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    I am on the part where I need to give the scarf to Ankehenferurt to get the small sphinx to spawn. Well, you cant hand anything to something that is attacking you. Please help.
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  3. Dibab Augur

    is it on a faction that you can improve? if not, then invis
  4. Zanarnar Augur

    Thats only an option if he made his BST the proper race. If they're playing an inferior race sneak isn't an option. Invis might be; I don't really know as I quit the game originally around OOW (Gates killed EQ for me the first time 'round); and find it so ugly I never do it on TLPs.
  5. Dilquan Elder

    Its a kitty Bst and I'm kos. Invisi breaks as soon as I tried to hand it the item. I'll try sneak otherwise will check out raising the faction. Thank you all.
  6. Boze TLP complaint factory

    There's faction increases with the quest that come if you follow the dialogue and hail at the proper times, shouldn't need to sneak at all. The hails and text are all before any turn ins for that section. Follow the write-up on zam for that section.

    Find Ankhefenmut and Zazamoukh, two sphinxes in the Mountains of Rathe. Ankhefenmut may be found at +3410, -3340.

    You say, 'What riddle?'

    Ankhefenmut eyes you curiously.
    Your faction standing with Ankhefenmut got better.
    Your faction standing with Zazamoukh got better.


    To be able to hand Zazamoukh the Tarnished Ankh you have to Hail Ankhefenmut. It adjusts your faction appropriately so that both Sphinxs will speak with you.

    You say, 'Hail, Ankhefenmut'

    Ankhefenmut eyes Starrfox curiously.
    Your faction standing with Ankhefenmut has been adjusted by 1000.
    Your faction standing with Zazamoukh has been adjusted by 2000.
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  7. Dilquan Elder

    Well, dang, I've killed the small sphinx that Zaz spawns so I have the item I need to give to Ank for it to turn into the small sphinx but am unable to. I'll run through the hails and riddle dialogue again and see what happens. Ank is even saying that it can tell I have something from Zaz, "let him see it" but cannot pass something to someone that is actively trying to kill you.

  8. Mazame Augur

    as a kitty Bst you have sneak. FYI sneak doesn't not always work. a few tip just in case you don't know.
    Sneak don't work is a mob can see you so make sure your behind it.
    Hit sneak from out of aggro range and the /con the mob to make sure your indifferent.
    Do not hail the mob this will turn it to face you and break your sneak.

    Another thing to try is you used to be able to hand in item while FD I know I done it in the past. you run up and FD at their feet. then do the hand in.

    Also check the faction vendor in pok to see if they can reset your faction.
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  9. Dilquan Elder

    I'll try this all later today! Thank you