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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Touel, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Touel New Member

    I'm wanting to build up a Bard due to their group buffing abilities, but I'm reading that it's gonna be slow as hell without a box for the 1-100 grind up before I will have anyone to group with.

    What class would make for the fastest leveling partner for a Bard? I was thinking a high dmg class like Beastlord, Monk, Necro, maybe Ench? But I don't know how those play at any higher levels.

    TY for your opinions! I can't depend on finding groups leveling so just Bard + 1 other, 1 premium merc and 1 free acct merc only.
  2. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    Bard, Shaman
    Bard, Beast
    Bard, Ranger
    Bard, (plate class tank)
    when I would duo, these were the people I would group with.

    But we are not a buffing class, we are ADPS...
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  3. JimBob Elder Lorekeeper

    Mage. Does decent damage, comes with a pet tank, doesn't need much gear, and can just stand there and cast on the mob you are killing.
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  4. Zunar Augur

    As a bst who boxes a bard, I have to say it's an amazing combo.
    However, there are times when you reach the end game when a pet tank just isn't enough. Like for group missions etc.
    I'd go with a sk tbh.
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  5. Broozer Elder

    A pet class could be nice given that the caster offers offense that can be boosted by bard songs and the pet's offensive capacity can benefit too.
  6. Cuuthbert Augur

    If you are only doing the 2 toons, I would suggest Bard with SK or Paladin - Tanks that can heal themselves along with a good healer merc you can get stuff done
  7. Zaltan Journeyman

    Bard / Warr as the damage warriors can do in duel wield is great and you get a tank instead of a pet.

    Or if you are just farming like named and bits bst/bard. This way if you use a dps merc as well your adps for melee is huge.

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