Duplicate Bags are Shown Behind Inventory Window

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Koshk, May 21, 2023.

  1. Koshk Augur

    The Inventory window is taking priority and staying "on top" of bags. This can give the impression that a bag is not actually opening when you click on it. When in fact, it's just hidden behind the Inventory window.

    On the bright side, no more bag flicker today! :)
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  2. Emilari UI Designer

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  3. dreadlord Augur

    Not sure whether that means the inventory must always be on top forever, or just during this transitional period?
    I'm finding it very difficult to play like this - will have to completely somehow change things around if it is going to stay (keep bags/notes open instead of inventory maybe, nope that doesn't work... no clue!) - already caused major problems as i couldn't see what i was typing
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  4. Emilari UI Designer

    So, right now, there are 2 different UI engines, the old SUITE engine, and the new Gameface engine.

    The windows they have ported over to the Gameface engine (as of now, Inventory, Quantity, Selector, and Story) will always display on top of windows that are still part of the SUITE engine.

    Essentially, the UI as a whole is a two-layer cake, with portions on the top and the bottom. The stuff on top layer will always display on top of the stuff that is still on the bottom layer.

    It will be less noticeable as they port over more windows through the year, and the problem will disappear entirely when they retire the SUITE engine and the UI is all back on one layer.
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  5. Estalia Journeyman

    They should have included bags and the map in the first things they ported over. This is a horrible way to improve the game. Closing the inventory to see what is in the inventory is stupid. Why not delay stuff till it is actually ready to go rather than making your paying customers do the beta testing with a worse experience?
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  6. Scila Augur

    Going to agree with Estalia on this one, like should stay with like meaning bags are part of the Inventory UI and once the bag portion was completed, it should have been ported over. Similarly the /baz /bar windows and bags should also be linked together and ported together or the same thing will happen. While I realize that may be illogical to some, it does take a certain type of bags to run the traders and linking those would be simpler than the large amount of inventory bags available.

    Linking Inventory window to "type = bag" for a change implementation = logic.
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  7. rudiny New Member

    Just wanted to bump this to the top as the bags should not be under the inventory window. We need a fix for this!
  8. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    yea this inventory blows lol. Make it bigger then all your bags that were close to the older one go behind the inv just annoying. Again what do they use Test for?
  9. EQ Dev Developer