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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Astran, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Zahrym Augur

    Ya, removing FPOS completely, giving more ranks of Paragon / Hastened, or doing something to really make it unique would be neat. Like 10-15% more healing done while it's active or 10-15% less mana used on all spells etc. The MGB rotation would actually matter and have a defined niche as a class ability rather than firing it off when everyone's at a certain average mana % to recoup.
  2. smash Augur

    I disagree on removing FPoS.
  3. Questoften32 Augur

    I would like to see fearl swipe turned into a skill like kick . It should have its cooldown rudeced to that of kick but not share a cool down with or replace kick. Its should still be capable of the same damge it has now and have its suppport aa but that should be dependant on having it at max skill level, otherwise it will very based on skill.
  4. Ranar Lorekeeper

    focused paragon of the spirit has been stagnated ever since was introduced. it by far needs a huge upgrade to bring it back inline.

    SoF expansion (Nov.2007) rank 1) 180 mana regen
    rank 2) 210 mana
    rank 3) 240 mana

    Keep in mind during this time period max gear was crystallos gear. The raid gear was on average 750 HEM (hp's, endurance, mana points) per piece. The group gear was on average 480 HEM per piece. The regen gains on those ranks were outstanding, and I think somewhere over the years a dev even said it maybe was a bit too much. I am not sure if a dev actually said that. It has been almost 7 years ago. Maybe that is why it started to stagnate.

    For the next 2 expansions each rank was increased by a 6 mana regen points. So at the end of Underfoot expansion (Dec.2009) rank 9 was only 276 mana regen. now for the gear during this expansion. The raid gear was on average 1630 HEM per piece, and the group gear was on average 1030 HEM. so in 2 years average gear HEM nearly doubled , but Focused paragon of the spirit was measly raised 36 mana points.

    Now with HoT and Voa (Nov. 2011) expansions instead of the base 6 mana points increases per rank. We were given 9 mana regen points (well the first rank of HoT was 8). so 2 more years of slow stagnated increases. The raid gear at this time was average 2600 HEM, and the group gear was on average 1950 HEM per piece. So not quite double from the previous 2 years, but the group gear almost doubled. all the while our Focused paragon of the spirit ends up at 329 mana regen. Our mana regen hasn't even doubled yet in 4 years , but group gear has doubled twice.

    Well we all been complaining about the stagnation of Focused paragon of the spirit for year or 2 by then. So with Rain of Fear expansion (Nov.2012) the ranks finally saw some slight addition to the ranks.

    Rank 16) 356 mana regen. (a nice 27 mana increase over last rank)
    Rank 17) 367 mana regen. (That measly 9 mana per rank increase)
    Rank 18) 388 mana regen. (21 mana point increase)

    So here we are another 2 years. since CoTF expansion had no increases as of this post. The raid gear on average is 3500 HEM, and the group gear on average is 2650 HEM * (I'm going to add an asterisk here now since more and more raid gear is acquired now in group game).

    Gear has almost been multiply by 5 since the introduction of Focused paragon of spirits. Yet our mana regen has been stagnated to the point the aa is hardly used on purpose. I am also only hitting it out of muscle memory these days.

    sorry for the long post. just wanted to illustrate the stagnation, and hope for change. IMO 3 ranks of substantial increase should be given to us. I also feel strongly the Focus paragon should have an recourse added to it. so it reflects it back on us as we cast on another toon.

    I'm kinda torn on the endurance regen being added to it. Would i welcome End. regen being added absolutely. i don't want to be named as someone voting against it. I was actually thinking it might be time for the rejuvenation of the old spell line Invigor. at one point of time invigor was a means to lower ya sta loss, but sta bar was replaced with endurance. I am thinking there is a whole line of spells here the dev's can bring back and introduce into the game that is catering to the endurance loss/pentalty of death issue.

    just my 2cents.

  5. Khauruk Augur

    When we were trying to get Paragon boosted in the past, devs didn't care what %age of mana it was. Arguments needed to be made in the form of how it's falling behind relative to mana *regen*, and secondarily to mana usage, and *not* mana pools. They don't care about your mana pool.
  6. Ranar Lorekeeper

    You are right they don't look at mana pools, but as players we do. If I cast this on a toon and after a min all they gained is 1% maybe. It gets dishearteningly since in old days you could see the mana bars go up on toons you cast it on. I just don't want to see this line dwindle away. I wouldn't even mind a longer refresh if we got a good return in mana regen.
  7. Zahrym Augur

    This is a cyclical issue. They don't care what we ask for and there is no real rhyme or reason why we get yes to some things and no to others. If you bring logic, no matter how flawless....there is no guarantee you get what we need regardless of how sound or logical the reason.

    Steps to maybe getting what you want/the class needs:

    1) Make giant list.
    2) Give giant list upon request to whoever asks for it.
    3) Stick head in rear end, wait and cross fingers.
  8. Stubar Augur

    #3 tells true for sure.

    Take this for example from AA chat two years ago.

    [13:47] <Apex> Hastened Fury - (Nature's, Kolos', Ruaabri's) No ranks of this yet, reuse of 20 minutes, possible 3-5 minute reduction
    [13:47] <Qwestmode> ^Beastlord Fury
    [13:49] <@Elidroth> I'll start out with 3 ranks of 1 minute
    [13:49] <@Elidroth> I don't want to bring it down too much

    Still waiting on that one.
  9. Apex Elder

    Elidroth Mein :(
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  10. Zahrym Augur

  11. Gatash Lorekeeper

    Please do not remove FPoS. The gains that you list in a revamp of PoS are raid specific (you speak of "rotation") and would be minute in the group game, active 1/10th of the time maximum. If additional utility is put on PoS in this way then it could well become one of the skills that I then have to save up for a dangerous encounter, whereas I currently often use PoS to benefit me more than the rest of my group during regular grinding because we chew through so much mana. I am not necessarily averse to making similar changes that you suggest to PoS to give it raid utility context, but not at the expense of FPoS and not to the extent that I feel irresponsible for using it up outside of difficult encounters because it can make such a disproportionate change.

    FPoS might be minute and in desperate need of increased returns, but it still forms a crucial balance with our canni ability to carry us over to the next PoS.
  12. Zunar Augur

    How about an AA that when activated, has a high chance to use forceful rejuvenation ability when casting any dot spell? I'm thinking when we resort to using any dot, it's cuz all nukes are on timers..
  13. Astran Elder

    I'd rather have such a trigger be on a nuke spell (preferably maelstrom). Dots are bad dps, and I don't want to waste a spell slot on an inferior spell just to hope for a trigger to use my better spells slightly faster.
  14. smash Augur

    No dots, they worthless.
  15. Stubar Augur

    Why...why do people keep bringing up DoTs. They will never increase them to a level that would be worth while for a beastlord to put in it's dps line up. Period.

    Every AA time someone tries to come up with a way to have an AA that makes them worth it. How about nooooooo.

    We need to work together as a team to address the real issues that haunt the class. Not that we can't use DoT's effectively, but the fact that we bleed mana like a stuffed pig and that we are falling behind again in sustained dps.

    I still think that a beastlord spell specialization would go a long way for us, like an AA that makes cold based nukes have a chance to cost less mana.

    Sadly we'll never get what we want in the mana return area....this much is clear. So we need to come up with ideas that help with mana preservation.
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  16. Enkel Augur

    My beastlord in raid gear bleeds mana painfully quick. The paragon line, imo, needs a large boost to help with the rapidly draining mana problem we have on raids and in groups (if you're constantly using all your spells). Would love for forms of mana preservation like Stubs posted, on top of boosts to our paragon lines.
  17. Zahrym Augur

    That's just not going to happen, no one cares which class bleeds resources and how much. Make suggestions that fit for the class and the game & hope you get it, the end.

    Spell specialization for ALL hybrids should be mandatory at this point. There is no reason when we're at double the original level of the game people that have been casting spells for 15 years aren't specialists at it.

    You can be homeless and go to operating on brains in 8-10. Pretty sure I know how to cast by now.
  18. Romance Augur

    I would use dots but I feel they give me an unfair advantage over the other dps.
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  19. Gaarbage Journeyman

    Cascading Focused Paragon – Increase in value on later ticks (like some HoT spells)

    30 sec or 1 min Gift of Mana type buff – Allow us to cast spells costing 1 mana for a short period of time, longer reuse time, so future AA can be added to shorten the reuse time.

    Twincast nukes

    Add mana recourse buff to the growl line of spells. (spell related)

    Add mana recourse to Reflexive Rending (disc related)

    Add crit chance for spells to Group Beastial Alignment or spell reflect

    Make Bite of Asp damage equal to all 3 of our DoT spells combined

    Combine Ravens Claw and Roar of Thunder (even add Gorilla Smash too) or make these a buff to help with less button mashing

    Combine Invigorating Warder and Deadlock jaws in to single spell or AA.

    New Stuff

    Spirit Bite – Adds a lifetap type buff for 30 sec or 1 min. (10 min reuse, then add Hastened AA and duration AAs) With all our healing AA, lifetap type procs can be a good way to survive rampage, AE, or tank. Some of the time when I use Bloodlust I equip 2 lifetap proc weapons for this purpose

    Spirit Balance, allow your endurance and mana pools to combine then balance out, like Divine Arbitration. Give this to all hybrids. Let melee balance endurance and health even. Give shaman/druids/enchanters group versions for mana/endurance pools.
  20. Stubar Augur

    I agree. Necros so jelly. They actually opt to have beastlords casts DoTs over them...cuz debuff blocking us is /rude tbh. We need to chew up all the slots over them....right?