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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Mistkill, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Mistkill New Member

    Can someone point me towards a good current a Beastlord raiding guide? Google and forum search have come up with no current guides.
  2. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    First for Discs when you have them Macroed you need to type /disc before the skill name and what rank it is after (Rk. II Rk. III) Rank 1 doesn't require the Rk.

    For a BST combat ability macro I have two made up. you can put yours how ever you want but mine go as follows...

    Line 1: /disc Focused Clamor of Claws Rk. III
    Line 2: /alt activate 247 (Feral Swipe)
    Line 3: /disc Pummel Rk. III
    Line 4 /alt activate 11080 (Chameleon Strike - agro loss mod+damage)
    Line 5: /alt activate 987 (Ravens Claw - Attack Debuff on target)
    I use Ravens claw on Raids because using Bite of the Asp ( 986 ) can drop mez on a mob and that can be bad juju. you can also use Gorilla Smash ( 988 ) if you want it has a small DD to it, but I stick with Ravens Claw to help debuff the mob.

    For my second Macro I have my Kick, Banestrike, Bestial Evulsing, and Roar of Thunder on this key.

    Line 1: /doability 7 (kick)
    Line 2: /alt activate 15073 (bane strike)
    Line 3: /disc Bestial Evulsing Rk. III
    Line 4: /alt activate 362 (roar of thunder- DD+agro loss mod on target)

    With these two keys these keys are constantly being button mashed. on the first macro key when those abilities are in that order they all fire, unless you are currently doing an action (casting, using a different disc ) but if you just mash on the button you wont have any problems, they are discs not spells so they WILL fire, also Lag CAN play a factor in fireing times, but you should be fine.

    Next is the Spell order and what spells you need to be effective.

    First off, don't have dots loaded unless its a range type fight because when you cast a dot the refresh on ALL your spells is longer than you want it to be. This is why that nice little function SOE added is so nice, the different spell sets for different situations.

    The spells you need to be at a constant DPS are as follows:

    Nak's Maelstrom
    Frozen Carbomate
    Poantaar's Bite
    Kromrif Lance
    Frostrift Lance
    Kesar's Feralgia
    Yell at the Moon

    When you start any battle (unless leaders say otherwise) I always lead with Kesar's Feralgia because it adds Growl of the snow leopard to you ( +20% melee damage, 622 HP regen, and +5034 to max HP)
    After this is cast you start your nuke line up, the nukes are at a constant chain until you hit the point that all your nukes will be refreshing (if casting right this WILL happen) when this happens if your Growl of the Snow Leopard is still on you, hit Yell at the moon (less mana than Feralgia, and BSTs can eat mana)

    For the nuke line up:
    Nak's Maelstrom > Frozen Carbomate > Poantarr's bite > Carbomate > Kromrif Lance > Carbomate > Maelstrom > Carbomate > Frostrift Lance > Carbomate.....
    See the pattern there? Frozen Carbomate has such a fast refresh time it can be cast inbetween every other nuke cast ( I think I got that order right btw The 2nd Maelstrom is prolly off, but its pretty close). Also remember Frozen Carbomate does have a + agro mod to it, but when used with the Skills seen above, it should prove no threat at all, very rarely will a BST over agro a Tank.

    When using your spells / skills effectively you will learn to hit your skills keys in that slight time between spell casts so you can fire skills while casting. so nuke, then hit that hotkey in that slight second your spell is refreshing and as soon as that spell gem pops hit it, soon as cast time stops, hit your skills key...button mashing baby!.

    For burns and a decent sustained DPS you will need the following to be effective: ( I will put them in order later, for now its just a list )

    Attack of the Warders - 981
    Bestial Alignment - 245 (greatly increase your melee damage)
    Bestial Bloodrage - 443 (greatly increase your pet damage while damaging it and possibly making it very weak when it wears off)
    Bloodlust - 241 (weapon proc every hit)
    Frenzied Swipes - 1240 (lower reuse of feral swipe by 3 seconds for 30 sec)
    Frenzy of Spirit - 127 (greatly increase attack rating, speed, damage)
    Seccond Spire - 1431 (adds a proc to your pet that is practicly un-resistable)
    Group Bestial Alignment - 985 (increase melee damage of your group)
    Savage Rage - Discipline (greatly increases the melee damage of you and your warder)
    Ruaabri's Fury - Discipline (increases group damage mitigation and weapon speed, and also adds flurry chances to your warder)
    Glyph of the Cataclysm - 7019 (increases your critical melee and spell damage by 60% for 2 min)
    Note: if you have your RoF Chest Piece you can macro it by using /use item 17 IF its equipped, if not you can hotkey it and manually click or go through the grueling process of finding its /useitem not going to I just manually click it cause its on the very end of my hot bar right next to my nukes so its right there.

    Burn order and ATs for Group skills: (again these are my keys and you can stack them how you see fit EXCEPT Savage rage and Ruaabri's fury).

    Burn 1 Key:
    Line 1: /disc Ruaabri's Fury Rk. III
    Line 2: /alt activate 245
    Line 3: /alt activate 443
    Line 4: /alt activate 241
    Line 5: /alt activate 1240 (this key is where I normally click in my RoF chest piece)
    AT: Bestial Alignment - 245 ( a wild spirit fills your body....The wild spirit leaves your body.
    If fired right this key would use all of these abilities and the last one to wear off will be Bestial Alignment, when this wears off is when you begin your second burn ( or do what I do, when the buff icon has like 5 secs left I start second burn)

    Burn 2 Key:
    Line 1: /alt activate 127
    Line 2: /alt activate 1431
    Line 3: /disc Savage Rage Rk. III
    Line 4: /alt activate 7019
    Line 5: /alt activate 981

    These Macro Keys are built for Straight up burns not sustained.

    For sustained DPS you want to draw out your burns, the shortest duration discs / aa you have are Bestial Alignment, Bestial Bloodrage, Savage Rage, Attack of the Warders, and Group Bestial Alignment. I for one have no specific order I Cast these in, but Bestial Bloodrage lasts for 6 mins and has a 15 min refresh so you can start almost any raid with it and it normally would be up by the time the BURN comes up, same goes for Bestial Alignment (10 min) and Savage Rage (10 min), these two do not stack so don't stack them.

    Disc ATs:
    Bestial Alignment - A wild spirit fills your body.
    The wild spirit leaves your body.
    Group Bestial Alignment - currently broken
    Note: Group Bestial Alignment does NOT stack with Auspice from Rangers, so get with the rangers and see their use times, GBA cannot be MGBd like Auspice.
    Ruaabri's Fury - You are imbued with Ruaabri's Fury.
    The Fury Fades.
    Note: Ruaabri's Fury does NOT stack with Qucktime from Bards, so get with your bard (if you have one) and find out a use order.

    These should be the only ATs you need.

    The Beastlord class has 3 other things that are beneficial to the raid.
    Paragon of Spirits
    Focused Paragon of Spirits
    Shared Merciless Ferocity
    Mass Group Buff

    Hotkeys for these:
    Paragon of Spirits:
    Line 1: /alt activate 35 (MGB)
    Line 2: /pause 10
    Line 3: /alt activate 128
    Note: on line one you can add your /rs incoming paragon message if ya want, I suggest this so the other BSTs and RLs know its going off, then just continue down the lines.

    Focused Paragon of spirits: this is for people who need mana during the raid and MGB hasn't been called and/or is down.
    Line 1: /rt
    Line 2: /pause 3
    Line 3: /alt activate 3817
    Note: again you can add a /rs message so the raid knows who is getting FPoS, it has a 1 min 23 sec re-use time so it can be used very often.

    Shared Merciless Ferocity: Anyone who does melee DPS is gonna bug you all night for this Very Happy
    Line 1: /rt
    Line 2: /pause 3
    Line 3: /cast 10 (or whatever spell slot your Shared Merciless Ferocity is in)

    For all of this to be effective in the best ways possible you Must have your Hasten AAs, quickend AAs, and Extended AAs for the proper disc/AA. with all of these in place and learning as you go, can become a pretty decent DPS class. Im not gonna say m the best BST out there and some of my stuff is prolly wrong, but what I do know is ive been playing a BST since they were released and it took years, AND learning from other better BSTs on how to do better.
    The beastlord class is a utility / hybrid class, don't expect to be up there with rogues, zerkers, monks, wizzies...its not going to happen, but with our skills/spells we can sustain pretty well and keep a constant damage going.

    This Forum is here to help out the new BSTs or even your alts. if you have any questions, concerns, or maybe I left something out, please post it or let me know in game.

    Anzo Ragespirit.

    Alot if this is outdated like the /doability lines cause those are Auto skill now. Also just change the names of the spells/discs to the more current ones.

    Like I said though it's a little out dated but it's a good start.
  3. Kywen Elder

    Thanks for putting like, lots of effort into your reply, Anzo!
  4. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    It was a copy paste from something I posted somewhere else lol...but yes just remember like i said some if it is out dated, like dots for example after our dot revamos they're in the rotation again.
  5. Bigfan Augur

    /autoskill roundkick
    /Autoskill tigerclaw

    In al`ele disc mash all 3 dots, then pick 1 ( I use chill) and spam spam spam.

    Everytime focused paragon is up, hit yourself, and any other Mana regain.

    Out of al'ele just keep up 3 dots and use all nukes on rotation.

    If another bl in raid make sure to communicate to them to keep up dots and you do the same, announce alliance call in a channel so you don't mess with theirs.
  6. Brohg Augur

  7. Bigfan Augur

    Generally lower Mana use then blood, and it has spell damage vs endemic which does not.
  8. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    I'll agree with the mana prtion of the ice dot, but I'm we get focus for both, so both are pretty usefull. In raids though I only use the ice and poison dots. The disease dot has a longer duration, but it doesn't come with a nuke upon cast and from a damage view point it's better to just keep these running. And yes again if there are at least two bst in the raid keep alliance going off if you have 3 then your pretty much blasting 2 mil damage every few secs it adds up really fast.

    BST as of late are wonderful sustained DPS with our nukes and dots, and keeping your Mana in check is the hard part but we have tools to help with that. But when it comes to actually hitting high on the parse you gotta have those alliances and dots and nukes and swarms on a constant flow. Our burns aren't nearly as good as zerk, rogue, and maybe monk ( they need some loving right now). But if you just smash on your buttons and have carple tunnel by the end of your raids you should do really well not gonna say top 10 but it is doable, just don't ever plan on out doing a zerk, it's just not gonna happen even if they die 4+ times lol
  9. Bigfan Augur

    I try to keep all 3 dots up, endemic I wait for GoM Gina, while spamming toxin/maelstorm/bite/whatever is not on recast.

    Dicho is up if ruuabi is not.

    Dps is about same as it was pre expansion, around 120k+ DPS over 200 mobs, raid it does well too.
  10. Toomba Elder

    Ok middle of any event, add beastlord to dz, beastlord paragons the raid, remove beastlord from dz....thats how you raid on a beastlord.
  11. smash Augur

    Basically bst's have stagnated in dps
  12. Stubar Augur

    Dis guy definitely raided with the "Legend".
  13. Eonan Journeyman

    Thanks for this guide, good read.
  14. Daedly Augur

    Maybe I missed it, but where do you fire Dicho in all of this when burning? Do you cast it right after you initiate your burn abilities? After swarm pets are out? Mix it in the nuke rotation? Not at all?
  15. Bumkus Lorekeeper

    I include Ruabri's Fury when i start burn, then when it fades (set trigger on "The Fury Fades"), then i click Dicho. throughout the fight i try to click Dicho when its fresh, especially after a Gom 101-105. Save the Gom 106-110 for Venomous Alliance or DoTs
  16. Brohg Augur

    Dicho doesn't provide much boost to the beastlord for main burning, since HHE is "best works". Frenzy of Spirit is already best-in-game 58%, Dicho & Ruuabri 33.8%. There is still a benefit to Flurry & pet Flurry, so they're not a complete waste, but the reason to cast it during burns is primarily to sync up with your group's ADPS & their burns.


    covers 2 full minutes of burning for your group, then you just run it out there on-cooldown
  17. Derka Augur

    I don't raid with my beast but found that dicho>force rejuv>dicho>ruuabri>dicho keeps the HHE flowing for a continuous burn.
    Edit* I see Brohg posted something similar, his is probably better since you will have more things on CD
  18. Regazozo Journeyman

    AnzoRageSpirit... That guide is a year out of date I think... or did I miss something in the question.
  19. Waldagar Augur

    I am just going to throw this out there...

    Alliance>>Force Rejuv>>Alliance is worth more damage since most other classes have their own HHE effects running. Combine them for maximum entertainment.
    Alliance>> Dicho(this gives time for DoTs to land and fulminate)>> Force Rejuv>> Alliance>> Dicho
  20. Waldagar Augur

    Adding this...

    110 Spell Set 1 (DPS)
    Mawmun's Bite
    Frozen Toxin
    Frostbite Lance/Frostbite Roar(AOE)
    Beramos' Maelstrom
    Akalit's Feralgia
    Polybiad Blood
    Ekron's Chill
    Salve of Artikla
    Deltro's Mending
    Sha's Reprisal
    Venomous Alliance
    Dichromatic Fury

    AA/Clicky Buffs Hobble of Spirits, Epic 1.5/2.0 click
    Setup auto kicks (Gorilla [no debuff on mob])(Feral Swipe)

    Hot BUTTON 1:
    /alt activate XXX Chameleon Strike
    /disc Bestial Savagery
    /disc Mangle
    /disc Focused Clamor of Claws or Storm of Claws (AOE)

    /alt activate 1431 2nd Spire (3rd spire - raid)
    /alt activate XXXX (Beastial Bloodrage)
    /Cast Dichromatic Fury
    /Disc Al`ele's Vindication
    /alt activate 15073 (Banestrike) (remove after next patch)

    /Cast 4 (Beramos' Maelstrom (Timer 15))
    /Cast 2 (Frozen Miasma (Timer 14))
    /Cast 1 (Kreig's Bite] (Timer 6))
    /Cast 3 (Frostbite Lance(Timer 7) or Frostbite Roar (AOE) (Timer 11))

    These days I use GINA to orchestrate my burns. Right now I use BA + SF + Bloodlust + Ale's Vindication out of the gate. When BA fades I hit SR. When SF fades I hit RF. When SR fades I hit Ferocious. When Ferocious fades I hit GBA.

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