Beating the dead horse (CT Revamp)

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    Im here to once again ask that the revamped Temple of Cazic Thule launch with Luclin on future TLP servers. The original level 51+ revamp happened on or around March 7 of 2002, approx 93 days after the release of Shadows of Luclin. Currently, the content is slated for the PoP/LoY era, which ranged between 129 and 355 days after people were already enjoying/being murdered by the content.

    The zone used a required level of 51 for its gear like other Luclin zones, featured Luclin-era raid boss design, and the gear was capped out at 125hp, like the old hardcap used in Luclin era.

    In-era, it was used as an alternative for when other zones were unavailable for gear and exp, and as it stands right now, it is made immediately irrelevant because of when it releases.

    Its exceedingly difficult to keep all of the eras straight, but this is something that would do nothing but improve future servers.

    (Research notes: I played during that era, but I wanted to have receipts. Zam "officially" labels it as Legacy of Ykesha, and on the page for Cazic-Thule 2.0 it mentions a revamp date of 8/26/2003, which corresponds with a set of patch notes that revamped
    "The Deep, Charasis (Howling Stones), Dragon Necropolis, Siren's
    Grotto, The Hole, The City of Mist, and The Accursed Temple of Cazic-
    For whatever reason, archived patch notes don't seem to indicate the original Luclin-era CT revamp actually occurring in that time period, so I had to cross reference with old Zam comments and item references from that era, such as and, as well as EQtraders forum posts that pre-date the "official" 8/26/2003 release date listed in patch notes. Obviously nothing is as conclusive as patch notes, but reliable archived information is hard to come by these days it seems.)
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  2. ViciousEQ Elder

    Nothing will change.

    We have requested common sense adjustments to which content should release with which expansion and it has fallen on...not deaf ears exactly....but...early TLP illiterate ears you could say.

    They just don't understand the early game anymore, so the easy answer is no...or to just ignore us all together. Its not like we don't keep coming back to throw money at them so why change anything.
  3. Zanarnar Augur

    Can I add that it would be nice if on the Random loot servers the loot in this zone was.. you know.. randomized. Getting SolC randomized too would be nice. I know I'm likely beating an equally dead horse at this point.
  4. MarttinPH Augur

    I don't think that is necessarily the case. You can look at it from one of two perspectives.

    The first, kind way, is to understand that the developers are extremely overworked, and do not have time to research every potential change in the game. They have schedules for tasks probably mapped out to a certain degree for at least one or more years. The old ceo/leader mentioned that some of them worked on side projects unofficially.

    The second, more sarcastic, viewpoint is that developers at most want to work between twenty to thirty minutes a week. Most of the team has been with the company for many many years. Their views on how the average person plays may not be accurate. They only really think about the basement dweller that spends 12 hours a day farming the same content for hours and not about casual players. We can see this from the fact that it took so long to get an update to heroic characters. My guess is that we have gotten the update not because of reason and logic but because it was starting to show in their earnings. What is the point to boosting to 85 if you can't find a group or level anymore to catch up? They view group content with group gear should always be challenging regardless if you are getting experience or not, and the rewards or only designed to fit niche missing pieces until you are able to get better gear with a full raid.

    In summary, I don't think it is likely to happen but I have been wrong before.