Baz price scripts are getting out of hand

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Sindace, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Laronk Augur

    It's a feature that other modern MMOs have, thats why people want it.
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  2. KarmaKitty Augur

    Would be nice, but they will spend code time elsewhere. No doubt about that.
    I'm just happy I can drop off in trader/buyer mode.

    However, while some are being delusional...

    They could write a new independent auction house usable by any of their games. If it was usable across multiple games, perhaps that could justify the cost.

    They would need a way to access character's (shared) bank balance, import items for sale, export items withdrawn from sale, parcel purchases. They would have full control and could ensure secure transfers. They could ignore existing in game limitations like stacking and max price.

    They could nix the existing barter, trader, offline vendor code and the bazaar zone itself.

    No clue if dropping hundreds of offline player vendors helps.

    Perhaps reuse the existing parcel code, item overflow code and guild bank to scrape together some sort of interface for item import/export. Still, there is that hurdle of finding money for the new action house itself.

    Now, you could kill two birds with one stone, if the new auction house: could bank hundreds of items, ignored existing stacking limits, everything stacks and player does not have to place their entire stack up for sale. Bang! all the extra bank space everyone wants to store their TS items and collectibles.

    If course, no "no trade" items. Only 1 lore item could be sold at a time, even if you could have a stack.

    Presents interesting possibilities with the server economies. Pool or isolate them. Maybe import/export cash between games at some specified exchange rate.

    Direct purchase of in game currency with real currency is probably still a bad idea. Keep the Kronos.
    Maybe bundle the loyalty vendor and DB store into same system, but don't mingle plat, loyalty tokens and DB cash.

    oh, evil thought for the day, rare collectibles which are found, usable and can be traded across all games. Not sure how that would work, but It would be fun.

    Just think about it, all your level 114.999 level character needs for 0.1% of the XP needed to go from level 100 to 101 is a single collectible, and the only one available is being sold by some jerk on EQ2 for 33 million plat (15 kronos), which you have banked.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If they are afk playing the bazaar then they are afk farming in Norrath. Just find their source then ban them. The bot traders will take care of themselves.
  4. Zunnoab Augur

    That has a chance of taking out people with mercs/pets etc if they aren't careful. Yes, I know, people aren't technically supposed to afk kill like that, but that's hardly worth punishing them over if it's too wide a net and catches people just working on tradeskills etc.
  5. Laronk Augur

    Some people here on the forums really do think that if a mage is walking thru some grey zone, someone knocks on the door and they get up and don't gate out or /exit that the mage should be banned.
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  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Fortunately, there isn't a GM to catch them doing it.
  7. Laronk Augur

    Yeah, the reality is that you actually have to be reported first and then have a GM that cares enough to come over and catch you actually afk.
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Or maybe they just cast invis? And the problem being here that whenever someone gets caught they will always have miraculously just have gone to answer the door. And how long do people get to afk to answer the door? 2 min? 5 min? 10 min? 20 min?

    From a CS perspective it is a lot easier to avoid having to make a judgement call. But if they sit there for 5 minutes I think its a reasonable amount of time to make a call on it. Sure they could have JUST arrived as the player JUST went to get the door but since the player knows they are around see invis mobs that can engage them they should just get back right away or move to a safe spot. No see invis mobs then invis takes care of the whole thing.
  9. svann Augur

    Well generally grey mobs dont attack. If you are going to go afk just turn off the setting that makes your pet attack stuff that isnt even agroed.
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  10. Whulfgar Augur

    100% agreed..
  11. Laronk Augur

    You're actually making my point, Really in game if i'm farming on my mage I'll actually go take a mid fight if im somewhere where I won't reasonably die. How long would I talk to someone at the door, well if my neighbor came over and said hey I just bought this used fridge help me unload it and bring it up some stairs. You think I am a bad person if I just go help him for 20 minutes and not bother going back to my computer because someone is at the door, I don't say just a sec lol my pixels might be banned if I don't go quit my game quick. I've had my group wipe because I got an oncall call at work and I started doing my job which resulted me not healing my group anymore.

    Really its a non issue to me because someone would have to report me first, its not going to happen to me I don't think I'll actually get banned for the kind of AFK's I take. I'm just saying some *** insert very rude words *** people on the forums think it should be ban worthy. You're all like lol invis or lol grey mobs don't attack. If you're in the newbie garden a skeleton will attack you.

    I also feel like some of you don't have kids or your kids are freakin perfect. I'll be honest, if my daughter comes up to me and needs something I ninja afk even if my mage pet is killing something and it could be a few minutes. I don't tell anyone hey guys I gotta go move my video game guys so they don't accidently kill something.

    I've never had a gm send me the tell and I don't think I will ever have one send me a tell I am commenting on how YOU PEOPLE not the GMs actually think some stuff like this deserves a ban: a mage pet killing a mob in a static place not 6 characters fully automated playing the game without me just a mage pet or a merc killing a mob. I understand its against the rules and I only do it when taking a or talking to my neighbor at the door and I won't get a ban/suspension.

    Anyways back on topic, I think DBG needs to overhaul the bazaar to give us normal players more tools because I don't think they're going to catch all the people using the magic sauce to do it.
  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Well you are probably fine the odds of a gm coming along right when your daughter needs you are pretty small. And I suspect grey stuff won't last long enough for you to get caught doing anything. But if you were really worried fade and invis should handle most situations.

    But I get if someone doesn't want to do that.

    The thing is DBG wants a simple rule to decide things so they don't have to spend a lot of time investigating. That means just some simple afk farming in a dead out of the way zone can get you burned. Is it likely? Probably not but you take that chance. I only personally know of one person suspended for sitting afk and letting mobs attack them.

    I think the haphazard way it gets enforced may be part of the issue. I've had to afk for kids, for my gf, for my pets. In each case I was pulling to a safe spot so there was no issue. If the last 10 seconds of a mob death is when a GM questions if I am afk then my bad I guess. But I think I have a better chance at winning the lottery.

    I am not going to berate anyone for occasionally having to leave a fight mid way and go afk. But likewise if a gm suspended them my answer would be that sucks but those are the rules.
    Otherwise all the afk farmers will suddenly have 10 year olds that skin their knees anytime they get caught afk farming.
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  13. Duder Augur

    Back on topic regarding the bazaar, not afk botting and killing with a pet while your neighbor's kid started a fire while underwater basket weaving in the koi pond and you had to call 911. There are threads about the other stuff, this one is about the bazaar portion of the cheating. ;)
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  14. Vumad Cape Wearer

    How old is this child? Sounds like a savant that we should put together a scholarship for. I mean underwater basket weaving is impressive for a child, but his koi pond conflagration technique is ground breaking. He might grow up to solve the renewable energy problem, and world hunger with the cooked koi.

    Or maybe he's just a mage that left his elemental unattended. On second thought, ban him.
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  15. Cadira Augur

    How about an update from a dev on this? Or do you just not care anymore?
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  16. Duder Augur

    They don't care. I cleaned out my inbox this week and saw the automated responses from 3 years of petitioning specific bazaar bots on Bristlebane. There were hundreds of automated email responses to those petitions. Every single one of those bots is still in operation today. Things like this contribute to why I loathe to play on live. Why I don't keep many of my live accounts active and why I no longer operate a trader account or trader at all. I keep my raid char up to date and raid log only. Can't even farm collects or try and camp augs without running into afk automated groups. The entire BB server is a botting wasteland and a waste of my time to even play on live. Not sure why I still do. A weird sense of obligation to my guild I suppose. Especially with the server performance being poor and the content lacking, the live game is not fun and the cheaters make it even worse. Darkpaw's apathy concerning cheating is disgraceful and I'm surprised that a company with such wide interests such as EG7 would continue to allow any of their titles to allow such cheating to go unchecked. It doesn't serve well for any game company to be known for their lack of rule enforcement regarding rampant cheating. And frankly, of all the online game titles I have played over the past 25 years, Everquest's handling of cheaters, (in the past ~5ish years), is the worst that I have ever seen.
  17. Leerah Augur

    I've spent some time there. What you say is true. I can also tell you that it's not like that on Povar.

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  18. Cideral Lorekeeper

    I heard they sometimes take action against people who autofish-autoforage, is that true? because if it is, it seems pretty innocuous compared to bazaar price bots.
  19. FrozenWater Augur

    The bazaar pricing bots are a basic feature that should be included in any modern MMO. Set your max and set your min vs. set some arbitrary price and hope.

    Stop crying like a baby, and start asking for it to be implemented by the devs so you can use it too without sacrificing your precious moral high ground. Start a petition, I'll sign it. Recognise that variable pricing is something you should have access to too. Play the adult.
  20. Duder Augur

    It's about even playing field. Get off your modern-day-gaming high horse and go play those games then. Automating bazaar bots to undercut other people is malicious towards other's work and as the game stands, offers an unfair advantage. You speak as if cheating and running malicious undercutting scripts that undermine the time and effort of the legitimate player is the adult way to go about this? Stop ruining the game for others and put some time into what you do. Frozenwater, players like who you accept cheating and think that it is justified, for any reason, are the bane of all online games. I don't give a flying hoot what other games do or what modern game auction houses are setup like. The rules of Everquest are unique to Everquest and I play Everquest for it's features. Until they even the playing ground it is cheating. If you do it, please, stop. You make it impossible for the legitimate player to make any money, you are ruining the experience of thousands of players who have played this game for decades for its unique features. If it's too hard for you to play by the rules, please, go play another game. I would rather see the game sunset than allow cheaters like you to run rampant. All games are defined by their rules. That is the defintion of a game. When the rules are no longer enforced, it ceases to be a game. So take your cheating-is-ok mentality and kindly shove it.
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