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  1. Daegun Augur

    I wanted to see just how well I could keep my warder up vs Roon entirely solo. The goal wasn't to kill him - just see what I could do. My pet got him down to 50% life after 20 minutes - I was at 67% mana with consumption of spirit and fresh full strength paragon up within the next minute. I had to put the kids to bed so I fd'd at 20 minutes in and let him eat my pet.


    With another 20 minutes to kill I'd have killed him solo with my pet's dps only. For the BL wanting to "molo" with the current pets and the recently massively improved pet heals, it's really only a question of how long it takes your wizard mercenary to dps the mob down.

    If you're having problems keeping your warder alive, you need to work on your healing game.

    PS: they really need to add a (-) resist mod on sha's reprisal aa ... it's no fun having it resisted 2/3 or more of the time.
  2. Raen Journeyman

    In that case, can we get 4-5k aa of something else? Pet contributes next to no damage and can no longer tank anything worth tanking yet 25-30% of our aa are dedicated to it. I could definitely use more dot dmg.
  3. Stubar Augur

    Hmm, I don't understand this statement tbh. Our pet dps is actually somewhat useful managed correctly and DoT's will continue to be completely useless for us unless they do 50k a tick. Here's some hard numbers I ran.

    At the end of the day, the pet "nerf" is easily adapted to. Instead of just sitting at the keyboard and going on auto pilot like we have been for the last few years, change the style you play. I actually haven't noticed that much of a difference, however I don't use my pet as a tank.
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  4. Raen Journeyman

    Oh, I'm a necro. I probably should've clarified that.
  5. Gatash Lorekeeper

    Well from the OP I saw something of a challenge. Daegun didn't kill Roon so that left an open door, and these are my results.

    I failed the first two times in much the same as OP, mainly because although I often pet OT I'm not used to a straight-up tanking of a mob of this strength. You will see this from my spell list as Daegun's heals look a lot slicker and more mana efficient in rotation than mine (I have far too much Jaerol's in there as knee-jerk during Blezon refresh). The fact I have Rk1 of a lot of spells should be some indication that although I play quite a bit, I'm really not pushing that hard to max my char and often pass those things for guildies. So, the parse and some details:

    EM15 focus.
    Pet had NO mage armour to see what the base stats were like, though it did have a mask and 2 proc weapons to try shorten fight.
    Used Spirik of Nak and epic proc, no Hobble.
    Used Plakt's protection
    Cleric merc buffs and my own buffs, nothing external
    Merc was just left on balanced in the end because I ended up faffing too much to get it to work on burn and healing took all my attention





    I think mage armour would have helped a lot when you compare the DPS against my warder instead of Daegun's. Perhaps I would have had a bit more breathing room... it was intense. But, I did it and approx 40% mana left at the end. Pet hit 7% health at one point, and twice dropped below 15%.

    But what it does show is that, as usual, the sky isn't falling. It was pretty hard as something new to try and at the 7% health point it could easily have failed. In which case, I would have just tried again if I actually wanted the mob dead. I really don't post this as a case for pets to be nerfed yet again (please god no) but Daegun had already shown he could hold it for 20 minutes and I just conclude that debate.
  6. Zarzac Augur

    A group geared SK has 12s deflection assuming that's what you meant.

    HT doesn't help you take damage at all, and only does < 5% of Shroons hps worth of damage.

    Everything else you listed + using the rest of a proper defensive disc order would keep a group geared SK up for about 10s if lucky.
  7. Seldom Augur

    A group geared SK has longer than 12 seconds on deflection. Deflection is 12 seconds base. A groupable BP alone increases deflection by six seconds, among other things.....
  8. Krag Lorekeeper

    I have an SK as my main. 10 seconds?? Like I said deflection alone gets you 18+secs of zero damage. Epic/vod spire will let you tank no problem for another minute and a half. Throw in BP, lifetap, , carapace leech touch etc. And you can survive Umm longer than 10 seconds. Unless you mean group geared from PoP.
  9. Krag Lorekeeper

    As far as BL goes, they are better off healing the pet and using a wiz merc. They can really play cleric to the pet quite nicely.
  10. Gatash Lorekeeper

    And here goes the derail again, with the thread entitled "beastlord warder" - the last 3 posts are about SK skills. I give up on this game and community, really. Meanwhile, I posted something about bst pet tanking in direct relation to this thread and it has no response. There's so little objective information on here anymore, it's impossible to get class balance. I throw in the towel.
  11. Khauruk Augur

    The EQ community sucks. Sadly this isn't a new thing.

    Swords, btw, have a negligible dps boost for your pet. Not really worth equipping unless you want the gro proc (or deagro proc which mages have often used in the past so it's easier for their RS pet to get agro). Mage armor, as I'm sure you've seen, is quite quite worthwhile since pets don't have an AC softcap. You can also parcel a large number of unfolded armor/jewelry packs to yourself so you don't need to go find a mage each time you need.
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  12. Greyowl Augur

    Do Roon and Shoon have the same dps output ? (Since i tried Shoon, not Roon).

    Anyway, grats Gatash.

    I read your pet was down to 7% at one time, so a death was near. Guess i had the same situation - did get a bad spike at the moment in which you were lucky (note i said: after some bad rounds pet died).

    I wanted revenge as well and went a bit overboard. Bought gear from baz (all underworld or whatever that warr armor is called i could find, plus a rune proc weap). After i tested on a dummy that the pet actually procs the rune, i bought another. Rest (jewelry n stuff) i got from mage.

    Made a big difference, had spikes, but by far not that bad and Shoon fell.
    Now, i do not always want to spend like 10k on pet equip, but if there is no other way, ill do.

    At least i now know, i can get to almost "prenerf performance" by spending ingame plat and not, like others seem to do, spend real money on a second account.
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  13. Ineptocracy Leader Elder

    Me and my bst friend ( with EM 15 ) tried Roon yesterday too. First time I added Ruaabri and Ameli Acc just to see if he actually could get close. He had similar to Gatash a few dips into single digits but managed to keep the warder alive and get Roon dead. Next we tried Shoon and this time without my help and just watching from outside group. Warder died to a series of bad rounds when Shoon was at 12% and the bsts heals failed to crit. Rematch right away but this time with mage gear and it was a win.

    The ac boosts from the mage gear and / or my healing improving songs really made a difference he said. I think if you would want to push for something for warder survival it would be faster cast aegis and aas to shorten recast a bit. You heal like crazy though : P

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