Bazaar scammers

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  1. suinegEQ Elder

    You're missing the other option you are unaware of. There is more than one macro out there that will adjust prices to what other people are doing and it often puts prices like that. That's a whole bag of worms different than your whining.

    The thing is you keep bringing up laws and other garbage. You are assuming a ton of intent and have a complete lack of awareness and understanding. Stay in your lane which isn't the bazaar in Everquest because that is too complicated for you to handle.
  2. Fell Augur

    It seems reading comprehension is a lost art. My previous post even highlighted the salient factor. I repeat: "formatting a price of 41999p, plus random amounts of gold, silver, and copper, for no other intent than to confuse is a different matter..." You do understand the purpose of a prepositional phrase in a sentence?

    In any case, I'd be curious to hear why, when "what other people are doing" are setting prices ten times higher, your macro chooses not only a lowball price, but one including random amounts of silver and copper. Perhaps you can explain to me -- and the members of the jury -- what the intent of that is, if not to confuse? The defense of, "the macro made me do it, your honor!" doesn't cut much ice.

    We live in a society of laws, and thankfully so. Laws are "garbage" only to scammers, swindlers, and other such social dregs, Now, Halloween approaches: don't you have some candy to steal from children?
  3. suinegEQ Elder

    Yeah okay you actually are a troll. I thought you were just awkward and couldn't interact with humans well.
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  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I will second that this needs to be changed.

    Recently they implemented a change where you could not have a number of the same buy items as well. Basically consumer protection stuff. It's good for everyone.
  5. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Just add commas to the currency display in game and call it a day. This guy spouting about court rulings and fraud litigation is either a 7/10 troll or a 2/10 interwebz lawyer, and he has nothing useful to add to the discussion either way.
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  6. Piznut Angry Gnome

    If you don't think they're being deceptive by pricing something at 4999 when it sells for 49999, then why even call it Shady? You kinda countered your own argument.

    I've never fallen for the scam, but I've seen it a few times and thought it was super sketchy....they're not really breaking any TOS, but it's still douchey.

    I'd call it...scamming within the parameters of the rules.
  7. HoodenShuklak Augur

    It's a straight up scumbag move that needs to be fixed in game. In old EQ there was no confirmation when you dropped an item... anyone else remember this?

    People would ask "can I see that weapon in trade?" and then strafe. Next thing you know your weapon is on the ground and shortly after you realize what happened it's long gone.

    No rules broken but everyone knew it was bad for the game and needed a fix.
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  8. Piznut Angry Gnome

    Oh I agree completely. It's a scumbag move definitely.
  9. Zipe The Healer

    On the AB server I have seen online bazaar bots that increase the price of their items when you browse their wares to get more money from you. A guildie of mine went to buy some Alchemy mats and ended up spending 2 mill plat.
    The real bazaar scammers are the ones that abuse automated programs to do things like this.
  10. Elabone Elder

    Its very difficult to SCAM or commit FRAUD in this game nowadays. Someone not paying attention is not fraud. There used to be a thing on my server back in the day where someone would offer to buy a high value item (like a planar bow) for over 100k, and then put up 100k copper in the trade window. This person successfully did this many many times.

    I find it hard to sympathize with the people who "got scammed" when they are the ones hitting the trade button. The first thing i do when i click anything on barter or bazaar is sort by cost multiple times to make sure i have it from highest to lowest. This game isnt rocket science lol
  11. Biltene Kingslayer

    I mean, we're getting caught up in semantics here, since right after your criticism of me, you basically iterate the same stance. My point in that it isn't deception is that the price offered is the price paid. If you list something for 4999, and pay 4999, you didn't deceive anyone, because what was advertised is what happened. So, yes, it's shady, because we all know why the person is pricing it at that price point, however it's not deception because they're not listing it for 49999, and then only paying 4999.
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  12. ViciousEQ Elder

    I almost bought an item that's not usable until level 65 for 40 krono...

    They were clearly advertising it in a way to suggest it was super valuable, when the reality is it was Grummus quality loot come PoP.

    If I had actually hit trade, that's not a scam, that's me being an idiot.

    Slow down, pay attention, and you'll do just fine. If you don't, just own it and take the're the one to blame.
  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    This is a similar vein of the bazaar scumbagery -- the players are acting bad and there is a solution devs can implement to entirely resolve it (e.g. remove out of era items or send them to players' Claim Windows and lock them until they are in-era).

    In the case of the bazaar players, the devs could make the default list sort by price instead of name. I say this as a player that owns some primo aaxyz names as well.
  14. Fell Augur

    It can be. Had they advertised the item as useable at level 60, or even had they simply been aware of your confusion and profited from it, then it becomes theft by deception. I find it mildly surprising that so many people are ignorant of this rather basic point of law, and even that many in this thread react soviolently when it is pointed out to them ... possibly because they themselves are profiting by such schemes.
  15. Randomized Augur

    Ones ignorance does not lead to deception. If that were the case, everyone would have lawsuits out against everyone. The world is a stupid place.
  16. Karreck Somebody

    The buyer is advertising buying an item at a certain price. If you do not double check the plat amount before selling it to the buyer, that is on you, not the buyer. You agreed to the price when you sold the item.
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The issue lies in selling out of era loot that's literally unusable. Nobody legitimately thinks that is working as intended. Anyone selling it knows that and they're hoping they can dupe someone into buying it.

    Further, they likely know the item isn't going to be worth much when it is usuable since it's likely dropping off lower tier mobs, considering it drops off lower level mobs.
  18. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Wouldn't most people inspect the item to check the stats vs the item they currently have and realize its red (meaning they can't use it)?