Basic Warrior guide ( EoK Dwarfed version )

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  1. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.


    Sorry, had to! :(

    To the OP, as Brohg once said on another lul thread:
  2. Wardees New Member

    Awesome stuff here. You are 100% correct. Much more focus should have been on constantly chaining your defensive abilities in group or raid situations.

    This is pretty close to my raid lineup for boss tanking. The only semi significant difference being many events I run dicho + stout + PDH at the start. Then run last stand when dicho fades. This way last stand is still running when PDH fades. ( Keeping things more consistent for healers). Most of the time I will either run last stand once or twice during an event either way but this usually allows me to get another dicho in, and it's nice only having 1m between last stand fading and dicho being up again.

    If you think what brohg does " is essentially a flavor what every good warrior does" you are wrong. At BEST his posts are a distraction. I do understand what he is saying. Since I opened this box....

    "The general plan is to never just be what it says on the label, to always be a bit tougher, by stitching together a rotation of the five minute cooldown things" - This is good except use more than your 5 minute stuff.

    "Dichotomic Shielding (1m duration), Pain Doesn't Hurt (3m duration), Guardian's Bravery (CoA BP)(8ticks), Diplomatic Immunity (Diplomatic Papers)(5 ticks). The first three do stack in highly complementary fashion, and combo with Last Stand, but using them that way sets up a situation where the warrior gets progressively and dramatically more likely to snuff it " - Dicho is not "highly complimentary" with last stand, Diplomatic papers have a max absorb of 50k.....How long is that going to last? So if I combo all these I'm more likely to snuff it?

    "Similarly, I use Hold The Line and Resplendent Glory end-to-end, instead of stacked. Because it doesn't particularly "go" with any other sequence, I use Blood Drinker's Coating in this series as well - that combos nicely with dps boosters, so if I'm not using them some other time, I'll do War Sheol's & Second Spire with Coating." - This is marginal but listed as if it's highly important.

    "I mostly save "the big guns" Fortitude, Last Stand, Warlord's Bravery, Warlord's Tenacity for crises, or for post-res when I need their help to get back up to the resilience that healers are used to pre-res with buffs & such." - I use " the big guns". Crisis averted. I wouldn't consider warlords bravery a big gun as it only lasts like...15 hits? So might as well save that, maybe fort/tenacity. You could potentially be using last stand 3/8 of the time. 3/8 is almost 4/8, which is like almost half the time.....Use this. You can do a lot more with your disc rotations.
  3. Chaosflux Augur

    Where are you getting 3/8 for last stand up time.

    3 minutes with 10 and some change.

    3/10.5 is not "almost" 4/8.

    I wonder about your math and reading comprehension skills, your hand wave st Brohg ' s posts, which were pretty decent, makes me think you may have missed the point he was making.
  4. Wardees New Member

    You're right. Please do the math for me and see what the difference is between me running last stand and brohg using diplomatic papers.....
  5. Chaosflux Augur

    Semantics the dude was clearly listing off every option off the top of his head, the fact he remembered to even add it to the list is impressive.
  6. Wardees New Member

    I'm glad you're impressed. I'm impressed by whoever heals brohg. Please post tanking parses of last stand vs diplomatic papers.
  7. Chaosflux Augur

    I see your going to continue being hostile, so we aren't going to have a reasonable discourse.

    Good day sir.
  8. Wardees New Member

    Feel free to take your ball and go home as the only thing you've added is the difference between using last stand ( best defensive disc, should be a staple of all line ups) and diplomatic papers ( a small gadget you hit when scraping the bottom of the barrel) as "semantics", and insulting my intelligence ( which is at best pointing out the obvious)

    I keep thinking timer for last stand is 8.5m instead of 10.5m. /bonk I am going from memory ( as previously stated), and not interested in looking up abilities for posting purposes ( And I don't need to. Reference p2aa/Makavien thanks guys). I will give 1 more attempt at the math after I dust off my abacus. So I have 3/10.5= .2857. So according to my math that's a potential of 28.5% of the time you can run Last stand. (Rounded down for potential server lag etc). In summary, if your full disc rotation is like a 8 slice pepperoni pizza, last stand could = 2 slices with all the pepperoni on them.

    I don't think I've been hostile with anyone who has had legitimate corrections/additions/questions as I was hoping better/more informed warriors than me would do so. I very much appreciate the opinions of group geared warriors out there grinding like Zalamyr/Corak. I would blast sheex but he's been scouring the forums for so long just to use that meme.... ill let him feel special

    The only point anyone who knows anything agrees with brohg on ( and seem to assume I am unaware of. I should have emphasized this but assumed it was common knowledge, and i overlooked.) is the general idea of chaining discs for the best/ most consistent use of defensive abilities and/or DPS.
  9. Chaosflux Augur

    Going to just quote this incase you missed it on page 2.

    For clarity.
  10. Wardees New Member

    OK I'll humor you with one more.... 3 of these are " same flavors." Can you spot which one is not?

    Triconix- Essentially, my baseline to start any event is PDH + LS. Depending on all other factors, I'll work off this. I also make sure to use my faster refresh abilities first. This will give me the chance to use them more times over the course of a fight. I won't use Tenacity or long refresh abilities (10+ minutes) until later on in my rotation as the odds of them repopping again are slim. However, I may be able to get a short refresh ability to come back up twice or even three times, depending when I use it.

    P2aa - I don't save stuff for crisis moment like Brohg can do, and I start like Triconix with Last Stand and PDH only.

    Wardees- This is pretty close to my raid lineup for boss tanking. The only semi significant difference being many events I run dicho + stout + PDH at the start. Then run last stand when dicho fades

    Brohg- I mostly save "the big guns" Fortitude, Last Stand, Warlord's Bravery, Warlord's Tenacity for crises, or for post-res when I need their help to get back up to the resilience that healers are used to pre-res with buffs & such.

    brohg is technically not wrong. However most of his info is misleading/bad, and only serves as a distraction. I'm sure since he is such an intellectually superior being, once he gets some experience he will be much better than me. ( I don't blame him. He's been a warrior main I'd guess less than 6 months and brags about playing as a PL/box toon.) This thread was originally intended to help new warriors get more out of their toons in group situations as is stated in the title. It morphed into more advanced/raid stuff but that's cool.

    Thought is the enemy of action. I'm about that action boss.
  11. Brohg Augur

    Soo, research is hard. Reading - a chore. For some. I get that, okay. And you're "about that action"… even when it's the same action all over again. But you really should try to keep up with your own trolling. See, when you reacted poorly to being corrected back in January, you went to that same ad hominim attack, back in January. And despite being as irrelevant then as now, it was answered, back in January.

  12. Wardees New Member

    Still true? And you added warrior after I pointed that out lol. You're right though....Teach me the ways of the troll ohh wise one
  13. Chaosflux Augur

    I am going to need more popcorn.
  14. Janakin Augur

    His warrior has been his main for years and years I can attest to that. Adding his warrior to a signature later does not change the validity of his posts.

    Anyway, this post has devolved from a good read to this. I am all for every warrior discussing their strategies and constructive discussion on it. No matter how long we have been playing this class there is always ways to improve!
  15. Wardees New Member

    Yes thread turned into a hot mess. That's nice of you to stick up for your friend even if you need to stretch the truth. Maybe diplomatic papers get a boost on erollisi Mar? I don't know why he would get mask of immortal end on his alt but /shrug probably some high intelligence tanking thing beyond my comprehension. I do do things over and over again. However slightly differently till I find out how to make it work the best way possible. I don't know how we are still debating whether using your best discs is better than not using them. Every warriors advice is similar to triconix, p2aa, mine....Except 1.
  16. Brohg Augur

    Closing in on eighteen years playing. Same .sig on this forum for years. Alt wears Polar Guise of Brilliant Radiance. Keep on iterating, maybe you'll find a way to attempt discrediting me that doesn't make you look petulant and incompetent.
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  17. Wardees New Member

    Ohh your right....Doesn't change anything. Makes your line up even more sad maybe.

    Actually... Apologies to Janakin
  18. Janakin Augur

    Actually Brohg is my arch-enemy since he left my guild! :) Just kidding!

    His main was Brohg his shaman then he switched it to his warrior Szilent who I believe is still his main. Maybe the forum name is causing the confusion.

    What not do do as a warrior which happens to me too often is forget to switch to board and sword from 2-hander when starting a raid night :p
  19. Bigstomp Augur

    The OP's original post had alot of misconceptions/mis-information in it.
    After reading this thread, and correcting things a re-post would be pretty useful.

    He tried to write a huge post to help all warriors, noble idea. After everyone's input it'd be great to post it again yet updated with things learned by all.
  20. Coffee Journeyman

    I thought both posts were informative and appreciate them.