Beastlord Roar, SK Dire & Necro Grip stacking

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    I didn't see another thread on this after a brief search, but I've noticed that there are stacking conflicts on raids and grouping with the Beastlord Roar of Thunder AA, the revamped SK Dire DoT line, and the revamped necro Grip DoT line. Beastlords are definitely using Roar on burns, which wipes out / blocks SKs and necros from using these DoTs. Also, SKs and Necros block each other depending on the rank (STR and AC components in the same slots conflict). Not sure if the slots can be flipped, or any adjustments to these abilites / spells can be made to allow them to stack.

    Roar of Thunder XXIII
    Target: Single
    Resist: Magic -500
    Duration: 60s (10 ticks)
    Hate: -130000
    1: Decrease Current HP by 40000
    2: Decrease STR by 300
    3: Decrease DEX by 300
    4: Decrease AGI by 300

    Dire Convulsion Rk. II
    1: Increase Disease Counter by 28
    2: Decrease STR by 221
    3: Decrease AC by 82
    4: Decrease Current HP by 7127 per tick

    Grip of Zorglim Rk. II
    1: Increase Disease Counter by 22
    2: Decrease STR by 208
    3: Decrease AC by 138
    4: Decrease Current HP by 6886 per tick

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