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  1. Hingabe Augur

    I never really toyed around with figuring out which of our burnables stack well. Should I spread them out or dump them all at once during a named fight? I usually box bard main with mage and necro boxes, and very rarely ever raid. If a few of them block/over ride benificial portions of others, id prefer to spread them out to maximize the efficiency. But if its better to just full out burn them all at once, then thats cool too.
  2. Zahrym Augur

    I can't think of anything that doesn't stack from bards personally.

    You can do both swarm pets + DoB + Thousand Blades + FE + QT + Epic + Chest and not overlap anything, the only things that don't stack are melee/spell spire + BP.

    QT's ATK buff is good even if used at the same time as RF or other superior HH effects. You can even use the glyph that's 20% base damage or whatever.
  3. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    MAG/BRD disc stacking, 15 minutes: (no clickies/glyphs etc)


    From what little I know about NEC discs, there should not be stacking issues.

    Bard 2nd spire is probably slightly better than 3rd with MAG + NEC, both are very small DPS increases. If MAG and/or NEC are using Glyph of the Cataclysm/Intensity of the Resolute, you could potentially hold off on Fierce Eye, but they still get +10% crit nuke & dot chance which is helpful.

    One cool thing about BRD+MAG is that you can sustain 15 pets on a mob for ~3.5 minutes, so they can use Salvo of Many (definitely want to be playing Gosik's Aria in this situation). MAG/NEC personal discs are better than Aria (43% spell damage bonus). There are no real "stacking" issues though, so you don't have to change anything.

    Disc stacking becomes more interesting when you add DRU & ENC to the mix. IoG should be first, followed by Black Wolf + FE, and reuse FE whenever it's up until IoG is up again.

    Synergies at play -
    - Dirge belongs with melee discs (Quick Time, Frenzied Burnout, Thousand Blades, Dance of Blades)
    - Quick Time (chance to hit) belongs with pet discs (Frenzied Burnout / mage robe clickies)
    - Fire Core belongs with a crit nuke mod (Fierce Eye) and as much crit nuke chance as you can muster (Bard Epic + FE + Mage 1st Spire = 79% crit chance). Vapor Core is an alternative (Vapor Core + Elemental Union in this case, to reach 100% crit chance). Vapor Core might be a better choice, I'm not sure.

    The initial question, "should I burn all at once or spread things out" - I much prefer to use burns together, for the synergy. This would definitely cause named to explode so I would make sure I could pull a lot fairly quickly before doing this. There are lots of people who prefer spacing discs out to have something up always, which is fine. I recommend using FE and epic whenever they're up, though, because the reuse is so fast.
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  4. Ravengloome Augur

    Awesome post.

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