Fixed Internally Bare Necessities Of A Simpler Time (Hoarfrost set) WRU

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Kontra, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Kontra Augur

    Here's what I can report; having run this mission many times both before and after the maintenance patch last Wednesday:

    Before the patch: We were seeing anywhere from 2-8 collectibles per mission (killing all the wolves with the 7 giants, as well as spawning all of Huntsman Grondo's wolf adds)
    After the patch: I have run the mission 6 times, killing all wolves as usual -
    (6x7pets = 42) + (6x12 adds on Grondo = 72) = 114 wolves and not 1 collectible

    I don't need this set myself, as I completed it fairly early, but many of my guildies and friends do, and I believe Master Scavenger is going to be required for a later stage of the evolving earring.
    Please take a look at what changed after the patch when you have a chance, thanks.
    edit to add: A few folks mentioned they HAD seen a drop, but only from Narandi himself, so it's possible something was altered mistakenly.
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  2. Kuaamil Elder

    I've gotten a few from there, but very much more rarely than before. Maybe 1 in 2 missions instead of 4-6 per mission.
  3. Thunderkiks Augur

    I have ran this mission 9 times since the patch and haven't seen one single collectible. Before patch they dropped from the wolves. A guildie got one from Narandi yesterday but that's the only one I know of dropping.
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  4. Kuaamil Elder

    Looking at my logs currently I have gotten 3 after the patch, all from Narandi. This is over the course of maybe 8 or 9 mission runs.
  5. Beltirabelkira Elder

    Did anyone try killing the trash inside the instance?
  6. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    The only thing in the instance is the coldain, unlike the raid instance. Which didn't drop any collects for me.
  7. Koldanar Elder

    5 mission runs and zero drops. Definitely something changed from patch, collectibles were dropping from wolf adds prior to the patch.
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  8. Thunderkiks Augur

    Finally got one after 12 missions since patch. Off Narandi.
  9. Marton Augur

    Some trash mobs in the mission would be great.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    We don't need trash mobs, we need them dropping off the wolves and giants as they did before the patch.
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  11. Moege Augur

    Got the arms collectible from one of the huntsmaster wolves. First one I saw since the patch and I run this 2x a day.
  12. Marton Augur

    That's good too but trash mobs would not hurt :).
  13. Nudia Augur

    We've only seen one since patch - also off Narandi.
  14. Cloud the Third Augur

    Is there any chance of this getting fixed? I have completed every collect except this one and I have my 5th earring done. It is basically what is blocking me from starting 6.
  15. Cloud the Third Augur

    I am being blocked on luclin because of this 1 collect not dropping. I will pay 20 krono for a full set minus britches, ushanka, and smallclothes if someone wants to trade them because it is the only thing stopping me right now!!!!!
  16. Koldanar Elder

    Any comment from the devs on this one? Another 5 missions down and not a single drop.
  17. Cloud the Third Augur

    Can we get an update on how long before this will be fixed? I found someone who will offer me the items I need for 20 krono but if this will be fixed in a few days I don't want to spend that much. If it will be a month of being stuck with nothing left to do in ToV it will be worth paying 20 krono to get it and keep going with the quest.
  18. Kontra Augur

    Save your krono and wait for a fix, imo. The 5th ear isn’t terrible stat wise...but ultimately it’s your krono to do with as you wish!
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I wouldn't expect a fix until the normal patch time next month at the earliest.
  20. Moege Augur

    Killed the raid trash ? desperate times indeed.