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  1. Phrett Augur

    I can see the need for a bump to BL sustained sure... and in the spirit of my original point (which was let's stop blurring the line between classes), it would be nice if that extra dps came from the BL pet in some form... as long as it doesn't also lead to an increase in BL pet aggro :eek:

    I've always been of the mindset that the kings of sustained DPS should be necros, with mages and BL's fairly close behind as their 'melee' counterparts. I'll admit that I'm not terribly familiar with the current state of the BL class because the best player I've seen behind the keys of a BL was only guilded with me for a short time, years ago. I think there's a larger disparity in skill between the current BL players than perhaps some of the other classes... not sure why that's the case though.
  2. slugnuts New Member

    Ton of great info guys and I was not looking for a 200k beast just a bump be nice to beat out them monks, rogues and zerkers )
  3. Stubar Augur

    I don't think that a beast should ever beat a monk, rogue or zerker on a consistent basis. While they have some useful utilities, the beastlords usefulness on raids is much more diverse than those classes. We should be somewhat close to them, beat them from time to time depending on timing of discs, clicks and RNG, and keep ahead of them on the sustained front.

    Those classes are pure melee and that's what they bring to the table. Monks can move mountains, back in the day pull (that's all but dead) and dps. Rogues can mezz occasionally given the right situation have a little ADPS (for their own group) and...dps. Zerkers have aura, war cry, and....yes dps.

    Never do I ever /tell (insert pure melee class here) "Hey, can I get that crazy cool buff you have?"

    While the beastlord role has changed drastically over the last few years towards a dps class, we can still do far more than those three classes. This is why I play the beastlord, I never get bored. I have so many things to do on a raids besides DPS. I have to pre plan each and every event with what attacks and spells I'll be using (I'm sure my raid leader get's sick and tired of me asking asking if we are going to mezz this event.), keep track off who died so I can rebuff them, and so forth.

    We have always and will more than likely always have to work harder to achieve what other "dps" classes can do so easily. It's a hella fun class to play.
  4. Dre. Augur


    Tier 1 DPS- WIZ, ROG, BER
    Tier 2 DPS- Everyone else
  5. Xirtket Augur

    Thought it was just me, I can't believe how fast I go through mana on my bst bot, it's pretty crazy, and very hard to keep up with, that canni they gave bsts either needs a big boost or a faster refresh.
  6. Ravengloome Augur

    Canni needs a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE boost.

    We have a BST in my fellowship, granted he usually tops the parse in Sustained DPS until he goes OOM, he goes OOM in about 15 or 20 minutes... While burning glyphs/paragoning when its up/necessary.

    That seems a bit ludicrous to me? Its not very fun to 1) have to take a med break before anyone else needs it (which we don't typically do) or 2) have someone sit out fights because their class devours their mana bar so quickly or 3) ask him to scale back his DPS to the point its sustainable (which is alot lot less DPS then what he puts out going full tilt...) Which puts him below my DPS (the tank...)
  7. Stubar Augur

    Making cannie better will only fill a stop gap, and like every other AA it won't end up getting scaled up to match the new demands we put on our toons.. The real issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that Beastlords have no mana preservation for nukes except for raid shoulders and spell casting mastery. Think you're bleeding mana now? Wait till the next lvl increase and the should preservation becomes obsolete, I usually end up using old spells until I can get the new shoulders because I run OOM so fast.

    Won't cry if cannie does get a boost though.
  8. Ravengloome Augur

    Yeh I agree with you some Specialization type crap would go a long way for beasts (and rangers as well). Well actually all the hybrids could use it (my SK doesnt quite bleed mana at the extent of a beast, but I can put it out of its misery pretty quick and i know pallies could use some help on that front)
  9. Ultrazen Augur

    There sure as heck is, the other 99% of the game where not having a heal, a pet, a buff, a haste makes a *huge* difference in what you can do when you feel like doing it.

    Balance means you have to take all the things you can do into consideration. If BL could do the same DPS as a rogue, why in the freakingdy frack would anyone ever play anything but a BL? The *only* downside these days to playing a hybrid, is that you lose an Epeen pissing contest in one aspect of the game.

    The line between pure DPS and hybrid has closed, but it's closed too much in hybrids favor in my opinion. Pure melee classes pay a high price to be able to do that DPS, as they are much more gimped in the single player world that is currently most of todays EQ. Doing dailies on a rogue vs a beastlord, grinding AA, questing, farming, or a ranger. A very large percentage of what EQ is, is made much easier by being a hybrid, the price you pay for that, is slightly less DPS than classes that have it far worse from a utility and self sufficiency standpoint.
  10. Astran Elder

    Canni's probably fine, 9k mana for 15k health is better than a mod rod. Paragon and especially Focused Paragon need some help, though. FPoS in particular has stagnated and become irrelevant, which is especially disappointing considering the amount of AAs beastlords sink into that line. In addition to that, I'd like to see a new pet AA that adds a proc that would return mana to its owner on a crit. Nak is already a weak proc relative to pet dps, so I wouldn't mind forgoing that entirely to get some extra mana regen for our own dps.
  11. Stubar Augur

    Because it takes 5 times the effort to do the even close to what a rogue can do. Have you see the BL population vs the rogue population? On raids in my guild it's like 5 to 1. We've already established that beasts should be doing the same as melee on burns, sustained has always and should remain our strong point.

    That's what this is about. Beasts need help to keep up, end of story. Just because to OP came in here going RA RA RA we need to beat pure melee doesn't mean it should be that way. Now that we are back on topic, we need to PM Gragas our AA suggestions so he can forward them off to Elidroth, if he get's enough complaints/suggestions about the mana issue, he may actually look at it.
  12. blood & gufts Augur

    The Focused Paragon of Spirit is way underpowered. Its close to wasting your time casting it. It could easily be doubled in value.
    Started out at 180 mana, and now with 17 more ranks, it is at 388.

    I would suggest 3 more ranks, going from 388 -> 458 -> 588 -> 688

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