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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Sancus, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Sancus Augur

    Summary: There are three issues with spells that use the Target type "Beam" (e.g. Beam of Molten Komatiite) relating to how they choose their targets:
    1. Mounts count towards the 12 target limit commonly found on Beam spells.
    2. Monsters that are not in Line of Sight do not take damage, but do count towards the 12 target limit.
    3. In the event there are more than 12 targets in the AE area, Beams select targets that are farther away first. This contributes to the 2nd point being an issue.

    I tested this in my house using 12 "Decorative Dummy: Azia"'s in two rows of six. As a control, I had my Druid (Sancstorm) stand on the opposite side of the 12 dummies and I cast Beam of Molten Komatiite Rk. III. This produced the expected 12 hits, as shown here:


    Next, I had my Druid mount (using the mount "Snow Griffin Saddle" from the mount keyring). Casting Beam of Molten Komatiite produced 11 hits, because the mount counted as a target:


    I then set up three additional Combat Dummies in the opposite room, out of Line of Sight, and left my mounted Druid there as well. You can see both rooms in this screenshot:


    Casting Beam of Molten Komatiite with this setup and Sancus (my Magician) in the same corner produced eight hits. The mount and three dummies that were farther away, outside of line of sight, still counted towards the target limit:


    Credit to Piemastaj for finding these bugs with me.
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  2. Duder Augur

    In some preliminary testing this bug also seemed to effect non-damage beam spells with SK's Stream of Hatred and Enc's Beam of Slumber.
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  3. Taed New Member

    I suspect that the Druid AA conical root (Paralytic Spray) is the same, I haven't tested it in awhile, (and am honestly not all that sure how I could do so without dying...a lot) but the last time (and every time) that I cast it indoors it aggroed the whole zone, which was especially dangerous given that I was at the safe spot in a tiny zone and thus ended up evaccing into about 30 mobs, lol.

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