Bard/Ranger 2 Box?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Cornelius, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Cornelius New Member

    Hey all,

    Assuming my internet can handle the two box, I was hoping to two box a ranger/bard combo. I understand that they are both hybrids, but with the mercs (I'm thinking a healy/tank, or two tanks) I could just dps them down with a ranger and use my bard to keep my ranger going.

    Thoughts? I was looking around the Hybrid section and can't really find anything about boxing the two. Anything I should keep in mind? I understand the first half of the game will be relatively easy, but what about the combo mid/late game?
  2. Quatr Augur

    It's a respectable duo, which will need a merc tank and a merc healer to function later on. With the Bard pulling/slowing/hasting and the Ranger DPSing/snaring you will have all the bases covered, including tracking and crowd control. The tank merc will likely be the weakest link in the chain, but it should be workable.
  3. Cornelius New Member

    Would an Enchanter be more use for the ranger?

    There is a pet, better (i think) charms, hastes, mana buffs and some DD in case I need it.
  4. malfurionn Elder

    Bard will be able to get you to 225% haste and other things later on with songs and they are pretty easy to box alongside anything, now if it were me i'd probably pick a shammy or a mage (but dont get me wrong, bard would be a solid choice too) shammy for slows and buffs and healing where needed (always nice to have some spot healing if the merc is slacking which they do sometimes) mage so that later on the pet can take over the tanking and they are also pretty easy to box plus i hate having to depend upon a tank merc, with the right AA's and pet focus a mage pet will beat a tank merc any day (hell sometimes they are better than player tanks lol)

    In the end its really up to you though can only give ya opinions lol, have fun with whatever you go with :)
  5. Quatr Augur

    Yeah, you will lose the overhaste (haste v3) if you drop the Bard, but gain more mana regeneration. Also, casters tend to be easier to box than melee because you don't have to worry about positioning -- a boxed Bard will lose some melee DPS every once in a while, but an Enchanter won't. On the other hand, you need to push buttons to nuke on the Enchanter while the Bard is "fire and forget" as long as the mob stays in the same place.

    As far as charming goes, it will be challenging to handle a charmed pet while boxing. Even if you find that you can do it, will it be enjoyable?
  6. Gladare Augur

    I find it enjoyable. Makes things less boring.
  7. Opttimus New Member

    Enchanter/ ranger is a great combo because of charm and snare. It also rocks the ranger getting best haste in game and mana regen.
  8. Ben H New Member

    I am boxing a ench / bst / ranger and was surprised how much utility the enchanter has. Having C and haste is so nice and the debuffs from the chanter make a huge difference. I have 2 macros set up for normal combat, so the ench is fairly low maintenance. I haven't played a bard but will definitely recommend the chanter. Keep in mind my guys are all around level 60.
  9. Mysl Augur

    Either Ranger/Bard or Ranger/Enchanter will be a good combo. I personally like the ranger/bard combo. When things go south and does not look like you can recover, have the bard fade, runs away, and comes back to use the merc to rez. :)
  10. malfurionn Elder

    Also, if your quick, you can fade the ranger too higher up and have both ready to go after mercs are back up

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