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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-florino23, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-florino23 Guest

    i got a lvl 9 iskar beastlord and i am having trouble finding weapons and gear for it the best weapon i have is my gloomdeep iron dagger can someone help me get some good weapons
  2. ARCHIVED-Cattywumpus Guest

    Go to the Bazaar and look for a Polished Steel Ulak. You should find them for 5pp or less. They are extremely common but pretty nice for the price.

    If that's too much for you go to Shadeweaver's Thicket and check the merchant's there. They often have some nice weapons that drop in the zone for a few silver each. Particularly look for Horns of the Spirits.

    Weapons better than those generally cost significantly more.
  3. ARCHIVED-Lucius8 Guest

    Does depends on your server, but the PSU is often cheap.

    If you would rather do it yourself, you could try and kill the poachers in Shadeweavers Thicket yourself - the drop several types of H2H weapons. You should be able to do them at level 9.

    This does mean you will have to bring up your H2H skill, but many of your best weapons use this skill, so persevere.

    Shadeweavers Thicket is reached from the Shar Val stone in the PoK. You will not be KoS there.
  4. ARCHIVED-florino23 Guest

    where in the bazzar can i find it
  5. ARCHIVED-myrtlenflder Guest

    I have a similar problem... what do bst's do for secondary until they get dual wield? Bst-equippable shields seem to be hard to find...

  6. ARCHIVED-q149 Guest

    Do a search in bazaar. Look for BST usable weapons under Martial and 1h Blunt and check the stats yourself for the ones you can afford
  7. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    I used the whisperling quest shield for secondary myself, although there is nothing wrong with leaving secondary empty for those few levels.

    Your starting weapon is a dagger, and making the switch to hand to hand you need to put a few training points into H2H. At some point you will need to make that switch; at high levels all beastlords will want to have all weapons with max skill. It isn't easy keeping all skills at max for level unless you deliberately slow down leveling by a lot; I wouldn't try, just make a point of switching weapon types around if you max one skill. Once you have dual wield, and it has reached a relatively high level, skills will advance a little faster.

    Bazaar markets are very unpredictable at low levels, so it is hard to make specific recommendations. Just do a search for weapons of each type with your budget set as the max price. Unfortunately, /bazaar doesn't let you use weapon damage or ratio as a search criteria, otherwise it would be much easier to find good weapons. The higher the ratio is, the bestter the weapon for your purposes. Take the damage of the weapon, and divide it by the weapon's delay; the higher, the better. For a one handed weapon, a ratio of 0.5 is very high for low level usable weapons; even 0.3 is reasonably good. One other thing to look for: the lower the delay, the faster your skills will increase.

    If you can find them for a good price, these are good training weapons for hand to hand:

    Bear Fanged Glove
    Masters Eitchatka
    Shissar Ulak

    Polished Steel Ulak is another commonly found weapon, but it isn't very good. The weapons that are often sold to merchants in Shadeweavers Thicket that you can buy back for a couple of silver have the merit of being cheap, but are awful.

    A good training weapon for two handed blunt is the Bamboo Bo Stick; it doesn't have a very good ratio, (< 0.5, and good 2HB weapons are usually around 1.0 ratio), but it is fast - 18 delay.
  8. ARCHIVED-Menricjjones Guest

    I have been carrying around the Carapace shield since I was a young tyke, Similar to the one aquired in the Wispering Quest, but without the magical qualities. As I am 1/2 way to 17th, and dual weild, I am not looking to upgrade my shield, but I did purchase two Polished Steel Ulaks today, using one for now, but packing the second for that DING (and a quick visit to me GM for training.

    On that note, you you need to put a single point into a skill before it will improve? Right now I have almost 50 points and haven't had to spend anymore than a single one on each skill I aquire.
  9. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Yes. One point activates the skill (apart from the ones you start with at level 1).
  10. ARCHIVED-danta_ Guest

    in general any skill you dont get at level 1 will require a minimum of 1 point spent at your trainer to gain skill in it, even if you can do whatever the skill is without spending that 1 point..

    Personally i would suggest using spare points after that 1 per skill to bump neglected weapon skills up a bit to make them usable in actual combat and hence increase naturally so you can keep them all max or as close as you can

    Nothing more funny than seeing a level 50 something using a weapon they have a skill of 10-15 in because they need the skill ups to use the new weapon of monster butchering they got.
  11. ARCHIVED-Arnagoren-Tunare Guest

  12. ARCHIVED-Gnero Guest

    With my bst I was a vah shir and had no problem getting a good h2h weapon. I always tell new beastlords to work on their hand to hand skills. Being an Iksar I don't know if you can go to Shar vahl (might be KOS?) But in general the bst is half monk half shaman so h2h is probably the way to go. I grabbed a Horns of Fighting real early on, but the Ulaks do have some sweet bonuses to them. If you can get to the bazaar you should try those. The only thing I didn't like about the ulak is that it's heavy and my vah shir's strength wasn't the greatest. Now that I have a barbarian I don't really worry about the weight of things anymore. As for a sheild the iksar targ sheild should work for a bst. I found about six while I was killing Skeletons in FOB the other day. If you can't use them they sell for a pretty nice price (8 gold and change I think) Look around and have fun you'd be suprised how much stuff you can find on corpses when your new.
  13. ARCHIVED-Ttony_ST Guest

    All races and classes are welcome in Shar Vahl.
  14. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Beastlords now have all weapon skills at the same cap; this was a recent change with Omens, and before that H2H had the highest skill cap. It is still advantageous to use H2H, but that is because H2H weapons often have better ratios and inbuilt procs than other types of weapons. But, for that reason, they are often more expensive and in greater demand by other classes that can use them.

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