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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Zaviere, May 3, 2018.

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    I've been 2-boxing an EoK raid geared Beastlord alongside my Bard main for a few months now, having tons of fun with it. However, I am at the point where I feel I need to better understand the impact of gear given to the pet (or not) for both raw damage as well as tanking ability - more so the latter than the former - and so here I am.

    Really quick, I realize there is a somewhat similar thread already in this sub-forum about Beastlord pet accuracy, that includes a number of parse collections which demonstrate the benefit of higher haste items and various weapons for the pets, but I'm looking to go a lot deeper.


    DPS-wise, I more or less will always toss the Beastlord pet a crafted haste belt right away, because it just makes sense. Beyond that, I've tried different things (admittedly without bothering to pay close attention to the results) and am wondering if any of them are simply a waste of time/plat/other resources, or if there is an actual benefit to "twinking" a pet.

    I know summoned mage pet weapons are standard, Brightedges or the other ones, but what about the player crafted weapons, or even dropped weapons? For example, I have given a BST pet pairs of the "standard" player crafted weapons (Bleakwood Tonfa), T1 TDS dropped group weapons (ie. Fused Coral Knife), and even Conflagrant weapons (Rapier). How much of an impact do these different tiers of weapons have on overall pet performance? How about the procs, do those make much of a difference based on damage type and amount?

    Additionally, does arm/leg armor with cleave/ferocity actually affect a pet's DPS potential, or is it only player characters who benefit from those?

    Sort of tied into the above, although with both raw DPS and tanking ability, what (if anything) do heroic stats do for a pet? Or even just regular stats for that matter (dex, str, AC too). How much impact does, say, a set of Dimensional Warrior gear have when given to a pet? Is it worth the value of the materials required to make it all? And how about accessories (ring/ear/neck/face)?

    To me, for pet tank-ability, it makes sense that higher AC gear pieces would make the pet stronger/harder to kill. What I'm really not sure about is the secondary stats, and even heroic stats, on certain gear that may be given to a pet. For a BST pet, would giving it a full set of Conflagrant WAR gear actually make it tank like a monster, or is the impact between gear such as that compared to just summoned mage plate not enough to be worth the investment in the Conflagrant gear?

    At this point, I may have repeated myself on a few questions or points, so I apologize for that if that is indeed the case. But that's more or less all I can think of to put out there for answers right now. Any and all insight would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!
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    First off BRING BACK KITRIX! Secondly send me a tell this evening and I'll give you the rundown on what I use for tanking and also for dps.
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    @moogs, I hadn't even considered the Axe, that'll be a nice little addition, thanks for the tip!


    Dude, if there was absolutely ANY chance of him coming back, he'd already be back, believe me. I'll keep trying though, maybe I'll manage to break him some day. If you use Discord, I can give you his handle and you can take a stab at bringing him back yourself. That's basically where I talk to him every day these days.

    As for the tell, it'll have to wait until tomorrow evening or whenever else is a good time, because I'm putting on my progressive-classy pants and going to the finals of the 2018 NH National Poetry Slam Team competition to determine the 5 person team that's going to represent our state this year. Gonna be an epic night for sure, and a late one at that.

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    The axe is a range item. It's for stats. You can give it to your pet before or after you give it the mage weapons; it doesn't matter because it's not equipped as an actual weapon.
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    I never give pet more than mage armor and aggro weaps. 99.9% of the time that pet dies is due to me dying from a bad pull and bear cannot tag mobs before they kill me.
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