Beastlord AA Leveling Order - Which First?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Slayerwolf, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Slayerwolf Elder

    Which AA are the most important for BLs if you were trying to max them efficiently in order? There are just so many, I don't know which to get/max first for dps so I can spend less time leveling them (lol). Thanks!
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  2. Derka Power Ranger

    I was always a fan of passive gains like Veterans Wrath, Destructive fury/cascade, combat fury, fury of magic and innate fury. Beastlords hit REALLY fast so you might as well makes those hits crits and mod them. Burst of power to an extent is good but begins to lose its luster when it only increases 2hand and your aren't at that yet. Keep in mind mana regeneration abilities so you can continue nuking more. Paragon, focused paragon and consumption. Also do yourself a favor and keep up on Gift of Mana and make an audio trigger to use it on DoTs and dicho/dissidents(you again mana on those with gom)
  3. Xenze Elder

    As is with most pet classes, I like to focus on the Companions AAs under Archetype. Your pet makes a better tank than you ;) and in the event that you’re not in a group, you can pop a healer merc and go about your business soloing

    Edit: I enjoy the passives as well. Is it Veterans Wrath that gets your weapons to proc more often? That one is always a plus. In addition to your direct damage spell crit chance and Crit damage, that’ll go a long way. And I think that the weapon procs play off of those as well
  4. Waldagar Augur

    If you are all about leveling/gaining AAs as quickly as possible then you want to maximize your kill rate. This should sound a lot like maximizing your DPS. Assuming you are moloing, you should be using the tank merc to PL you through the early levels.

    Post 70 you need to switch to a DPS merc and have your pet tank. You should be hunting in zones with mobs with the lowest hit points for the con level. This is typically the older/oldest expansions. You will learn how to heal as well as DPS to keep the group alive.

    In the above scenario you would focus on personal DPS until you hit content where you are struggling to keep the pet up. Then you need to sprinkle in some pet defensive AA. You may also need to sprinkle in some heal based AAs.

    I lump healing AAs in with pet defensive AA as that is the main target of your heals.
    I lump mana regen AAs with personal DPS, because more and more of your personal DPS will come through spell casting.

    What about burst DPS AAs? Let's face it, Beastlords are not great pullers, so you will need the ability to take on multiple mobs at a time to break camps. Burst DPS abilities enable you to quickly kill off additional mobs to break camps. (Don't forget to slow down the DPS on the last mob to help space out the spawns).

    I recommend lifetap weapons as the healing they provide will keep you personal health topped off and the heals only get better as you invest more AA into healing. This definitely helps when you need to tank an add.

    What level are you now?
  5. Exxodia Journeyman

    I've told all my fellow Beastlord friends who ask this very question the following response.
    ALWAYS work on Archtype/Class offensive passive AA's first along with Spell Focus'. It will boost your overall DPS faster than any other AA. If you solo and rely heavily on your Pet however, work on your pet defensive first.