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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Veteran_BetaTester, Apr 17, 2022.

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  1. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    When accounts get terminated for cheating, ban them from these forums.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    They already do that as an account suspension/ban prevents them from logging in at all which includes the forums. It is one of the reasons why we see a bunch of new accounts every time there is a ban wave as those impacted created new accounts in order to post.
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  3. ClosedSource Lorekeeper

    Yeah this forum isn't exactly a popular medium to talk over in 2022 and most of it is just people making inane TLP @DEV threads and other garbage so don't discount everyone that doesn't spend every day here making an average of 75 posts a day .... like you.
  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    What does any of that have to do with accounts that get suspended/banned not being able to log into the forums?
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  5. ClosedSource Lorekeeper

    I replied to the second part only because the first part you covered and then you made up the second half out of whole cloth. You can tell that I was only replying to that part because I only quoted that part. Are you aware of how forums work and the quote feature? This is why people often have no posts or a small amount of posts here, people like you attack them without reading everything in context because you are the gatekeeper of why people post or don't post here.
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  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Yes, I am fully aware of how forums work but that doesn't mean you can cherry pick parts of a post to quote and expect people to follow along.

    You are missing the entire point of that section of my post which is people are making new accounts to come to the forums and complain because their normal accounts can no longer log into the forums and make a post. If those players were still able to post on their normal accounts they would likely not be making the new accounts to post. It is very telling when these new accounts pop up in numbers after a suspension/ban wave hits.
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  7. Cicelee Augur

    I have always felt that The Veterans Lounge should require a minimum of like 25 posts in Newbie section or class sections or elsewhere before you can post in Veterans Lounge. And those 25 posts a moderator has to deem as worthwhile and/or contributing to a EQ topic, to prevent someone from starting a new account and making 25 one word posts just to hit the 25 minimum (or whatever number is deemed fit)...
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  8. ClosedSource Lorekeeper

    And like I said when I quoted a very specific portion and then made a direct rebuttal to your blanket statement that isn't necessarily true.

    Not every new forum user that you automatically agree with is some cheater that was banned. It's a trite excuse brought out every single time that Waring doesn't agree with a person that it must be a cheater on a fresh new account. Some people just hate posting here with the gatekeepers and when there is a suspension/ban wave there are often topics talked about that people have strong opinions on that are not banned. Your assumptions are just that, assumptions.

    I know it's been a long time for you to not be doing 75+ posts a day but every single forum account, even if the game account is 10+ years old, cannot be seen until their first post or two is approved by moderation staff. You aren't getting banned, spinning up a new account, and being seen the same day or sometimes even the same week.
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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And as I said people are not obligated to respond only to the portions of a post that you cherry pick for a thread. Also it seems you are just looking to twist my words for some purpose as I never said every new poster is a cheater that is making a new account in order to post. I just said that the people who get suspended/banned just make new accounts to post when their main accounts can't post because of the suspension/ban.

    Also what evidence do you have for people needing to get moderator approval for new accounts to post? I have seen nothing like that ever suggested or hinted at by new posters and I see no reason why we would not see complaints if that was really the case.
  10. tanith Augur

    some folk would find someone to argue with in an empty room.....
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  11. ClosedSource Lorekeeper

    I've posted on a new account before in fact this one, that's my evidence ... It's not a problem it's just the reality of how this current forum system works. It's really the case that your posts will not be seen by anyone else until you are enabled to post freely. You can make 100 posts and they won't be seen by anyone else and when they approve you to post all of a sudden they will show up in the exact spot you posted them in.

    I ran a very large MMO forum so I know how good of an idea that is. It's not a complaint just the reality that is new posters on this forum.
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  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I have also heard reports of people with established accounts getting that message as well. That isn't a "new account" thing that is happening and if it was something that was widespread why is no one talking about it and we still see plenty of new account posts on weekends when the moderators are not working?

    Just because you ran another forum and it was done on that doesn't mean that Daybreak is doing it with the EQ forums.
  13. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    Yes, we should keep these forums clear of anyone with an opinion that doesn't line up with the vocal 10 or so who regularly post here.
  14. xcitng Augur

    i put a post in the bug forum and waring harassed me so much trying to make me do what he wanted me to do i was sorry i even posted there
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  15. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    If you enjoy self righteous keyboard warriors who will argue with anything and dip in to the thesaurus for every post this is the forum for you.
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  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You mean posting what you considered a bug with no details that would allow anyone else to attempt to reproduce it?
  17. ClosedSource Lorekeeper

    You are completely obtuse aren't you. Insufferable.

    I didn't say that I did it that way, I said since I have expertise in this forum software that I can see why they would do it. It's done on a significant amount of forums. I was establishing rapport and expertise so that you would understand that I can notice how their system works since it's on a software platform that I am intimately familiar with.

    You previously said you had never heard of it. I then posted no message or screenshot just that I know for a fact that your posts are not automatic until your account is approved. You now all of a sudden "heard reports" of a message?

    Accounts stay "new" until they hit a specific post count. So somebody posts in 2018 once and their account is approved to be public posting and they post Saturday the day after a ban wave it's going to show them as a new user. For someone that spends their every waking hour here on this forum you don't understand the software and how they have their accounts set up at all. I stand by saying you're insufferable even though I know you're the exact person that reports a post for moderation so I'm going to get a warning for it. I can handle the single warning.
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  18. MyShadower New Member Adjacent

    Ooooh, make a cheater registry too so you can track their other accounts. Anyone on it is not allowed within 3 zones of a newbie area.
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  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Obtuse? You are suggesting that because someone does something on a different forum they could also do it here? I am simply stating that if they had something like that in place for new accounts it would be be more well known as new users would likely ask about it. Also they would likely have it documented on the forums so that new users could see what is happening and understand why. I see no reason why they would moderate new users like that with no explanation about what was happening or why.

    I am not judging why someone's account says they are a new member or not, just stating simple fact that there are users who create new accounts to come post after a suspension/ban wave prevents their main account from posting. What is so complicated about existing users creating new accounts to post when their existing account can't post for whatever reason?
  20. xcitng Augur

    no waring, i meant there was enough in there for a dev to know what i was saying, and the dev could ask for more if it was needed ... it was not your place to constantly harass me about doing what you felt i needed to do, once would have been enough
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