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  1. Shanarias Augur

    So I came back to Everquest after being gone for 10 or 11 years, and MAN has it changed! I was able to recover most of my toons with a Silver account, and my highest level toon is a lvl 39 Cleric. I have mostly just been cruising around to get used to the new stuff. West Freeport is totally different, and NO ONE was in the EC tunnel! LOL

    I started another Human cleric with this name, and will be working it mostly. so far I have not twinked it a bit. Wish me luck, fellow adventurers. After retiring and moving to Florida, maybe now I can play a bit more frequently.
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  2. Shanarias Augur

    Oh, BTW, I am on Xegony.
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  3. Heploc New Member

    Welcome back. Hope you hook up with nice people on X and have some cool adventures
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  4. xxGriff Augur

    "Everything on me for sale at second torch..." lulz
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  5. Scorrpio Augur

    Freeport is.... bad. I mean, it used to feel like a medieval town, with houses and little streets - about same as Qeynos. It feels more like a military fortress now. They could have taken a page from Bethesda's book on how Tamriel cities look in Oblivion/Skyrim. Or how towns/cities are in LotRO.

    Did you leave before Luclin? There is bazaar now. EC tunnel got a bit of a resurgence during LDoN, but is a ghost place now. Heck, 95% of population these days are in the just released RoS zones, pumping up their mains. Probably not the best time to be a new guy on the server. After a couple months, people will be fed up and go back to messing around with alts and stuff.

    For most part, if you want to be able to get things done independently, boxing is the way to go, Even if you box just two characters, plus two mercs that makes up for a formidable force, provided you have roles sufficiently represented (Tanking/healing/support/DPS). With that in mind, Cleric might be not the best option to start with. About everyone has a cleric merc, and healing is the job I see most often handled by mercs. Their utility is primarily in raids where mercs are not allowed. To that end, most folks first develop a pair of more independent mains, and then bring up a cleric as either alt or on extra account. With a pair of max level characters, additional characters can be taken from heroic 85 to max VERY quickly.
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  6. Shanarias Augur

    It is all I can do to play one toon at a time. Time will tell, though. I am a retired computer tech, so perhaps I could do another one at some point.
  7. Geroblue Augur

    I have retired from the same type of job; however, I have about 150 alts on 5 accounts. Still decding on what I want my main to be, after 12 years plus at gaming in EQ.
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  8. IblisTheMage Augur

    People use IS Boxer to play with multiple accounts. It has no automation, and it is actually quite fun to develop and trim your setup.
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  9. Shanarias Augur

    So I am up to level 24, and I have joined my kind of Guild. I play on Xegony, and it seems to have plenty of players. I wish I could find some of my old Wolves of Xev cronies, but I have forgotten their names since I incurred some brain damage a couple of years ago.

    Anyway, I have noticed that the gear is MUCH more powerful nowadays, although it still seems like I get hit pretty hard sometimes. The cool thing: I have yet to die on this char (Shanarias) but my time will come, I am sure. I am glad to be back. Mostly, I am having a really good time playing Everquest again.
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  10. Geroblue Augur

    Some of the newer expacs, the mobs can clobber you. They are tougher and have more hit points.
  11. Shanarias Augur

    Thread Rez!

    Last night I made level 60, which was, I think, the level cap when I started playing way back when. I have done nearly all of it with just me and a merc. (tank) When I upgraded to All Access a litle over a month ago, I was truly pleased to find out how much better Journeyman mercs are. I am still having fun on Xegony.
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  12. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    Awesome. Grats!
  13. slayerofbats Augur

    Glad you are digging it. A few tips if you haven't discovered this already:

    1) If you subscribe, you can get a much stronger merc. Also at higher levels you can get gear for your merc and AAs which make them better.

    2) There is a Loyalty Vendor in PoK not far from the soul binder. You might be able to get a bag full of plat from him. But don't buy any armor, because nearby is 2 more vendors that sell really good gear for 1-60 and then 60+. It stops being useful at about 85 or so, but it is great gear and you can just buy several pieces of it if you have the cash.

    3) At 75 you can do "Heroic Adventures" from a guy called Gribbles. They are repetitive and they get boring after a while, but they give big chunks of exp so are a fast way to make progress if you want a break from the usual questing / grinding.

    4) Tank merc can start to struggle at around level 80 ish, especially if you haven't upgraded them. I think you could consider 2 boxing. You don't even need to play the second guy, you can just make say an enchanter or bard, put them on auto follow, and occasionally alt tab to them to cast yourself a mana buff. But the advantage (besides the mana buff), is that you can now have a second merc, so you could add the dps merc which would make kills go faster and help your tank merc survive.
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