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  1. Bigfan Augur

    This aa is vastly underwhelming.

    Comparing hit counter of 1 for bard and 20 for bl is like a WTF moment.

    Top of it all it works off of only insult line, yes we can cast it if we mem 2 but dps for group is lost not gained.

    Bl and most other synergies work off of spells and abilities they already do on a daily basis..

    Please look into upping the counter from 1 or add it to something like warmarch.. Just make it useful
  2. Bigfan Augur

    While on synergy subject, make rogue one work with selos kick.

    And before the enviable waah...

    I have a bard/bl/rogue/shaman/cleric/warrior.

    Cleric rarely ever need to cast group heal, shaman a min at least before recast shadow, bard just too annoying to work it into a juggle.

    War/rogue/bl I use everything their abilities are up...15sec/30/30.

    Just asking to make it useful.
  3. Zalamyr Augur

    I have to agree. ADPS is supposed to be the bard's realm. Their synergy is dismal compared to many other classes, unless there's something I'm missing about it.
  4. Wizdons Augur

    I dont know what the ADPS is for other classes but bards 1000AAs worth gets you 1kdps to each member triggers the damage... so a max of 6kdps of ADPS when groups can easily push 300-600kdps all day long..

    1000AA for like a 1% gain..

    Ohh how about 1600AA+ for Dot songs we will probably never use..
  5. Tevik Augur

    It's worse than that. It doesn't work on the entire line, only the top end songs in the two nuke lines, Fjilnauk's Insult and Tsaph's Insult. And these two songs are on the same recast timer, so you cannot in fact use both nukes to proc the ability more often.

    It's horribly under-powered compared to some of the ADPS boosts provided by DPS class synergy abilities.

    I already started an issue tracker for this to at minimum open it up to all nukes, but it should probably proc off Selo's Kick instead.
  6. Wizdons Augur

    anyone have actual numbers to what the ADPS is of other classes other than saying other classes are much better? Would probably help to list them all in a bullet format.

    one would think beings bard is the worst personal DPS class aside from Clerics and Shm. they would get the best ADPS ability.
  7. Zalamyr Augur

    A lot of the synergies have effects that I think most of us are too lazy to math out.

    The easiest one to compare it to is the beastlord one, which gives 20 hits of a 6000 damage bonus. That's 120,000 damage per person who is able to use it. Bards give one hit of 9500 per each person able to use it. The beastlord can use his every 30 seconds on an ability that will be in their spam key for dps. The bard has to use a song that bleeds their mana. The bard needs to trigger his synergy 13 times to exceed one beastlord synergy. Been a long time since I dusted off the bard, but I feel like that's at least like a quarter of their mana to insult 13 times. The beastlord, one the other hand, uses a few hundred endurance to keep his synergy going.

    I'm basing this all off of spell data, have not parsed any of it. No clue if there's any weird instrument mods or anything going on to make it better than the spell data would indicate, so somebody would have to chime in on that.
  8. Wizdons Augur

    It is not mod able... its just a flat 9500 damage every 9 seconds if you cast the nuke on refreash. so 1-1.25k dps..
  9. Tevik Augur

    And mathing up the beastlord numbers, if there aren't any strange focus effects that modify them, you'll get 4k dps.
  10. Bigfan Augur

    Yeah, I was just comparing bl one due to their ease of use and lack of downside to use, and how much it actually helps.

    And BL I have, others I am unsure of, even rogue with their 16000 damage 3 counters makes bard one laughable, since it's a combat ability they will just use anyway..

    But we have to illusion to barb/ogre/troll to use slam for rogue one, since sells kick does not trigger..

    Yo devs, get on this.

    I really like the idea working off selos kick, scale it to 3k damage keep the 1 counter, so every 6 sec 3k damage for group, and during 1 min burn 3k every second, would make it not overpowered and quite nice.
  11. fransisco Augur

    bards aren't supposed to be a dps class.
    Besides, with a name like that, might as well not post
  12. Tevik Augur

    This is correct, they're supposed to be an ADPS class, and here you have DPS classes providing more ADPS with similar abilities than what bards provide. Each of these effects triggers on the group, not just the player. Thanks for supporting the point so well.
  13. Bigfan Augur

    I'm allowed whatever name I choose, only reason I post on boards is well, when passed at a stupid discussion on the game makers part.

    So it is a very apt and appropriate username.
  14. Wizdons Augur

    really everyone is a dps class and everyone is a ADPS class..

    problem is Bards are not the best at either.

    Tanks can easily out DPS bards. Ench blow bards out of the water on parses.

    any other hybrid significantly out DPS bards...

    The best of the best DPS classes (Zerk/Rogue/Wizard) provide some crazy ADPS. Classes that at one point where pure DPS now provide meaningful ADPS.

    Were bards used to be like OMG Kings of ADPS and now are nothing and have been stuck in the mud for at least 5-7 years. yea bards have like 500 ADPS things but literally 95% of all of that comes from 1-2 songs/ couple AA / Epic.

    For bards to be kings of ADPS like they once were you would have to overhaul all the songs and bump them up to levels that would more than likely never happen. the % values these need to be increased would be in the 100s and 1000s.. I dont see radical changes coming unfortunately.
  15. Zalamyr Augur

    Good thing this thread is about ADPS, which bards absolutely are supposed to be.
  16. catcattank Elder

    so is it not worth boxing a bard anymore?
  17. Bamboompow Augur

    I dunno.

    Did you think Bards were awesome before this 1st world problem came to light or not?
  18. Bigfan Augur

    Well aren't you uppity.

    This is just part of a long standing issue, and after doing 1k AA you would think there is a reason to use it. But there is not.
  19. Raptour_MT Elder

    I would like for them to make the Bard Insults instant cast so they won't break the Melody, just extend the Cooldown for them to 12-18 secs. Make the Synergy only Fire from Tsaph's so if the Bard has Filjuk's up as well he can't double up the synergy proc. If that is impossible, give them an AA instant nuke that will trigger the synergy. Another option would be to not have Insult's break the melody chain if they do not have a target.

    This would allow the bard to keep his melody intact for his group, provide synergy ADPS and some DPS at the same time and make them a bit more interesting.

    Also, Allow Selo's kick to fire the ranger and rogue Synergies!!
    Oh, and remove the cast time from the Epic Already....!!
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  20. Bigfan Augur

    I kinda love when people come in and, hurr durr bards not dps..

    We are asking for a fix to obviously useless synergy that would be a betterment to the group if it were made useful.

    I don't care about my personal dps, reason why I was annoyed at having to cast insult, then seeing such a dismal return to it..

    Make this ability useful, and pref off selos kick or some other song we use in a melody, pulse/Warmarch/aria/sonata/song of suffering/arcane, yes we can spam cast it but would only be every 3 seconds of so, but spam casting 1 song would be a detriment, so if 1 song fires synergy out of a 7 song twist, you're looking at the same as bl/Ranger/rogue/monk/ etcetera. Just remember warrior one is every 15 seconds. So it is not unheard of.