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  1. unclejunk New Member

    i am trying to do the berzerker 1.5 prequest and i am on the last mob broken skull armsmaster i have to take off my weapon to not kill it to fast because i need an emote and to use warcry after emote but i keep procing banestrike for 12000 damage and killing the mob. it has happened 2 times now and i have been waiting for it to respawn for over 24 hours now this should be fixed and i am told that the 1.5 and 2.0 are just as bad for a lvl 100+ to do the quests due to damage output and low mob hp
  2. moogs Augur

    Unfortunately Banestrike was made to trigger automatically. I don't think that you can Enable/Disable the ability like you can with some other AAs, but this should be considered by the developers.

    Can you gain aggro and then turn off auto attack?
  3. Rickate Augur

    The work around is that the Berserker does not have to damage the mob, use an alt, friend or someone you bribed from ;general to slowly bring it's health down.
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  4. kizant Augur

    Or just pull a bunch of mobs and target something else until banestrike goes off.
  5. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Better yet, fix banestrike or remove it from the game. Horrible decision to make it autocast damage without any control on every character. Horrible.
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  6. Thraxin Goodbrew New Member

    Removing it is a terrible idea but it could be easily fixed with the ability to toggle it on and off... This mechanic is already in place and should be easy to implement for Banestrike.
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  7. Dahaman Augur

    At level 100+, you might try using a damage shield and not attacking at all.
  8. Anlak New Member

    i gave up on 1,5 epic prequest (same reason as above though i was 110 , 15k aa so 1 rounded mob on reposte with bare hands ) , and just did the 1,0 , 1,5 2,0 the normal way
  9. Grig-zek New Member

    You think this is bad, wait until you try to do the ranger epics which require you to damage low-50s and 60s level mobs just enough to snare or capture them in nets that you tradeskill. Nothing like unequipping all weapons, dropping all damage shields, and ducking down backwards to avoid trying to kill these mobs only to have banestrike fire and drop them dead.

    Then you get to wait 2 hours until they respawn and try again. Most frustrating epic I've done and I've done a few.
  10. kramer2202 Elder

    Does using a shroud work for these epic parts you guys are working on? That way you can shroud down to a level that is more appropriate for those kills, it may help avoid the issues you are having
  11. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Removing it is not a terrible idea if keeping it means doing uncontrolled damage to mobs. The change made no sense at the time and still doesn't. No reason for the change, and many reasons not to change it. It's basically like giving every character a wild, random, uncontrollable damaging aura. WHY?!

    My point is that I would much rather it be removed than have an uncontrollable random attack. I wish the AAs for Banestrike weren't auto-granted and I wish I could "unpick" the AA.
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  12. Grig-zek New Member

    It wouldn't for the ranger parts I was describing because then you wouldn't be able to wield the nets you make to snare the mobs. I believe someone on Alla's also made that suggestion and the reply to it at that time was that the epic mobs wouldn't spawn if it's not the ranger as himself entering the zone.

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