Balance of Power

Discussion in 'Zones and Quest Discussion' started by Stephsanity, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Stephsanity Elder

    Can get task but won't let you zone in says perhaps if you had a reason to come here.
  2. Absor Developer

    Well, that took a while. You can now get into the mission. I will work on making sure you can complete it.
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  3. Absor Developer

    Well, you can enter, but I don't think the mission can be done. I will try to get it working before I leave today.
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  4. Stephsanity Elder

    Beat it got chest but no update to finish task or the 5 named. Will try again when ya complete this.
  5. Absor Developer

    May be a while... don't bother until I let you know that I'm done fiddling.
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  6. Xorsazis Elder

    Didn't see this until after we completed the mission, but can confirm that the same thing happened for my group as mentioned above.
  7. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    Has there been any progress to fixing this mission?
  8. Absor Developer

    Still fiddling with it. Maybe by the end of the day.
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  9. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    Also, The Zone connection says "Chardok" but it takes place in Gorowyn.

  10. Absor Developer

    Should work now? I hope.
  11. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    Will test it within the hour
  12. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    The mission is working properly. all updates accounted for. chests are still empty which was expected
  13. Nniki Augur

    Lots of loot!

  14. Axxius Augur

    This mission is ridiculously easy now. Especially compared to the one that's required to get it (End of Empire). You just walk from place to place and kill some trash and some bosses that are no different from trash.
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