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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Zunar, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Zunar Augur

    I figured it's time, since I saw other classes doing it..
    Things I'd like to see done to the change beastlords:

    1) DoT spells...They cost alot of mana, and last too long in many cases.
    I suggest we lower the poison and ice dot duration to 30 seconds and keep the disease one where it is.
    Then lower the mana cost of poison/ice dots by 50%.
    Now their also spammable for a little while :)

    2) Frostbite Roar (57435-37). (the PBAE nuke)
    Could this be made to generate less agro? It's marginally useful in it's current form imo.

    3) Death recovery: When beastlords die...could we make it so we can keep the suspended pet?
    Perhaps an AA that could let a suspended pet persist in suspension even when the owner dies?
    This would go a long way helping us to recover after death, which I think penalizes bsts more than any other classes atm. (summoning new pet, adding buffs to self and pet etc)

    4) Savage Rancor disc. This got neutered with the spell casting reinforcement nerf to combat skills/abilities. Could we have this disc line extended again?

    5) Frenzied Swipes. This was an amazing AA back before Feral Swipe got changed. We could Feral Swipe 3 timer more often with this AA, for twice bigger hits than we do now.
    As it works now, it hardly reduces Feral Swipe (Round Kick) reuse timer at all (by 1 second), making this AA SUPER lackluster.
    Could we have this looked at? Maybe let it reduce round kicks to 1 second reuse for something abit less than 30 seconds, would be ideal.
    Remember the Feral Swipes only do half the damage now than it did when this AA was good.
    20 seconds would be an ideal target timer imo for frenzied swipes duration.

    6) Feralgia spell. Some may like it, I hate this spell.
    The growl buff has a regen component, which used to resemble a heal over time. If it's going to be left this stagnated, I suggest making growl line into a 30-60 min lasting self+pet buff instead (add this to unity self buffs AA too).
    The increase of max Hitpoints could be made to decay slowly over time like other similar buffs work.
    Then we wouldn't have to use this all the time, since it's the only nuisance with a short reuse and a cast time.
    * Roar at the Moon line (to summon the werewolf pets) I'd like to see changed into a near instant cast time spell. Maybe it works great for mages to stand around and summon pets in between weaving nuke spells, but beastlords also do need to melee, and constantly reposition self and pet, so spells that have a casting time add to the frustration.

    7) Pet pathing on raids. Ever raided Gorowyn, and notice where the heck is the warder?
    Yes, it's stuck somewhere else, and hasn't been around for the last 45 seconds?!?
    Currenly if Summon Companion AA fails to fade pet agro, it also auto fails to call the pet.
    We could use this as a nice tool to call the pet when it gets stuck, even if it has raid boss X- agro
    So how about changing Summon Companion AA, so that it calls the pet first (with or without agro) and then makes the check for fade (fails if too high level boss on agro)

    As for new things, for the next expansion and all, fire away...that's all I had atm.
  2. Lifeshriek Augur

    Reduce Al`ele's Vindication reuse to 5 mins.
    Proc rate mod for the bst tied to Taste/of Blood/Blood Frenzy AA triggering.
    Passive self buff (maybe tied to feralgia self buff?) for a Al`ele's Vindication like effect to trigger off of
    Gelid Rending or off of Gift of Mana line.
    Twinproc triggering itself sort of like mana reverberation triggering itself occasionally.
    Maybe a pet/beastlord power combined effect where you gain the dps potential of your pet/swarm pets and render the pet/swarm pets useless during this effect. This might help with the pet lag that is an issue at the moment.
    An AA that works like (and stacks hopefully with) Boon of the Seeress.
    Upgrade to Focused Clamor of Claws.
    Hit mod/regen on feralgia line could be put on Pact of the Wurines. Maybe with an additional proc mod on it also.
    Make feralgia line instant cast or at least make it so it can't fizzle.
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  3. Tenken Augur


    2-hander aa's: modifiers

    Bane-dmg vs beast/animals (Show em who's the boss) -------- animal/beast blur/mez o_O

    hastened companions sacrifice

    Companions sacrifice: (added to current) Trigger's DI/second chance upon receiving fatal dmg at the cost of the warder's life while activated (basically a save from AE/spell damage).

    Grow spell/aa: for giggles

    Pact of the wurine: siphon/heal proc (1000-2000)

    Dot's debuff - poison dots increases poison dmg, ice for ice dmg, disease for disease dmg(self or for others).
  4. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    MGB Fero...I know it's dumb but when we're trying to start raids and everyone is asking for it it slows stuff down.... my case I'm an A hole and I just ignore people at start and during :)
  5. Brohg Augur

    That's not being an , that's being stupid. Higher damage teammates benefits you, too.
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  6. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    Nah bard and shm adps benifet me, anyone asking for Fero with my burns running don't benifet me at all.
  7. Zunar Augur

    A leap ability to a target mob would be nice.
    Some more limited form of AE Dps perhaps.
    Maybe an AE poison nuke to go with the ice one we got now. Both would then need an agro override though, imo.
  8. Sain_Rathe New Member

    I apologize in advance for any and all spelling and grammar mistakes, as well and redundancies or conflictions with other posters.

    - Bestial Alignment : Add another DPS component
    - Group Bestial Alignment : Increase effectiveness , add another DPS component
    - Frenzy of Spirits : Add over haste , preferably 25% +
    - Ruaabri's Fury : Reduce cool down and/or increase duration significantly
    - Ferociousness : Reduce cool down and or increase effectiveness moderately
    - Savage Rancor : Increase duration slightly
    - Frenzy of Swipes : Reduce cool down and/or increase duration significantly
    - Al`ele's Vindication : Change this to function off of nukes , increase number of counters ,decrease damage per counter
    - Spires : Increase effectiveness greatly

    Pet related issues
    - Bestial Bloodrage : Remove agro reduction or make it a separate buff, increases over haste
    - Summon Companion : Move pet to your location even if fade fails, add message indicating if fade succeeded or failed
    - Companions Aegis : Add DoT shielding
    - Companions Fortification : Add DoT shielding , increase damage cap moderately
    - Mending Warder : Remove the charges from this line of spells
    - Mend Companion : Reduce cool down moderately
    - Blood Frenzy : increase effectiveness greatly, affect the player as well
    - Companions Sacrifice : Increase range Moderatly

    - Pact of the Wurine : Increase run speed
    - Focused Clamor of Claws : New version needed
    - Gelid Claw : Needs to work on piercing weapons
    - Playing Possum : Add chance to fade immediately
    - Ferocity : New version needed , add spell resist chance , make MGB/TB usable
    - Monkey Spirit Discipline : New version needed , change to increase block chance
    - Protective Spirit Discipline : Increase duration slightly
    - Protection of the Warder : Increase damage cap moderately
    - Natural Cooperation : Increase rune and healing effectiveness greatly
    - DoT's : Innate chance to twin cast
    - Swarm pet spells : Increase chance of summoning more than one or set amount of swarm pets

    New Abilities ( Wish list )
    - Track
    - Staff Block
    - Improved/Double Forage
    - Class Specific Piercing Weapons
    - Moderate duration/effectiveness deffinsive ability
    - Caster ADPS ability
  9. Puzzling Journeyman

    Yes please... I could almost stop casting the spell all together if this was a thing. If it was possible to code it, make it so it is NOT MGBable, but only TGBable. To keep silly people from doing stupid things. Something tells me that is asking too much.

    I skimmed most of this, so if someone already said it, great... but.... AN ACTUAL FADE ABILITY!
    seeing as there is only 1 class in the game that does not have this... and the general rationalization is that "well, they never ask for it".... Here you go... it's asked for.

    FPoS being applied to the caster, when the target is not "an eligible reciever" would be amazing.

    I for one, don't want track. That opens up a ball of nonsense I want no part of.

    I'd settle for a facing > a leaping ability, the way raids have been lately it's more of a spin in circles, and look for the mob. Leaping is a zerker thing, maybe we can at least be pointed in the right direction.

    I agree with the summon companion portion, I don't care if the pet fades as much as I want the pet to appear with me to compensate for the pathing nightmare. I assume this would be much easier to solve via summon, then via zone dynamics.

    feral swipes actually hitting for even most of what they used to would be amazing & woukld likely go a long way towards pulling the class out of the gutter on parses. "parsing 225k + for the night is freaking awesome" until you realize most people did 300k+ and you are nothing. I get the class is an aDPS, but the class used to actually be able to compete, and when you did things right, the overall parses reflected it, now most classes barely have to apply any effort, and you will lose.

    *** It is actually a thing to say "did you even try? you got beat by a BL...

    Ferlagia... 10 min buff would be nice, even if your slacking that would fill the time between SR. 30-60 mins seems silly since if you have that much time to burn, you should have used SR more often.

    as far as recovery tools go, the SK get 2 versions of thier self buffs. why not give BL 2 versions. 1 summons a pet with protection/proc/mending warder.... the other summons with agreession + other 2.
    even if it had a 5 min reuse, so you could not use the ability to chain summon pets to zerg something would be amazing on raids. even if it had a 10s cast time.

    Even if the "unity" spell, only casted the 3 buffs on the pet, and you had to summon the pet on your own, this would still be pretty amazing. If you're a raider or grouper who doesnt keep pet loaded on your spell bar at all times, you might not be trying to push. I for one slaughter my little tree like it was a red headed step child.

    That unity buff we have now, isn't even worth my time to cast. ^^^ would at least give me something to do with the AA i spent, even if it required many many more AA.

    speaking of mending warder... or whatever the current version is called... remove the charges so people actually want to cast the spell, the reuse timer makes memming it a thing most people wont bother with. I think it's 18-20s cool-down. just make it a buff w/o counters that lasts 10-15 mins (a single event)

    I'm all for more AE ability, don't care what the catch is. would make us more situationaly versatile

    *** Disclaimer: I don't have a instance of the game running & I've been drinking, so spelling & random descriptions are what they are. The general scope is still what I would like to see.

    I don't feel that nit picking every possible ability we have is going to lead to positive changes for the class. Pick what is important, for groupers or raiders, and move foward with that train of thought.
  10. Regazozo Journeyman

    MGB/Tranq Bless Fero Yes, yes, & also yes. Also Increase this to an hour buff already...
    Pet stat tab... we have one for the merc but not our pet.
    Puzzling's idea for gap closers/assist leaps, one for every melee please, they would not even be hard to name. Tiger Pounce for Beastlord, Attack from the Shadows for Rogues, Jack in the Box for Bards :D
    Also include one for the pets so the pathing and lag doesnt affect them as much.
    Growl of the whatever its called this expansion needs a longer buff timer, 2 minutes makes it more of annoyance than anything skill related.
  11. Tenken Augur

    SV spell - would be nice for a change, allow it to stack with pallies/ranger or add another component aimed more for casters.

    Attack of the warders (aa) : needs to be buffed up some.
  12. Zunar Augur

    Some kind of additional agro dropping utility would be nice. Something that could hava a chance to save us when things happen too fast, like a tank death or train, or other situation that causes unexpected agro, and sudden death.
    Perhaps, an ability that would auto FD us if we're about to take a beating at low HPs and die, regardless if FD timer isn't ready.
    Could have a longish reuse, like 5 mins on it.
  13. smash Augur

    Would like a 60% haste on Pact of the Wurine.

    We got Companion Unity, would like if aggression was added to it.

    Feralist's Unity the AA, let it also cast : Mammoth's Force III, Preeminent Foresight III, Spirit of Resilience (on caster + warder) with 1 hour duration. This would not be anything breaking, just a bit on buffs you would normally get from mother class (shamans)
  14. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    It really is time for our Beastie friends to be able to mgb/tb Fero. This is the most asked for feature by players of this class since always. 3033-3154 base mana to cast to 4 to 6 groups with melees in them (depending on a guild's membership) is sort of rough in conjunction with the other buffs they cast. This is especially the case after wipes. Maybe the test change to ooc regen timers being corrected will help that but being stuck out of ooc regen again because you cast a buff on a player for another couple mins or so can be bothersome to top off a Beastie's mana at event restart.
  15. Jaylin Augur

    Like this?
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  16. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Woot! I missed that in patch, thanks for correcting me. A lot of nice stuff in that patch!
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  17. Jaylin Augur

    It makes me happy as well heh
  18. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    I cried literal tears of joy, been asking for this since Reign of Fear.
  19. Zunar Augur

    Frenzied Swipes got fixed too. :)
    It's finally useful again.
  20. Rubiota Journeyman

    A few people have mentioned my #1 but I'll repeat it anyway. 2h aas. It's frustrating to see only 2 usable classes on all those things but knowing we really can't use them.

    Also I've wondered about an aa version of grow for funzies and someone else mentioned it so I'll 2nd the thought
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