Beastlord AA Ideas

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Astran, Feb 4, 2014.

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  2. Apex Elder

    Beastlord DoTs are so op, I used them non stop.. hell I even asked Aristo for the cold DoT by request of Stubar. I chain rotated all 3 and I did sick dps, just ask Stubs
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  3. Astran Elder

    Beastlord dots are so op you rerolled rogue to give the mobs a chance.
  4. malicious rexx New Member

    ok u want an over powered bst, how bout sticking a snare with pet slow. man that's would make all of the other pet classes cry. in all reality as a pet class we need more ranged attacks since we cant get near a lot of mobs if there isn't a viable tank near. how bout a buff or better yet an aa that makes the mob keep targeting pet so we can get close to off tank? we are in a severe state if we end up the group tank if the merc tank dies as often as ive seen in cotf combat.
  5. Gatash Lorekeeper

    There are lots of discussions about bsts tanking, some of the main points can be found here . I am only in group gear and not even fully top tier in each slot. A few nights ago I tanked the ToR HA for my group with no deaths and 1 healer merc, and I have tanked in the tower itself too in the same setup. Adds would probably take me down in the static zone before I could get something stable and OT'd on my pet but we had an ench for mez so I was ok there.

    I don't realistically see how they could update ranged dps because we already have 4 or 5 nukes in a rotation. Increasing their damage would give an advantage in melee situations too. Your best bet is to use pet taunt on at all times and back out if you're in trouble and merc is dead. The fact that we get engaged in combat is, to me, the fundamental reason to play a bst and not a mage.
  6. Stubar Augur

    Umm, we have this, it is two separate buffs however.

    Hobble and Deadlock Jaws. I can't remember the last time I actually cast Hobble or Deadlock as both are purely situational IMO.
  7. Zahrym Augur

    That free taunt though, Greekgod the agro hero.
  8. Zahrym Augur

    Also why is our cripple still such garbage? Doesn't seem game changing if we got an upgraded one that obviously wasn't better than enchanter.
  9. Astran Elder

    If we're asking for shaman hand-me-downs, I'd rather have spirit of dauntlessness. Our focus is on par with shaman (with far shorter duration), but our best stamina buff is level 57.
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  11. Waldagar Augur

    Since the trend is to combine spells, and pet mitigation is coming under fire, why not combine our pet direct heal and out pet HoT into one spell. It might help keep Skippy alive longer.

    New spell line Stubar's Cringe It combines our 4 DoTs into a single spell. On it's own, not very compelling, but the AA guy wakes up and creates an activated AA (Stubar's Double Face Palm) that give us increased DoT crits 50% for 2 minutes with a 10 minute reuse. Then he gives us AA to extend the (Stubar's Double Face Palm) to 3,4,5 minutes. He will also create an AA line that increases the chance to crit DoTs using (Stubar's Double Face Palm) to 60%, 80%, 100%. They could also create a Hasten line of AA's for this and an increased crit damage AA line.

    Might have a chance to help out sustained depending on the mana cost and duration on Stubar's Cringe.
  12. Zahrym Augur

    I feel like you're trolling, the problem isn't so much with our dot damage it's with the priority of debuff slots. We'd need a ton of AA's to bring them to the level of being useful enough on raids to actually take debuff slots.

    Even with only 3 necros i'm hard pressed to keep Asp up.

    On the other hand it wouldn't be a bad combo spell for soloing if it's quick cast.
  13. Waldagar Augur

    Do you think they could combine the DoTs so it took up a single slot?

    DoT option: Create an activated AA (Stubar's Revenge) that give us increased DD crits 50% for 2 minutes with a 10 minute reuse. Then he gives us AA to extend the (Stubar's Revenge) to 3,4,5 minutes. He will also create an AA line that increases the chance to crit DDs using (Stubar's Revenge) to 60%, 80%, 100%. They could also create a Hasten line of AA's for this and an increased crit damage while (Stubar's Revenge) is active AA line.

    With this AA would weapon procs become more relevant?
  14. Zunar Augur

    Why not combine direct heal, HoT heal, promised heal, proc heal and <insert more ideas here> heal into one spell gem, and give the pet a 50% chance to explode when you used it :D
    Then add AAs to stop the pet from exploding...:eek:
    Joking aside, I wouldn't mind if the pet heal triggered our pet hot heal, or some similar one..
    Only thing with it is, our HoT heal is very lackluster...just compare it to priest hot spells.
  15. Waldagar Augur

    DoT Option: should have read NON-DoT Option: ....instead of boosting DoTs, boost DD spells in a similar manner.
  16. Zahrym Augur

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  17. Gatash Lorekeeper

    How does that relate to DoTs?

    Are they not relevant now? Especially with Bloodlust.

    I was shocked to see me healing pet for 80K+ when they revamped the pet heals. That's a 25K bonus to what I was seeing before, I don't get how a HoT component has any benefit?
  18. Gatash Lorekeeper

    Ok, I missed this correction when I posted my reply. You can't be serious with your suggestion?

    I fear that I've been sucked into a troll argument; why don't they just give us a DT AA?
  19. Stubar Augur

    That post was actually clever and amusing right up to this point. Still waiting on that RF timer reduction that we were told we were getting 2 years ago don't cha know.

    While (Stubar's Cringe) would be a flattering and accurate name for the AA, it would be more accurate if it were called (Necro Envy). If we got a DoT and AA that would make it worth casting over and/or with our 5 nukes, I'd wager there would be a small riot from the Necro's who are the masters of DoTs.

    Here's some hard numbers from a 51 second Bone crusher fight.

    Stubar -vs- Bone Crusher: -- DMG: 7529978 -- DPS: 147647 -- Scaled: 147647 -- Crush: 3889052 -- DirDmg: 2275726 -- Punch: 784299 -- Hit: 528649 -- DoT: 32000 -- Kick: 20252 -- Non-crit rate: 53.9% -- crit rate: 46.1% -- Attempts: 478 -- Hits: 458 -- Missed: 20 -- Accuracy: 95.8% -- Avg Hit: 16441 -- Max hit: 129675 -- DMG to PC: 91000 (yes I know there's a DoT in there--I forgot to swap it out for Gorilla smash)

    So, I did 44622 DPS per second just from casting nukes. Therefore on average it works out to 8924 DPS per spell.

    So in order to maintain the same output as our 5 nukes, a DoT would have to do approximately 53544 per tic on a 51 second fight to be on par with nukes. While the number are rough, I honestly don't see that happening anytime soon.

    We should keep asking for DoT AA's though instead of asking for useful ones like RF reduction and mana preservation. .
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  20. Waldagar Augur

    First off, I want to thank you Stubar for all the information you share with the community. I take a lot of your information and try to apply it to the group game with a lot of positive results. In your comments you stated that beastlords are falling behind on sustained damage. Some of our brethren lament our DoT effectiveness. I just supplied a tongue and check approach to meet both needs.

    I guess I am a little jaded after reading about the new AA and spells. You supplied them with a roadmap that even a cave man could follow and they came back with responses to requests from 10 years ago.