Fixed Internally Bard: selos aa duration

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Svann2, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Our selos aa used to last 5 minutes (with extended ingenuity). Now it only lasts 2.5 minutes. Reported it on beta but never heard from a dev whether it was intended to be shortened by half.
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  2. kono New Member

    I also noticed this when I logged into my bard on Miragul (House of Thule era, level 90).

    Selo's Sonata now simply casts Selo's Accelerando (the level 5 version), which has a base duration of 0:12. Tune extends it by 0:06, and the Sonata AA extends it 2:00, for a total duration of 2:18.

    From the patch notes, I would have expected one of my higher-level Selo's songs to be used, not the level 5 version. Selo's Accelerating Chorus (level 49), for example, has a base duration of 2:30, which would return me to the 4+ minute duration I had from Sonata prior to the patch.

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  3. Gafgarion Elder

    Apparently the AA doesn't recognize Selo's Accelerating Chorus. So now since EoK spell is unavailable on phinny, the duration is effectively halved to 2 mins (down from ~4 mins prior to the patch). Also if you delete Selo's Accelerando (the level 5 song) from your spellbook, the AA won't work at all. Plz fix this asap, as this is absolutely horrible for any progression server.
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  4. Frakius1 New Member

    I learned rank two of the AA and selos stopped working for me, had to figure out I never bought the level 66 spell from lcea, so the AA was broken. And like others have said only lasts 2 minutes 25 seconds for me down from 4 something. Very buggy and why halve the duration?
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  5. Shaoqiang Journeyman

    This change is so bad. Plz fix it
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  6. Gafgarion Elder

    The way to fix this is to either make it recognize Selo's Accelerating Chorus (the 49 Song), which is available on TLP, or make Selo's Accelerato (the lvl 66 Bard song added in EoK, from which the AA now derives its base duration) available on TLP. Reading the AA description, it seems like the former is probably the most logical answer.
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  7. Sengir New Member

    Selo's sonata was just Selo's Accelerating chorus converted to AA. They changed it so the aa can scale with former and future selo's. Original sonata was based on a 2.30m song and as now they are basing it on 18 second songs, they just added a flat +2min duration to the AA, so it will stay roughly the same. But formerly, Sonata was modified by Extended Ingenuity, resulting in around 4 min duration, while the new AA is not, so it stays at 2.3m.

    I honestly think this is just an oversight. I see no point of taking the time to modernize and improve how a old AA works only to halve it's duration for no reason at all.

    If somehow this is intended and someone thought making us click a button every 2 minutes instead of 4m was more balanced then I am really dissapointed.
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  8. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    It certainly seems like this was a mistake. Now it's just a matter of them realizing it and fixing it. There' no need to overly complicate this. Why not restore the original duration and enhanced ingenuity scaling of the AA and make each rank a set %?
  9. Buri Augur

    That's what I thought too, from the patch notes, but I think they put the wrong one in the notes, it's actually Selo's Accelerato, the level 66 song (bought in Lcaneium for some reason) that it uses. I know this because the AA did nothing for me when I logged on last night, and I had to go buy that song before it would work.
  10. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    Yeah that's correct, but this had the unintended side effect of nerfing the AA on TLPs
  11. Sevastopol New Member

    Is this bug gonna be addressed in Friday's patch?
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  12. kono New Member

    For you, yes. You bought Accelerato in Lcaneium because it was introduced in EoK, and my TLP server isn't to that expansion yet.

    So, barring further changes, I'll be using this level 5 song until I'm... 105?

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  13. Buri Augur

    Oh, so it uses Accelerando if you have rk 1 of the AA, but Accelerato if you have rk 2? That would make sense then.
  14. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    Yeah, but that's the level 5 song. Don't forget the lvl 49 song, Selo's Accelerating Chorus. The duration of that song matched the old duration of the AA before the change. It's available on TLPs and the AA should recognize this song as the highest form of selo's memmed on TLPs and last 4 minutes like it originally did
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  15. Gafgarion Elder

    We hope!
  16. Sengir New Member

    Well. Considering that they removed the extended duration of the AE mezz, becuase God forbid 1 of the 2 CC classes can reliably do their job, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  17. Gafgarion Elder

    Yeah, that was another terrible change. Daybreak, you should really consult people in the class before you do this stuff.
  18. bortage spammin lifetaps

    I feel like the AE mez thing is a bug, has anyone in charge commented on it somewhere?
  19. Gafgarion Elder

    Nope. There was a post about it but it got locked and moved real quick
  20. Sengir New Member