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  1. newperson101 New Member

    would the paladin be able to heal the beastlord and pet.

    wanted to run

    and a boxed account.

    some people say mage
    others say cleric or druid.

    I was thinking if the paladin could heal the group then I would sit him off to the side and be primary healer. If in undead zones I would make paladin primary and bst healer.

    I really like both classes and trying to figure out if I could use them together. I would like the bst to be my primary most of the time.

    I guess I'm confusing myself. I find a post and then realize it's from a tlp or a decade old.

    If cleric is the third, some people say you will need a cleric to keep up with pet heals others say it's overkill and provides too much healing and not enough of anything else.

    Druid- has maybe not enough healing to keep up without mercs.

    Trying to find that perfect box that would compliment the beastlord along with the bard.

    Paladin=primary healer/undead dps (like)
    Druid= Primary healer, snare, dps
    Mage= Dps COTH, Pet Toys
    Cleric= Primary healer

    The goal would be able to do as much as possible while keeping the bst the primary the majority of the time. don't want to add anymore as I don't want it to take away the enjoyment of the game and playing the bst.
  2. Vumad Augur

    Not sure what the issue is. We have merc clerics. Use 1 or 2. Mage CoH and Druid ports are significant QOL improvements. Druid heals are a good backup to a merc which can go haywire or not be allowed into some instances.

    PAL and BST can heal in a lot of content but wont keep themselves up against a named in current content. A single CLR merc should be able to keep up a Pally against a slowed named.
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Having a plate tank is a cornerstone of any solid boxing setup, Pet tanks are okay but don't take hits as well as a Plate tank and don't make healing as easy, so if using a Merc Healer a real tank is the way to go.
    The other consideration is how hard it can be to actually recruit tanks for your group, so many tanks are already boxing themselves they often don't want or need group spots.
  4. Ciskin New Member

    Thank you. That's what I was not able to figure out.
  5. Vumad Augur

    I agree on both points. I box ENC, CLR, MAG. I usually played with a Pally (PC not Box). I added the mage after the pally wasn't available as often. I went pet tank because it's automated, thus easier to box, and also it pairs better with a plate tank (PC not being boxed). I often use a tank merc with mage pet as backup. There are a lot of tanks in the game and it's pretty easy to come across a plate tank to replace the tank merc.

    So for the OP who is 2boxing with the wife a plate tank should be a must have.
    For a solo 3-boxer like myself, a pet tank is a great way to leave the plate tank slot open for making friends.
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  6. Vumad Augur

    BTW to OP, don't do pally just for the heals. Pally is a great tank with lots of good tools. Like for instance if you are using a cleric merc then you don't have a good source of group heals and cures (because mercs are dumb) and the pally can provide that. However, you started this by thinking the pally can replace a cleric. It can't. Use the pally if you want, but the BST and BRD will pair well with any of the 3 tanks, so play the one that excites you the most. If that's still pally, do pally, of course.
  7. Ciskin New Member

    so what I didnt want to do is play a tank as a tank :) I know if I do that then the bst will take backseat to the tank, plus I didnt want to move them around. Was hoping the pali could replace the cleric but that does not look possible. I'm starting out on mischief so wont have mercs for awhile. Just looking for the best trio with bst, bard... I figure if the wife gets bored and quits I can use the bard for melody plus maybe raids or something down the road.

    I think I'm going to need a healer and the druid looks to really pair well with the bst. Once you guys told me the pali is not going to work as a primary healer for names, at that point it was between adding a mage or healer type. After reading the forums for awhile it appears I would regret not having a real healer as opposed to another dps.

    I want to do the most I can with the bst so was trying to figure out the strongest third.

    Again thanks so much for the replies and feedback. Been going back and fourth on this for days.
  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If you want the strongest trio for a Beast I would suggest Druid & Enchanter.
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  9. Vumad Augur

    Definitely Druid. The ports, snare, track and forage will be huge benefits to a BST on a progression server. Trying to play a pally as a cleric is not the way to go.

    I can second what Skuz said about the enchanter. AFK bard on melody sucks. Though, if you wife wants to play a bard then keep her happy and use the bard.
  10. Yasopp New Member

    Personally I would go with a Shm over a Druid. I've play on Mangler and Shaman at the moment just do so much for me than a druid. Panther and 2.0 are just too good and since you have a bard you don't need another tracker. Porting is just a minor Qol at the moment with all of the different porting option you get later on.
  11. Ciskin New Member

    Thank you for the reply.
    May I ask how you deal with runners. I know there is hobbler later on but I thought there was a negative to using this on the pet? are you just rooting before they get to 20%.
    I agree the porting is not that big of a deal, and I believe the thorns do not add up too much later on. The nukes, dots and snare are good plus maybe some extra damage for bst cold spells. If I'm reading some of the other forums correct it looks like druids and shamans are pretty much neck and neck in the dps department. (mana seems to be issue for druid longer fights)

    Then it comes to who can add the most adps to the bard and bst team.
    Not sure I could give up snare if there is no major difference. If there is a major difference in what I could do later, then that would be food for thought.

    I know the wife will play the bard
    I will be primary on the bst.
    on my 2 o'clock will be a third. nice and easy with the most I can get out of it (no tanks)

    -druid evac/ports-adps-dps-snare-heals
    -shaman dps/adps-heals

    How much more dps, adps and heals does the shaman bring to the table to give up evacs and snares.

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the replies and it's really nice of everyone to take their time to help me out.
  12. Yasopp New Member

    Bard can snare starting at lvl 23 till you get hobble which I hadn't notice anything negative about using it on the pet. A huge majority of Bst dps come from just auto attacking, I rarely nuke when I'm boxing as it not as mana efficient as casting the swarm pet and dotting the mob. If I'm grping with other players that when I'm normally only spam the cold nuke as the mob die too fast. This is my experience up to TSS, things may change in future expansion but probably unlikely.

    Shm adps on 2.0 is just too good for anyone that melee, panther is extremely good for hybrid as our spell crit aa affect them so atm I can do up to 1200dmg crit on them and they proc very often.
  13. Waldagar Augur

    If you are starting out on mischief, then you will be waiting a while for BSTs to become available. You may want to focus on a class you can level with the bard until BSTs arrive on the scene.