Bard stuff ideas for next expansion ?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by flash000, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. flash000 Augur

    Just wanted to get a consensus on what ideas bards had for new stuff in next expansion?

    Things i would like to see.

    Song or aa that reduces recast timers on AA abilities of both the bard and group members?

    Song that adds a proc effect that replenishes stam/end to group members based on hit damage leaching strike but instead of for healing hp it heals end

    Can have 2 songs for this one for HP and one for mana?

    We currently have epic FE and QT and chest clicky to help with group dps quested we have rage of rofalen clicker that can increase crits.

    would you want to get another bard item or AA that gives another group dps burst?

    I would like to see a bard song that has a mana cost 110man that is part of the heal song the reason being is with heal focus this could be very useful

    Last id like to see bard get a low level pet AA a shadow man pet "missed note" this is a commandable pet to assist in pulling.

    Upgrade to bard speed seems everyone has caught up to bards by alot.

    High damage self rune effect on a short recast timer only works when not using attack helps also block stun effects while its on ..... this is for pulling bard mitigation is crap for how hard mobs hit these days. We either need this or to have our mitigation moved up to tank class tables.

    We have a few good songs for mitigation and resists but they are tied to very low level rune effects 10 point hits rendering them useless can these please be looked into to have the rune effects removed.
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  2. Axel Lorekeeper

    Epic having no cast time so that I can click it without disrupting melody (very wishful thinking).

    A third AA that's on the same timer as Boastful Bellow / Vainglorious Shout that does the same thing as Boastful Bellow but will give me something to hit in situations where I can't use an AE. (Again, very wishful thinking, bards are in a very good place right now as BB/VS currently stand).

    An AA similar to Warlord's Resurgence that can give us a small amount of HP (like 30k maybe). Nothing too crazy, but something to give us more time between heals if absolutely necessary.

    A purge ability similar to what monks/berzerkers get.

    I like that idea for a proc that will give back HME. Being able to give your group a NET type proc would be pretty cool, especially considering that we don't have that many self-healing type abilities as it is.

    A target AE mezz similar to what monks get. Maybe put this on the same timer as our current PBAE mezz. While I have no problem casting mezz, hitting Shauri's then running into a pack of mobs so that it mezzes most of the pack, I still find it incredibly dangerous if none of the mobs get mezzed when I do that, especially with the high resists of mobs in this expansion. With full RoS raid gear, you won't get 1 rounded if 4 mobs resist the mezz, but for people that aren't fortunate enough to have that kind of gear, you are definitely putting yourself in an extremely risky situation.
  3. Draxton New Member

    An AA or song self only Selo’s with a rune or some large mitigation for pulling.

    Something like a SK’s hateful attraction AA that flings a mob through the air towards you. Instead of an Aggro boost it could calm/charm/mez the mob.

    Maybe something opposite to that that flings a mob away an mez’s and mem blur it. So if you get and add when pulling you can “put him back” without angering more while on the run.
  4. Dhurgan Elder

    Selo to 88 or 90
    Aura that increases coin drop or increased percentage of rare drop.
    Wouldn't mind seeing a new round of instruments.
  5. Aurmoon Augur

    Some ideas that may inspire others:

    1) A song that significantly increases the the likelihood to twincast procs (tank runes, hate procs, DDs, song procs, etc.)

    2) As mentioned above, ability to use epic and other clickies without disrupting melody

    3) A song geared exclusively towards pet classes that increases pet power significantly (either through base damage or additional procs) — note, would be nice if pet classes had the ability to buy AA that let their pets critical off abilities such as Taverno’s Suffering, Talisman of the Sabretooth (SHM), and others

    4) Improvement to Selo’s would be nice. Seems everyone has access to bard speed through mounts

    5) We have the ability to drop our auras in a stationary place. What if we could “bestow aura” on a groupmate so the aura followed them around rather than ourselves?

    6) Painful Memories: Replicates the effects of the last [x] detrimental spells to affect the target.

    7) Unexpected Alliance: Enables your group’s detrimental abilities to count towards the fulminations from your group members’ alliances, regardless of class.

    8) Pending Pain (inspired by above post): An ability that puts a delayed nuke / DoT on the mob. The nuke / DoT will not break mez but will trigger when mez is broken. If the mob is not currently mezzed, it will do damage immediately. Perhaps increase the damage of the nuke the longer the effect lasts.

    9) Pulsing Power: Some sort of damage boost that is augmented the closer the group-mate is to the bard.

    10) Summon immunity: An ability that renders the bard (or perhaps the group) immune to summoning, perhaps as long as the summoning mob is above 90% health.

    11) Similar to how each class got AAs that increased certain spells by 2/4/6/8/10%, I’d like to see AAs that extend the duration of specific song lines by 1 tick (make it cost 200AA each).

    12) Lost Voice: Sacrificial ability similar to SK’s Reaver’s Bargain. Drains 1% mana / endurance every ticket until bars are depleted. During this time, increases the effectiveness of all songs by 200%.

    13) Recovering Voice: Increase mana/end by 10% per tick. During this time, bard can not sing any songs.
  6. Jolav Journeyman

    -insta click epic

    -rally call/solo being able to work if offensive action is taken. doesnt make sense the way it currently is. No fun having to sit there for 30 sec while getting a little mana and end back or rallying another and then it breaks in 6 sec cause they get back into the fight.

    -New instruments would be cool too (stole from Dhurg)
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  7. Ezbro Journeyman

    Many suggest ideas with the microdetails of a technical implementation. This is probably because you have no faith in DBG being able to be creative or take the time to improve the class beyond finetuning of existing songs.
    Fine, but imo, let me think bigger and leave it up to developer's to have fun implementing ideas; Who is THE BARD?

    THE BARD! Everyone who hears the songs and tales of a great bard will be inspired! If THE BARD inspires you, that boon will last within you a long time, and even your short term mood will stick for days remembering those important words touching you to your core!

    THE BARD inspires all comrades with the same song, no matter how they are inclined to attack the monsters in Norrath.

    THE BARD sings a restoring song, and you feel rested no matter in what way you were tired or wounded, mentally or physically.

    THE BARD chooses to sing equal true pain in the ears of the enemies, whether the short panicked feedback burst or the entire painful songs hits the enemy.

    THE BARD sings a song omniprotective layer around all comrades.

    THE BARD naturally thrives with bigger audiences.During big battles, many of THE BARDs songs are in fact improved with the size of the crowds' applause and enthusiasm. Also during battles, many minor songs and short tales are being heard by nearby interested comrades, not only his closest friends. This is due to THE BARDs natural magical voice. The number of small-audience members vary as they drift by THE BARD in the heat of Combat. If THE BARD starts to tell a story, more people normally gather to hear the ending.

    THE BARD spreads the news in the world, from court to court and has the kings ears in many a location, being Norraths messenger and herald. Contrary to common belief, normal gossip and word of mouth is no faster than THE BARD. Speed has always been the mark of a great bard, and only bards can approach unheard of speed of travel. It is ancient magic which runs in their blood. Some say they have seen the bard move at twice ot three times the speed of the fastest Knight's horses. Most people will never witness that, beacuse it's magical and hard to detect or verify. THE BARD is still the true messengers of Norrath. Entire battle outcomes may depend on the messenger. The Kings' sorcerers and alchemists are very aware of this, and will for reasons of self-preservation provide their magical services for THE BARDs' travel as they are able, with imbued items and potions for cross-continent travel.

    The BARD has always impressed crowds with seemingly impossible knife and swordplay, often following a dispute at a cardgame at the inn. Sometimes you just can't sing big songs for the crowds, and need some quieter but equally lethal melee. The bard has it, for the life of a traveller depends at times on this skill when reason will not enter a zealots ear.

    While posessing and quietly utilizing the skills of the scoundrels if need be, THE BARD with his flair and grace and impossible tales and silvertoned voice, is quite the diplomat or influencer. Oftetimes THE BARD turn the tides of combat by persuading enemies to see reason and flee or even join their side of the battle. At the Kings court, persuading the kings to support his cause may provide his friends with added support for his guilds' next encounter. This may come in the form of extra manpower or as relic magic to be opened and set free at the crucial times during a battle agains seemingly impossible odds!

    THE BARD performances has secured him/her a devoted fan base, which if prepared in advance will come to THE BARDs aid in the time of battle, after which they will disperse to their homes, to be called forth at the next call to arms. This can usually only happen after at least one long rest in their beds, looking at their thank you-note from their hero THE BARD before they go to sleep with a smile across their lips.

    While most people of Norrath have created a small wooden flute as a kid, or seen the local minstrel-wannabe manhandle a out-of-tune lute with little success, they all dream of once being able to witness a performance of THE BARD, as told by the local townsmen who has travelled to bigger cities. Even the instruments themselves that THE BARD seemingly effortlessly accompanies his song with, are special. They seem to have a life of their own, interweaving with THE BARDs magical performance. How can one ever forget that? Tales speak of magical instruments that rendered normal weapons inferior, and that the legendary BARDS never even had to draw normal weapons to combat his enemies.

    Raise your glasses, this is to THE BARD!

    What else people?
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  8. Draxton New Member

    My selo’s puts my velocity to 88 already.
  9. Zunnoab Augur

    I've been so bummed by the constant gutting of abilities over the last few years that I'm having trouble of thinking of something, sadly.

    I do like the curing idea brought up in an earlier post. Ever since LoY bards have been quite good at single cures, and I was pleasantly surprised that was continued over the years. One of my bitter comments lately has been about them devastating that ability then giving pathetic AAs to get 1/5th of the functionality back, as seems to be the course lately.

    I like the idea of a bard purify-like ability.
  10. svann Augur

  11. svann Augur

    How about an upgrade to aa selo that makes it as fast as song selo
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  12. Daedly Augur

    I have been kicking the idea of a spell that works like a heal over time or hp regen buff but instead does curing. So what about a CoT (cure over time) song. Maybe when initially cast it removed 24 cure counters, then 6 cure counters every tick with a 12 to 18sec recast?

    Or maybe add it in as a passive AA that augments an existing song line?
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  13. flash000 Augur

    I see alot of people requesting a cure song what if they tagged that in as a line to one of our regen songs ? would you all be ok if this cost us a small bit of mana this would be usefull with heal procs and gear that triggers with a 100 mana cost.. we could use some heal focus then...

    I think i saw a request to have song effects increase by 200% they hard capped it so our songs dont do that they would need to overhaul the bard code.

    I recall they tried to do something when oow came out with over cap on our songs and our regen songs went god mode healing for 10k a tick.
  14. Ezbro Journeyman

    Ok so let's make it easy for the Devs: More Noteworthy Disguise aa's :)
  15. Tucoh Augur

    I use my bard in my box group as my scout, tracker, puller, lock picker etc, and his contribution toward that is so critical to smooth operation that he's definitely the #2 most important character in my team (behind the tank). Anytime he's not there I feel totally naked. Besides that, his combat contribution is relatively high. He improves my group's DPS, regen and tankability (not enough people talk about Rigelon's Reckless Renewal, IMO!) while also does a respectable amount of DPS himself. The addition of boastful bellow / vainglorious was a huge boon to the bard class, and makes him a lot more fun to play.

    However, I've also felt like the bard has lost its way in a few areas since the time I first started playing him back in 2001. My bard's ability to tank and charm has lost all efficacy. His melee DPS and mana regen buffs are thoroughly outclassed by a beastlord's. He is no longer the speed traveling champ. Other player's abilities to do things bard's used to do (mana regen, haste, speed etc) have mudflated over the years and the addition of the bard to a group is no longer a huge game-changer for most.

    So, in my opinion:
    1. Increase the HHE effect of Quicktime from 15% to 33.8% (Beastlord's dicho level)
    2. Change Rallying Call to be more like a beastlord's focused paragon in terms of contribution and recast.
    3. Increase Selo's speed by 5-10%
    4. Increase the charm cap of Voice of Jembel to 110, and add an inherent buff to it, similar to what enchanters get with Transfixer's Command. It used to be that if I wanted to get as much as I could out of my bard, I'd have a charmed mob in many situations. Now the charmed mobs are only available in stupidly easy areas and do so little damage it's just a waste of time.
    5. Add a new self-only song that dramatically increases the hate generated by any action while dramatically increases the defensive abilities of the bard. My main is a warrior but I think group-geared bards should be able to tank for a group in modern content in a pinch and without a massive amount of healing.
    6. Add a new spell similar to Atoning Accelerando that reduces timer by ~2s and doesn't have a hate component and doesn't have a limit: beneficial / Exclude Combat Skills qualifier.
    7. Add Increase Magnification by 115% to Quicktime.
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  16. Dhurgan Elder

    Sorry, I should have been more specific, I meant the AA version. That’s why I said 88 because the song of travel is already at that level and/or 90 as even an upgrade to song of travel.
  17. Starkxx Journeyman

    1) Increase selos speed. Bards are supposed to be the fastest and the VP mount killed that.
    2) An AA mem blur. We have AE mez & lure. The single target blur just sucks. Why not an AE blur?
    3) Endurance regen ability. BB, VS, Dicho relies heavily on endurance. Mana isn't even an issue with bards. Don't understand the mod rod fix as I have not needed to use it once to regain mana.
    4) No cast time on epic so you don't have to stop melody. Love the skipping song update. Is there a chance also for songs that haven't repopped? For example: Quicktime reduces casting times and that breaks melody when song hasn't repopped.
    5) Fix the breaking of melody when using instant clicks or abilities.
    6) Twincast. Why not? Our nukes cost mana & allow us to use the twincast clickie from Xorbb instead of rotting in bank.
    7) Some sort of self AA combat abilities. Thousand blades needs to be updated. I have to admit with the ROS changes to BB & VS, we have moved up a few ranks in dps but that's only when you can AE. Single target we haven't really changed much...
  18. svann Augur

    Mana is used quite a bit for alliance and insults, and yes I do use mod rods.
  19. Niloiv Elder

    I agree with Svann, mana is often my resource that I struggle with the most b/c of Alliance and insults, but endurance was tough at the start of RoS until gear was available. Mod Rod was a welcomed boon.

    Here are some Ideas. Each idea is in a vacuum. Some of these would be bonkers if combined.
    1) I would like to see the bards get an AA a kin to Mod Rod: We can give horns out that when clicked convert health to Endurance.
    2) Instruments that allow focus to go above 3.6 or that add significant time to the song duration, this is more of a flavor thing I suppose, and I do like that I can be lazy now, but I like the idea of bards using instruments.
    3) An activated AA that allows our resist song to go over the cap by 1st: N |2nd: N+X |3rd: N+x*2 amounts
    4) A 20m CD activated AA that converts all beneficial group songs to AoE for 30 sec (this would be nice for guilds that dont have many bards)
    5) Duplicity AA: create a mirror copy of yourself (that you control as a pet) that lasts 30sec and you can set up which songs it casts
    6) Give us 1 skill point into Backstab (we get 1 into meditate, and we are sorta-kinda-almost-not really a rogue/chanter/everything-else hybrid)
    7) An activated AA that would allow the next group buff song to last 10min.
  20. flash000 Augur

    so far issue 1 click items effecting our songs.. make bard click items instant?

    If possible make clickers for missions for bards instant.. we have issues when songs are going and click items jam our song icons grey we need to camp out to unlock it when they wont ungrey.

    DPS / Mitigation issues

    I think one of bards main issues is that we cant help like we used to long ago in a oh crap tanking emergency can this be reevaluated? even caster class enchanter with runes has more tankability than bards.

    suggestion is a self only aa similar to deft dance but with a echo strike back on the mob attacking riposting damage back to mob at 10 20 30 40 50% at different levels have it last for 2 min
    long recast timer.

    This is in line with every other class that has mele even beastlords and berserkers have better mitigation than bards and they came out after bards in eq. I think one of the main frustrations of bards is classes that came out after us were given more attention to give then tools to balance them and keep them relevant.

    Our ADPS roll currently beastlords shaman and wizards even some of the mele classes have group effects that are better than bard adps abilities.

    We had a good nitch ability with the old dicho with being a down time recovery specialist. I think this was great but the current dicho is a joke in comparison could this be changed to a tap like ability based on the damage the group does instead?

    finally run speed needs to be addresses

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