Bacon Soda recipe - info needed

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Nightops, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Nightops Augur

    I'm looking for insight into this recipe.

    I have the lucky charm and have been using it to open up the chests in the mission 'time for a change'. I have opened up about 36+ chests so far (2 per request) and I have not seen 1 recipe scroll for the bacon soda. Most of the open chests have been at the first house, but I have opened some in each of the other 5 locations. I have completed the task a couple times and still seem to get the random results.

    On a side note, I've only seen 2 chests which contain the bacon soda item (1 each), compared with over 60 cured bacon.

    An older post suggested putting the lucky charm into the shared bank and letting your alts run into the mission and open the chests. Unfortunately, this no longer works and the reuse timer on the lucky charm follows the item.

    Is this just bad luck or is there something that I am missing?
  2. Ranonman Elder

    Definitely bad luck. Also, get more lucky charms - so you can open more chests per mission!
  3. Cavall Journeyman

    It took me 10 days of popping 6 chests a day to get all 3 recipes. They are simply uncommon/rare drops. In this time I saw 4 Cured Bacon recipes, but only 1 Bacon Soda recipe and 1 Chocolate Bacon recipe.

    As for the Shared Bank thing, you're supposed to use alts to get extra Lucky Charms, then shared bank them all to one toon and use each on a different chest. The charms are not lore, and they do not share re-use timers with each other, allowing one toon to sweep them all. Also, you don't need to finish the task. Just request, enter, open chests, /kickplayers task.
  4. adetia Augur

    For what its worth, the only reason to do these is just for the sake of completion if that matters to you, they do not count towards your post 300 gains.

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