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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by ARCHIVED--Cantar-, May 6, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-aanita Guest

    1) group Dance of the blade
    2) MGB, that just affects 1 song per use
    3) Group Fade, since most class already have fade like abilities
    4) an AA that if you equip an instrument that matches the song type it doubles the effect of a song - Maestro final symphony
    5) beatiful ballad - AA snare - mob slows down to listen to it
    6) new levels of the spires
    7) more levels of twincast
    8) an aa that debuffs a specific thing magic/cold/fire/disease/poison
    9) AA that enhances procs... add more damage to them or an effect
    10) aa verison of Jonthan's Mightful Caretaker
    11) aa that puts up a shield that absorbs either melee or spell damage for group
    12) aa that pumps out mana for a short duration... like 60 seconds or so of mana, could burn the bards mana or endurance. 500 points of the bards mana/endurance transfers 100 point to group
    more later as I think on this....
  2. ARCHIVED-migrax Guest

    I know what I'd like to see: an AA that lets you pulse a memorized song for 1 tick that does not interrupt your current melody. Usefull for pulling, in that you keep your current melody playing and send out a Bellow or snare os some such. Could also use it for a quick stun to interrupt a spellcaster.

  3. ARCHIVED-Jyve Guest

    migrax wrote:
    Not sure what you mean, that's what the Bellow AA does already.
  4. ARCHIVED-migrax Guest

    Jyve wrote:
    Let me give you an example:
    I am fighting a Harpy in Blackfeather Roost and am playing my /melody 1,2,3,4 and another harpy decides she would like to hwlp ou the first harpy,,, wih the passive AA I am describing I could click "Song of Highsun" which basically sends the add back to it's spawnpoint and wipes it's memory. All at the same time the /melody 1,2,3,4 continues on without interruption. Clicking the Song of Highsun would normally stop the song and I would have to again click Song of Highsun to get it ti play, thus interrupting /melody 1,2,3,4. It would only have to be a single pulse of Song of Highsun to do the trick,

  5. ARCHIVED--Cantar- Guest

    migrax wrote:
    1) That's the idea behind the Bellow Tools
    2) Song of Highsun does not memblur its target
  6. ARCHIVED-Superposter Guest

    a aa that is similar to warriors shield specialist line that will let bard do similar dps as DW but while using a instrument. then create more "interesting" instruments in the group game and raid. this could give you a direction to take the class and make instruments more important. could call it instrument specialist or something.
  7. ARCHIVED-Melodion_1018_STILL Guest

    An absolute ban on any more activated AA. The number is now ridiculous, running out of alt/ctrl/shift combinations already, just a pita.
  8. ARCHIVED-Jerus Guest

    You can always stop using old ones or not use new ones. Hard to have the class grow and gain new fun things without having any be activatable. What are they going to give passive that makes the class more fun to play?
  9. ARCHIVED-burdsjm Guest

    I don't know if this has been requested or not but, how about a good slow/debuff aa instant cast. It could be added to our bellow hotkeys and it's useful.

    I also would like to see more of an improvement on instrument aa's over the cap. I love having an insturment equipped. The focus on the current VOA ones needs to be increased to show no loss from not dual weilding and increase song ticks out by 2 ticks not one. AC needs to be increased to at least Raid weapon level too :)

    Oh and the drake aa looks stupid with insturments in it's mouth. Please remove that and add Levi. The drake does have wings afterall.
  10. ARCHIVED-burdsjm Guest

    oh double aura aa would rock.

    Would allow me to click my circle of power clickies without having to drop the current aura. Or even add a defensive aura to our mix.

    2 aura = awesome :)
  11. ARCHIVED-Jerus Guest

    burdsjm wrote:
    Totally included on my list just wanted to post that it's been said before that it won't ever happen. Coding issues make the cleric/enc versions very buggy and they don't really want to spread that.
  12. ARCHIVED-aanita Guest

    1) how about an AA that lasts about 2mins or less that pumps out amounts of mana similar to Lively Crescendo at every tick. 10 min refresh on it (named crescendo of mana)
    2) how about an AA that does Jonthan's Mightful Caretaker for the group or just the bard.
    3) An AA that does Damage shield on the whole group, instead of bladed song improvments.
    4) an AA that does procs similar to suffering or arcane lasts 2 minutes
    4) GROUP FADE........=), tons of classes has fade now...why not let the bards have a group one finally.
    I will post on TCH when i get access...

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