Bag disappeared into the shop floor

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    Category: Other
    Date/Time: Sat Dec 16 13:29:50 2023

    Character: Level 121 Ranger (Main)
    Zone: Thuliasaur Island
    Location: 1844.58, -1144.15, 135.05, 456.52

    Description: Category: Other [Can Repro] Date/Time: Sat Dec 16 13:27:35 2023 Character: Level 121 Ranger (Main) Zone: Thuliasaur Island Location: 1844.58, -1144.15, 135.05, 11.72 Description: I laid down a extraplanar trade satchel filled with tradeskill items by the the Thaell Ew shopkeeper in Thuliasaur Island. The satchel melted into the floor and is not recoverable. I laid the satchel dow to free up a slot so that I could do the combine for a quest. Now I have lost several hundred diamonds and blue diamonds as well as 30 other items needed for tradeskills. I duplicated this with the Tracker's Water Extractor after I was done with it.
  2. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Back in the early days people would lose bags due to the npc shopkeeper taking it. The npc would even say how lucky he was to find free goodies. IDK if they are still coded to do that.
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  3. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Have always been to scared to set anything on the ground or floor in this game. Like was said above the NPC and the mobs will pick stuff up.

    Here is what I do when needing to do combines and need a free space. Pick up the bag that is less important and hand it to your merc but do NOT click trade. It will stay in that position while you put the other container in your slot and add the items to make the combine. When done with combine then clear out a slot and click cancel on the merc trade.

    I did make the mistake of doing this in busy POK one day and accidentally targeted someone who was running between my merc and I, but luckily they ran out of range so it cancelled anyway. Whew!
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  4. Iuwene Augur

    Before there were shared bank slots, dropping something to the ground was used to transfer items to another toon on same account..
    Today I wouldn't dare to drop anything that I want to keep.

    It is always wise to have an open main slot. I usually have a TS container in it that I can put into a bag when I need the slot.
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  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I do this with pets, familiars and other NPCs.