Beastlords - Great DPS or Poor DPS? Final answer.

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  1. Tierdal Augur

    Half the people I talk to say BST are top DPSers. The other half say they are utility and poor DPS compared to monks/rogues/zerks.

    Does anyone have an actual definitive answer on this? GOD+ is the time period where people are saying BST are top and they say in DON nobody can beat them.

    What is the truth?
  2. Xanathol Augur

    Both statements are true, depending on when you look at them. There are times that Beastlords are lower dps than they probably should be and times when they are more dps than they probably should be. From a big picture perspective though, Beastlords aren't a dps - they are a support class - so set your expectations accordingly.
  3. Boze Augur

    Beasts can't compete with monks/rogues/zerks (and SoF+ mages, sometimes wizards) for the top parse spots on TLP. The ONLY event where I ever consistently hit #1 on parse was the burn phase on Commodus in Solteris. Outside of that, across three guilds, I've sat in the bottom of the top ten since Omens or DoN. Beasts can compete for the bottom of the top 10, beating out similarly tiered dps classes (rangers) and ****** players of real dps classes. I.e., if a beast beats a monk/rogue/zerk/(eventually mage and wiz) on parse either they aren't burning or they're doing something wrong.
    The other problem is there's a lot of terrible beastlords. The only metric of a good beastlord is casting fero and keeping it going on melee.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Having played through to gates and no further I can assure you bst are never top dps in raids, nor are they close. They're solid middle of the pack dps with good utility.
  5. Scruff Elder

    people keep saying rangers in luclin/planes of power onward are uber-mega-pewpewpew DPS, they telling big fibs?
  6. Boze Augur

    I should clarify that beast dps is awful pre omens and that rangers are only dps kings in luclin and pop. My GoD parse memory is fuzzy since we did Tacvi for like 6 months and it blends across eras.
  7. Zanarnar Augur

    From my memories of playing in RoF era on live, it always felt a bit like this between me and my Ranger bud... he would pretty consistently beat me on burn phases, I would have him in sustained DPS however. This played out in raids and groups. (though burns in groups were mostly for blasting named spawns down, and never even lasted long enough to get the full duration of a burn)

    The time I spent on phinny, mostly all before OOW, I would kind-of agree that were not great DPS but solid. I never ended up with good time weapons and by the time I got Gates ones OOW was almost out and while I had ok weapons my gear was poop from taking time off after POP.

    Regardless, they're the best class in the game, and the only one you should be playing :)
  8. Darkhain Lorekeeper

    This was true only on fight when melee needed to avoid ae and ranger could be out of range for max dps.
    Most ranger are bad, only good ranger can top parse, from Kunark till PoP at least, when they know how to spell weave and don't have super fast weapon.
  9. Evil.Iguana Elder

    Beastlords are top tier DPS right now on Phinny, in HoT. It's probably a combination of having that massive melee damage buff and revamped DoTs.
  10. Xeris Augur

    I've run bst on Agnarr... bst can get top 10 on parses pretty consistently. So at least in the pop/ldon era, a good bst is prolly equivalent to rangers and rogues who aren't trying. Monks will outdps.
  11. Roxas MM Elder

    I'm with Boze on this. We start out as utter trash though, especially with the motm buff on raid mobs in luclin/pop. Slowly gets better, and nowadays i am about always in the lower half of the top 10. monk, rogue, serker, mage ( sadly we lack wizzies ) are our top dps classes in HoT. I think that's spot on though, we bring a lot more to the raid then just pure dps.
  12. Iyacc Augur

    For fights where rangers can be out of the AE due to long range pewpewpew - Time, some other Pop stuff and a few other places - they are great DPS because they require no healing. Stick five rangers with a box bard and you've got a ton of DPS that has almost zero chance to die or soak up healing, RGC, etc.. They might not be TOP dps all the time but in that era a group or two of rangers will make many fights much quicker and easier.
  13. Bewts Augur

    Ranger DPS can compete for top 5 consistently from Luclin through PoR; we’re in TSS so I cannot speak well for this expansion yet.

    Of course; they need the correct grouping to do so and a guild that coordinates adps enhancing MGB (IE 3-4 consecutive Auspices running with back to back War Cry’s). Having adps run correctly for a 3-4 minute burn or strategically around burn opportunities drastically changes ranger DPS potential.

    At least through PoR prioritizing Hail of Aggro under Trueshot tends to work very well for those burn parses such as the bat in Demi, or the werewolf on the initial burn (my alt ranger was over 3k DPS a handful of times), and on Mayong I was routinely at 1.2k and about 3-400 DPS behind our main ranger (I don’t have tenacity).

    I cannot recall a single time I saw a BL Top 5, or people commenting on an excellent BL parse. Doesn’t mean they cannot do it; but I think it would be an exception and not a norm; and likely a consequence of raid building, deaths by DPS, the caliber of gear DPS gear and the person or macros running the character.
  14. Xeris Augur

    How does rangers being out of aoe range increase their dps? If rangers are out of range of aoes that means they cant cast nukes or dots and kick the mob (in potime rangers can kick + ranged on most bosses). If rangers are just afk firing w/ a bard they'll be pretty mid-tier DPS. A really good bst can beat a ranger that plays this way.

    Ranger has the benefit of being a good dps class with 0 effort but they dont shine unless they're trying rela hard.

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