Bard/War with Druid

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  1. FunkyMunf New Member

    Honest opinions, should i go bard or warrior to pair with druid. Girlfriend went Mac and I inherited new box. Will prolly switch to bst when luclin drops anyhow but until then, I like dual wielding slashers, and minimal attention to 2nd computer
  2. Ducreux Augur

    Neither are a really good duo with a druid, but of the two warrior is probably better in this era. BST/DRU is a decent combo when luclin hits though. If you want a temporary setup now I'd suggest you try NEC/DRU or MAG/DRU
  3. FunkyMunf New Member

    appreciate the response Ducreux. I understand i'm not going to be Mr. Efficiency so much as what i like to play. Circumstances have changed so i can add a box a not typically a mana driven player, typically a lone wolf type as well
  4. Soon Augur

    WAR/DRU doesn't seem to be good. No CC, no slow, no single pulling ability. I think BRD/DRU is better. 2 charmed pets = OP. I have to agree DRU/NEC is better tho.
  5. Soon Augur

    Actually, ENC/DRU, you can do any group camp with this duo.
  6. Accipiter Old Timer

    I did war/dru and brd/dru. DPS is absymal once you are post-50. The druid gets Superior Healing at 51 but it's still not enough. No mana for the druid to DPS. I'd consider some of the other duo suggestions people have made.
  7. Gremin Augur

    Kinda funny I actually trio warrior bard druid
  8. Mysteweave Lorekeeper

    Warrior and Druid would be better than Bard Druid. Warrior is actually a good combo for a druid, but not as good as say cleric and warrior. Druid pairs up pretty well with most classes really due to buffs and heals. About the only one who really doesn't need us is bards, but they don't need anyone. You'd be better off putting Druid with a mage or a necro because mage necro can heal their own pet and still really want druid heals/help and their pets can tank decently.
  9. Laok Journeyman

    When coming back for Phinny, I made the choice to box bard/druid. A decently geared bard isn't that squishy and a druid has respectable DPS via DOTs. Druid's can port and bards run fast, so travel isn't an issue. Bards can slow and haste, druids can heal and buff. Damage shields are pretty awesome once bards get Rondo. It's a pretty nice combo.
  10. Chuuk Augur

    WAR / DRU is a decent combo if you are just able to pull mobs in less than groups of 3 or so. Druids can root-park as CC, but it's not overly reliably or mana efficient. The problem I see with this combo is that it's a very slow and conservative. You won't be able to DPS much with druid because of lack of mana regen, although PoTG is pretty decent if you have it.

    BRD / DRU is an interesting combo that will rely on charmed pets. Bards have the worst melee DPS and they're much softer than warriors. If you just straight tank and spank with this combo, it's going to take you all night to kill anything. Lack of taunt will be a bit annoying, but if you can keep a pet charmed with the bard and keep the mana song flowing, you should be able to get some solid DPS. This combo gives you much more flexibility too with CC and the ability to single pull.
  11. code-zero Augur

    Bard/Druid are only beaten by Enchanter/Druid. My girlfriend and I have run that duo for years
  12. DariyaVika Augur

    Well, bard could do single pulls and then druid could root rot with bard singing dot songs just out of melee range.
    Pre-45 or so the bard can tank with their slow song as long as they're wearing hp/ac gear. DRuid bombs mob with nukes, then sits down while bard sings mana and health regen songs.

    Once you get to 40 the warrior takes forever to kill anything, and you'll find yourself out of mana frequently because the warrior will take a beating no matter what you do.

    This all changes if you're planning to group a lot. With a couple of dps partners to knock down the mobs, the warrior is a great option to pair with a druid. It's just a terrible duo option.
  13. FunkyMunf New Member

    Thank you all very much. I've decided to drop the ikky warrior option to go bard. plus I can still get a mask that makes him look like a an iksar anyhow. Like i said originally not about efficiency so much as looking how I like and dual wielding and all. plus I will have the two options to pair the beastlord with when luclin comes out either bard or druid, so in the long run bard is the smarter decision for me all around. I know two casters will be strongest, but hopefully I become effective enough on two laptops to be a good groupmate too. See you all on the darkside of the moon
  14. Poydras Augur

    I wouldn't describe bards as squishy at all.
  15. Laok Journeyman

    I save bard mana for CC so I only charm when I have an add. I don't box for efficiency though, I do it when I'm bored and can't find a group lol.
    Keeping aggro off a druid isn't all that hard. I slow/snare, haste/DS, mana/hp regen, and toss in a chant (bard DOT) sometimes, but usually just go for more AC. If I wait till the mob is at 85% or so, I can toss 3 or 4 DOTs on with the druid and not worry about losing aggro. Proccing weapons and augs help too.

    And bards aren't the best mitigators these days, though it is better than it once was, and nowhere near what it originally was, so they can be a real drain on a druid's mana pool if you're fighting anything somewhat challenging. I stick to light blues to my 60 bard for now, at least til my druid gets a big boy heal. He's only 48 and greater healing is like 10% or so per cast, but between chloro and bard regen, fighting light blues is pretty much non stop. I rarely need to heal and the druid's mana isn't an issue.
  16. Taeluuin Entariel Elder

    SK/dru better than War/dru if you wanna box a tank and actually get stuff done.
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