Beastlord (115) pet gear?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Pryssylus, Jan 1, 2021.

  1. Pryssylus Journeyman

    I've been using mage summoned gear for my warder, but am told there's better. Any BL's out there wanna clue me in on what the best (def/aggro) gear for pet is?
  2. Szilent Augur

    Dimensional Warrior suits are popular

    the lux pick is Overlord's Conflagrant
  3. Pryssylus Journeyman

    Thanks Szilent - I made the DW belt and gorget, very nice!

    Also hearing that there's a stiletto weapon that's better than ragesword for aggro, but I don't know the full item name. Little help?
  4. Pryssylus Journeyman

    FYI - the weapon I was looking for is the 'Ethertipped Stilleto' - tough to find via search since it's misspelled.

    Also crafted some of the Overlord's Conflagrant - makes a big difference in pet tanking ability.

    Does anyone know if the focus effects on that gear - ferocity, cleave, etc - have the actual effect when on a pet?
  5. Szilent Augur

    they do
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  6. bobokatt Journeyman

    If it's aggro you are looking for these are pretty good and not lore:
    Blade of Eternal Tempering
    Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 23
    DMG: 100 Dmg Bonus: 30 AC: 75
    STR: +23+8 DEX: +30+10 STA: +26+9 CHA: +23+8 WIS: +20+2 INT: +20+2 AGI: +27+9 HP: +2441 ENDUR: +2348
    SV FIRE: +45 SV DISEASE: +45 SV COLD: +45 SV MAGIC: +45 SV POISON: +45
    Attack: +26 HP Regen: +3 Spell Dmg: 13 Heal Amount: 13
    Required level of 100.
    Effect: Force of Anger VI (Combat, Casting Time: Instant)

    And as Szilent suggested the Conflagrant gear, staying with that, the weapon below is pretty spot on:
    Conflagrant War Sword
    Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 24
    DMG: 158 Dmg Bonus: 30 AC: 172
    Chromatic DMG: 12
    STR: +53+20 DEX: +35+20 STA: +49+21 CHA: +38+22 WIS: +27+17 INT: +19 AGI: +39+21 HP: +4900 ENDUR: +4445
    Attack: +33 HP Regen: +5 Spell Dmg: 22 Heal Amount: 26
    Recommended level of 110. Required level of 106.
    Effect: Spike of Anger (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) as Level 27
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  7. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    Also don't forget that all the ToV Tier 1 group gear is tradable. Obviously you can't give your pet the armor containers, which keeps Conflag as the best there, but all the other items can go on the pet and are great.

    Just make sure you never give your pet a "back" (cloak) item. That's where the hidden Enhanced Minion item goes and can cause your pet to be way weaker than expected.

    Couple of my favorite weapons are the Flowstone Cudgel (knight 1hb - procs a rune) and Ice Mace of the Soother (procs a small DD that reflects a group heal). Obviously the hate weapon can be good but these are other options that people don't normally thing about. Put a pair of rune proc weapons on your pet and it is pretty great.
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  8. Cadman Elder

    Merc gear is pretty nice for pets also, for a butt load of heroics
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  9. Mazame Augur

    When a pet looks at gear he ignores Lore so if an item lore a pet can still use 2 of them.
    Pet also doesn't look at race or class so you can give them any type of gear. This is why most people look at the tank gear for pets.
    Gear must be trade-able for a pet to use it. This is why most people do the mage summon stuff for a cheap path and Conflagrant for the Lux options.

    yes most T1 stuff is trade-able so ToV T1 can be used and > Conflagrant but you have to farm it and with the Conflagrant you can craft what you want with out the having to farm it. Also the lore makes farming multi set a pain vs the Conflagrant.

    3 main stats you want for a pet (AC, HP, Dex)

    My go to weapon for pet tanking is:Conflagrant Bastard sword. 2 reason the rune help for it to take extra hits. and When people have tested Rune aggro vs hate aggro they are very comparable. So to have the extra rune effect vs just hate I go with the rune.
    Conflagrant Bastard Sword
    Slot: Primary
    DMG: 313 Delay: 35 Ratio: 8.94
    Chromatic DMG: 12
    AC:172HP:4825 + 5/tickMANA:4460+ 5/tickEND:4460ATK:33
    STA: 39 + 46STR: 46 + 22WIS: 42 + 19INT: 48 + 21DEX: 51 + 21AGI: 43 + 22CHA: 36 + 19
    Heal Amount: 44
    Spell Dmg: 41
    Clairvoyance: 62
    Proc Effect: Devout Rune (as level 31)
    1: Absorb Damage: 100%, Total: 6400
    Slot 1, type 4: empty
    Required level of 106. Recommended level of 110.
    Class: PAL, SHD
    Tools: Find upgrades Add to wish list
    Quest: Conflagrant Weapons in RoS Tradeskills - Correct drop info, Alla, Magelo

    For gear I go the Overlord's Conflagrant Breastplate set as it has the best AC/ HP/ Dex
    if your not doing a full set and you want aggro the key slots are
    Legs, Face, Belt, Arms
    Ferocity XI
    1: Increase Chance to Double Attack by 18%
    2: Increase Min Hit Damage by 200%
    4: Increase Chance to Triple Attack by 30%
    Cleave VII
    1: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with 1H Blunt by 280%
    2: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with 1H Slash by 280%
    3: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with 2H Blunt by 280%
    4: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with 2H Slash by 280%
    5: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with Backstab by 280%
    6: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with Bash by 280%
    7: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with Flying Kick by 280%
    8: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with Hand to Hand by 280%
    9: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with 2H Pierce by 280%
    10: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with 1H Pierce by 280%
    11: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with Frenzy by 280%
    12: Increase Hit Damage Bonus by 38

    Maniacal Demon Mask (Mob: Mahaha in Eastern Wastes)
    Worn Effect:Echo of Anger IV
    1: Increase Hate Generated by 22%

    Windchill Hide Belt
    Narandi's Cummerbund of Potential
    Inspector's Belt
    Haste: 43%

    For a no farm option on belt you can do the Daily quest in PoK and pick the Haste belt as an option it not as good of stats but it has the haste.

    Now that you put all this effort into making a mean SOB pet Don't die :)
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  10. Pryssylus Journeyman

    Thanks for providing all the terrific info and delectable gear options!! Never woulda thought of a rune proc'ing weapon, let alone reflected group heal, but makes perfect sense. I'll be playing around with all this stuff.
  11. SotoxDrinal New Member

    I prefer Entwined Hammer on pets but don't use BL Hobble AA with hammers
  12. Jennre Band Leader

    Cleave does? Are you sure? Sancus says no.
  13. Szilent Augur

    Ferocity does, the other is stats
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  14. Jennre Band Leader

    Ok, that is what I thought =)
  15. Ezbro Elder

    May I ask if there has been evidence on how good or bad the bst pet is for tanking and dps versus the nec pet and the mage pets? I'd be very interested to see that. Peeps are talking down the bst pet in my guild atm.
  16. Waldagar Augur

    Tanking is made up of 2 parts 1) being able to withstand the damage and 2) being able to hold aggro. Thanks to Darkpaw's questionable spell choices for the BL warder proc, they have compromised #2. You can use older proc spells and improve the situation. #1 is greatly influenced by the EM level you have and how much gear you are willing to put on your pet.

    Assuming all 3 pet classes have the same EM, the mage earth pet is going to excel at #1. Surprisingly, the necro warrior pet excels at #2. If you put all the pets on the same mob, the necro pet will hold aggro over the other pets. the aggro will swap on successful taunts but most of the time the necro pet will have aggro.

    The mage air pet and the BL warder have a very good mix of #1 and #2. Once you add the mage summoned armor to the BL warder it is basically a wash. Aggro swords improve #2 for both pets.

    For the same EM, necro pets require a little more care to keep alive.

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