Beastlord Wishes 2021

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Sain_Rathe, May 12, 2021.

  1. Sain_Rathe Journeyman

    I know it's still early but I figured I'd start something this year in hopes of getting anything new or improved.

    Upgrades: Need new versions of
    Bestial Savagery (Discipline) , last version Ring of Scale
    Savage Rancor (Discipline) , last version The Broken Mirror
    Focused Clamor of Claws (Discipline) , last version Call of the Forsaken
    Monkey Spirit Discipline (Discipline) , last version Call of the Forsaken
    Ruaabri's Fury (Discipline) , last version Rain of Fear
    Shared Merciless Ferocity (spell) , last version Rain of Fear

    Alternate Abilities that need upgraded:
    Spire of the Savage Lord , needs all aspects increased
    Gelid Rending , needs to include 2 hand blunt and Piercing
    Sha's Reprisal , needs cast time reduction and resist modifier
    Nature's Salve , needs cast time reduction and increase to the number of counters it cures
    Frenzy of Swipes , needs reuse timer reduced

    Quality of life Improvements:
    Group Shrink , make instant cast , make this not put us in combat if it lands on a group member in combat
    Pet haste buff , needs to be merged with the offensive and defensive buffs
    Pet Proc buffs , all pet proc buffs with counters need to have them removed
    Growl and Feralgia buffs , need to have cast time reduced

    These are just some things that are mostly simple and in my opinion over due.
  2. Waldagar Augur

    I agreed with what was posted above but I have to add the following comment:
    Gelid Rending , needs to include 2 hand blunt and Piercing - If this procs with all weapon types we will need a way to turn it off for those one off events that punish you for those procs.

    Something to think about... We have two spells to set the stance for our pets. One is defensive and the other is offensive. Why not include the pet proc with the appropriate hate mod with that buff? The pet proc on the offensive stance could have the big -10,000 hate mod but actually do more damage. The pet proc on the defensive stance would have a positive hate mod, stun, 2 hit rune, and less damage. It would also result in one less buff to have to apply every time you build a pet.
  3. Tenken Augur

    what about dropping the feralgia line and changing the Growl line similar too the shaman's spell: Pack of the black fang, while keeping the beastlord's benefits from Growl line and just add the proc on spells to summon pets?

    While keeping the Howl line the same?
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  4. Zunar Augur

    That could be neat not needing to summon the swarm pets and instead it'd be automated.
    Though, there are times when we wanna use the swarm pets as an OT or pseudo pulling tool, so dropping feralgia line would take that swarm pet summons control away from us.

    One of my gripes has been feralgia cast time for years now and It'd be nice to finally have the cast time removed or the spell made near instant cast.

    About our pet buffs, why not create an AA set for both like shadowknights have.
    Pet unity Azia, and Beza.
    Azia: dps buffs oriented with astounding velocity, spirit of mandrikai (same as Ally's Unity works now) and horasug's aggression added.
    Beza: tank buffs oriented with astounding velocity, either a new agro buff or debilitating bite and horasug's protection added.
    Maybe even add sympathetic warder buff to both of those and remove the counters. It's a weak heal in todays standards and weapon heal procs/aug heal procs are more useful now.

    Somehow, I just think this spell failed on the drawing board. It was supposed to be a situational defensive proc from the beginning, procing heals when the tank was hit. That didn't work with the code, so it became this random proc weakish heal version.

    * Another option is to keep it separate, remove the counters and increase mana cost by 5x.

    * Or they could boost the heals on it and up the proc rate by ALOT. Then it'd be situationally useful atleast and worth some hassle sometimes. Its procs need to last atleast 1 minute minimum though imo before wearing off, even then.

    * Another option is to rework the spell completly, and make it a minor leech effect that recourses on the tank too and lasts like 1min. I think this could be interesting personally.
    It sounds more like an AA then though.
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  5. Tenken Augur

    Mean you would have to open up a spellgem (personally, I could sacrifice 1 slot) an toss the normal Howl of the moon line in for those situations or for more swarm pets 100% guarantee.


    Kind of would like to see buffs similar too the pre-nerf berserker epic, Ones that refresh themselves. Probably would need to be an AA, be like a little mini-frenzy buff or whatever, doesn't matter... Like the idea of having to always be in combat or lose the benefits.
  6. Sain_Rathe Journeyman

    I was just trying to keep it simple to start with. There are plenty more things I'd like to see done for beastlords.

    Regarding swarm pets i'd like Extended Moongrowl and Extended Swarm AA's to stack , since Extended Swarm did pass Extended Moongrowl until a few expansions back.

    I would like our BP to be clickable even if our pet is dead, and the growl buff from the Feralgia line land if our pet is dead.

    Would also like to se them remove the aggro reduction from Bestial Bloodrage.

    And a Wish List:
    Improved/Double Forage
    Innate chance to twincast DoT's
    Accuracy reduction added to Raven's Claw debuff
    DD added to Bite of the Asp Proc
    The Natural Alliance line completely reworked to be somewhat useful

    Any input or ideas is appreciated, at this point I just hope they look at some of the stuff posted here and consider it for next expansion or the near future.
  7. Cadira Augur

    These abilities are still ~really~ good though. Being old doesn't exclude them from being very powerful.

    Savagery still scales well with current content and is a very nice buff you can keep on yourself all the time.
    Savage Rancor is very powerful in current content, mod percentage wise. What I would LOVE is for it to last a little longer from its archaic 36s duration or have a more fitting cool down for an ability with such short uptime.
    Ruaabri's Fury is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and if used properly with dicho can give a melee group ludicrous adps for a long duration stacked on their burns. No upgrade needed.
    Shared Fero's attack mod still seems pretty good compared to other attack buffs along with the triple attack chance. Not against a small upgrade even if it's just a bit more attack but it's still really nice despite being old.

    As much sense as this makes to you and I, the devs have stated that the single target line of claws has been discontinued so we won't see an upgrade. Use Maelstrom, it's almost always better anyways.

    I forgot this was a thing with how little usage I've found for it over the years.

    Not opposed but they'd have to do that for all classes. Also not opposed, but requires upgrading all spires under the umbrella and not really just a BL issue. Ours seems pretty garbage so I'd rather see it reworked entirely instead of the trash mods it gives us currently upgraded to slightly less trashy.

    That's a nah from me dawg. And who uses piercing? If my head's screwed on right I'm pretty sure Gelid is what gives one handers the edge when not doing the big burn with same tiered weapons. I like the idea of flavor, requiring a two hander for burns and one handers for non burns to max dps. Gives you the edge over the scrubs who always use the 2hb.

    Now you're speaking my language.

    Eh, wouldn't turn it down I guess.

    For such a relatively weak ability, the 20m cool down does seem insanely long. Could put it at 12 like most of our bigger cooldowns.
    Kinda like these ideas if done right. I highly doubt they can keep us out of group combat due to hard coding on the group shrink though, and cast time isn't a big deal and already really short but wouldn't hate it.

    I'd LOVE a reduced cast time on Feralgia, but not at the expense of people thinking they should cast it more often.

    Spam pets are trash, they lag down the game, do trash dps, and really only serve to supplement some of the dps you lost with casting the spell in order to get the Growl buff. We need to move away from spam pets, not glorify them even more.

    I genuinely can't tell if most of the stuff above here is just a troll post or not.

    In closing, I'd say Szilent put it the best with:
    and crusading for much more than quality of life upgrades at this point would probably end with us receiving the nerf bat when this lag clears up.
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  8. Finnster Elder

    my wish list:
    - higher pet aggro. Myself putting two dots on the mob makes me draw aggro just like Melee mercs constantly taking aggro.
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  9. Zarkdon Elder

    Nature Salve getting a larger counter reduction would be nice.

    Slow upgrade that resists less often.

    Remove the counters on the heal proc and the DoT proc. Increase mana cost, reduce damage, or reduce proc rate. Anything to reduce the PITA recasting.
  10. Malbro Augur

    AC spell needs to be upgraded too. Last one is level 58.

    Beastlord focus spell needs to have duration extended to the same as Shaman line. i.e. 72 minutes
  11. chronicler Augur

    Pact of wurine to have same self haste that pact of wolf got.
  12. Roxas MM Augur

    focus extended please, omg
  13. Kase Elder

    This has to be a priority for beasts that warder tank!
  14. Vegaroth Obscura New Member

    I'd honestly like the Grow spell. They shrunk our warders as a baseline and never gave us anything to put them back to being huge again. It's already in the game as a shaman spell, just give a class that's a hybrid with shaman spells another shaman spell that's from level 16.

    All the other suggestions sound great and yeah this is a tiny one for a super small demographic, but it's something that seems like it could be an easy implementation considering everything is in the game.
  15. Sain_Rathe Journeyman

    Add to the wish list

    An Aura: I mean it's about time we got one, and make it like the shaman's aura where it goes almost an entire zone plz.
  16. Byakko New Member

    Id say my wish list item would be a rework on when BST gets double and triple atk at least make them on the same line as sk/pal at the minimum would make them a far more viable dps class in the early game
  17. Iribabh Elder

    Disagree on aura. We already have a self-only version of the shaman wolf pact (and they didn't used to stack btw) in Wurine.

    We already have a premium short dur buff that everyone wants (Ferocity) and one of the single best group buffs (Dicho/Dissident/Composite Fury) in the entire game that buys us our spot in raid and group. We don't need an aura.
  18. Iribabh Elder

  19. strongbus Augur

    i like to see something done to make using duel wield just as powerful as going 2hd. right now its 2hd during burns and its a toss up between duel wield and 2hd during other times
  20. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Probably good to change it around now & then, so sometimes 2x 1h is better and other times 2h is better, some folks suggest stances so that weilding each gives a slightly different bonus while having them have very close to the same dps.
    For example with 2x1h you could have a higher chance to block while with 2h a higher chance to parry maybe?