion to enjoy the game. As a result, I feel like - and many complain - that the devs have to make up for revenue loss by mixing in Pay to Win (P2W) and locking power in loot crates (RNG).

    Be careful what you wish for...
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  7. rtfj121180 Journeyman

    These type of threads are getting annoying. F2p or all access, just enjoy and play the game however you can afford to.
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  8. Sonus New Member

    Nearly every major company in existence has sent blast emails out from 'The CEO' citing how sorry they are that this is happening and how what they are doing (providing masks to medical workers, continuing to sell cheeseburgers, supporting their employees etc) is important to the world. These are, unequivocally, marketing emails to garner public good will.

    I see nothing wrong with capturing market share with a friendly email, "Dear Soandso, We understand you'll be stuck at home for a little while. Through May 31st, All Access is available to all accounts should you choose to spend some time with us. Please remember to keep yourself safe, wash your hands often, and practice social distancing."

    However, we cannot predict how this will impact Darkpaw or the rest of the DBG stable. Many of the staff are presumably working remotely trying to keep the game running. Additional promotions may increase workloads beyond what is sustainable.
  9. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Those emails (airlines, local banks, grocery stores, etc.) rarely if ever offer promotions, discounts, or upgrades/upsells. They are seeking to comfort customers (how they are mitigating COVID-19 exposure) or offering waivers (i.e. airline change free waivers).

    The example you give for Darkpaw is not analogous: Here's "free All Access" would be like your grocery store saying "buy 3 bottles of hand soap and get 1 free." There's a distinction between status quo-type of emails and proactive marketing.

    EQ has a very generous F2P model (compared to WoW and others) so not opening up All Access is not prohibitive to the average consumer.
  10. dreamweaver Community Manager

    This thread isn't going anywhere productive or positive. I am going to lock it while I review but likely it will remain locked. Please be kind to each other.
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