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  1. Sotu Sotu Journeyman

    I used mixing bowls for the first 70 levels. Didn't even bother with bags until later. Then I got some Extraplanar Trade Satchels. Those hold tradeskill items only, but they hold a lot, so get 2 or 3 of them.

    Then I went and got the 40 slot bags from the marketplace. I figure I'll loot the rest or somehow get enough plat to buy the others some day as we level up.
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  2. Shaiken Journeyman

    Awesome job killing that final boss on the top of the tower. That fight is insane alone.

    They should really re think the defiant reward levels in those achievements. Some of them you cant really complete till higher level, which by then, like you say, you have better equipment anyway.

    Also if you are looking into bags - This guy makes nice guides, even if some are really out of date. Still applies to the early levels.

    Myself I saved up, and bought the materials for making 20 slot bags. Find a high level tradeskiller for combines. The materials on Xegony will total 4,000p, yes 4,000p. for material list. It seems to have a 50% failure rate. Until the bags in the bazaar total under 8k (they were 15k for the longest time, now are sitting at a more reasonable 10k) I'd rather have a crafter make them for me. For a 20 slot bag, I found it worth it. Even to just have 1!
  3. Grove Augur

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  4. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 10

    Back to the bixies for me! I'm really curious on what the Stone Hive area looks like.

    Let's help Botanist Brezuu first
    - Time to collect some plants and seeds near the Stone Hive. Oooo! Can't wait!
    -- Very cute hedge mazes in front.
    -- The bixies like to shout alot of stuff .. like making me into a thrall and the like.

    Next is Cook Idriak. Hey, that's the guy we gave some supplies to before!
    - Uhm. I ... er. Look, I'm a Drakkin AND a necromancer ... but I dunno if I wanna eat food made from bixie body parts. Eh ... it's coin I guess to get stuff for him.
    -- Heads, antennae, wings, and jumjum. Fun!
    -- Crossed a cute bridge through a gate to the next area
    -- Ugh more sporali/mushrooms!
    - Level 45!
    -- Found my way to the entrance of the Stone Hive. I'm going in!
    -- Need to becareful when I switch back from here and the game. Froze again XD

    TBC after lunch!
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  5. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    -- I'm infiltrating the Stone Hive. Gotta be sneaky. Need their heads now
    -- Why is it so hard to get bixie head(s)? ... heh.
    -- Up to the second floor now! The elite guards have heads. GASP Are the other bixies HEADLESS?!?!?!
    -- Strange. There was a spot on the second floor where my mercenary just refused to attack anything. No errors or anything. Just stood there. Hm.

    Picked up this level 45 spell, and I think it's broken (seems this happened back in 2020 on Agnarr)


    Well nothing I can do about that now. I did some Bazaar shopping, and now time to head back to the Stone Hive

    Scout Vreshnar wants me to find a lost agent and give them a note (if they're still alive). Sounds simple enough.
    - I found the missing scout, but looks like they were made a thrall. Hm. Time to break that enchantment!
    - Level 46!
    -- Found a path downstairs
    -- Seems they have a place to keep the thralls that are a bit ... special. Or dead.

    Whelp, that's all for today. Early appointment to go to, so need to do a few things before bed. Be back soon!
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  6. Sotu Sotu Journeyman

    That spell, Auspice, I don't think it's broken, but I didn't use it much. The display may be broken or the description, but it does do damage to the mobs and you do get healed.

    Don't worry, you'll outgrow it quickly. You'll like the fire spells better. Or the next lifetap dot.

    As a general rule, if regular lifetaps will not land on a mob, it probably has crazy resists and just get out of there and avoid it. Usually, these are like, for example, the Ogre guards in Feerott. I saw one, it was yellow (or red), and it should be easy to kill, but no spells were landing at all.

    It should be blue or green to me by now, but I don't think I'll try that particular guard again unless I pass through that zone. Some things are just completely magic resistant to everything and all you can do is send your pet.
  7. Shaiken Journeyman

    Even with the use of the Scent of Terris like spells? Decreases a mobs resistance to Fire, Poison, and Disease.

    I notice my necro rarely lands spells, until my mage casts malos on it. Those debuffs make a world of difference. Mage is 58, necro is 54, everything I pull is in the 65-70 range. Necro lands 0 spells, unless I debuff first it seems. The malo line only debuffs Cold, Magic, Poison, Fire. So my disease spells still never land mind you lol. I also have a 58 beastlord in group, so I like the malo better. Helps all 3 in some way. Never tried to stack both debuffs yet.
  8. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 11

    - Took a while to get the Enthraller to spawn again, but finally got the salve I need for the enthralled scout!
    - Seems the bixies are planning to make a potion of some kind ... at least from what is legible of the plans that were found. Gonna sell some things then head back into the Hive!
    -- Took me a bit to find the elevator to the alchemy area
    -- Found the alchemy notes on the first bixie that met me as I got off the elevator. How nice!
    -- Finding the bottle was a bit hard for me due to it being on a table, but I got it!
    - Level 47!
    -- Took me a bit to realize there was a path I could take next to the elevator. Finally got the spellbook!
    - Now to slay Juzzulli the Golden One. I assume they are in the library or maybe further in the Hive.
    -- She was way too easy for my skills and ability to hit with a stick! HUZZAH!

    Last in the camp to help is Assissant Avellone with his problems
    - Firstly, we are finally going to see what all these Honey Covered Journals are all about!
    -- So the journal is a container where I need to find certin pages to fiil it up.
    -- Though I couldn't read any of the pages I found, I think of it as a book that told about the history of the bixies that came to live here.
    - Gotta collect some unrefined honeycombs as they are being used for fertilizer for the bixie's jumjum
    - Lost another scout in the Stone Hive. Again. This time they were pretending to be a bixie and might be in their slave hold area.
    -- Looks like they were helping the bixies in some way. Shame
    - And lastly, need to find and see what the Bixie Pranksters are doing
    -- Which was nothing special. They pranked me and I hit them with my stick!

    Okay. So the last thing for the Stone Hive is tackling the Queen. I've read that she can be difficult, so going to sell and make sure I am prepared before I do those quests.

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  9. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    I went to PoK and bought my level 48 gear (as I'm very close to that right now). Will need to hit 48 before I can buy the jewelry from the NPC there.

    Now to help Warwing Wendlez with the Queen
    - Looks like more timed missions. 8hours. But should be easy enough to find this Neezee.
    - Level 48!
    -- By going slow and killing things as I go along, it wasn't that bad getting to Nezzee
    -- Oh dear, Wendlez led me into a trap, but he was enthralled by Nezzee!
    - Another timed mission to get Nezzee's plans in the War Room
    -- Wasn't as hard to see the book this time. I have issues with brown and greens on each other, as well as some beiges. But all good!
    - Hm. Need to make a bixie costume? Strange but, okay. Also timed.
    -- By leaving the Loot window open (the advloot) I was able to have the items I needed at the ready! So that was easy. Now to suit up
    -- Okay, wearing the suit does nothing, as the bixies still killed me. Would have through it would have given an easier time to get closer to the Queen but nope. Such a waste

    The Queen is interesting. Got her to half health. Sending out grubs and waves of bixies really hurts. Guess I'll be leveling to 60 before taking her on lol.

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  10. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Well, time to move forward for now, so off to Goru'kar Mesa!

    First we have Scout Madu.
    - Apparently he has been tasked with keeping an eye on the area around him. So I'm gonna help him out!
    -- Gotta get some wolves and bears for their pelts.
    -- Might as well throw in some snake killing too
    -- Need some spider stuff to study
    -- Got to kill some alphas, Fantoma for the wolves and Ursalua for the bears

    For now it's time to rest. I'll be back to do more fun stuff soon! <3
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  11. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    - Level 49!
    -- Oddly enough, I don't see any jewelry for my level on those NPCs in PoK. I would thnk there was some Intricate that appeared when I hit 48, but nothing so far.

    (Had someone start preaching IRL religion in General chat. Ugh. Ended up ignoring them. Just here to relax and have fun!)

    - Once all that was done, I was to check out the caves where the dromrek where living.
    -- Here I go, a little drakkin sneaking around the dromrek caves, getting stepped on XD
    -- Shamans galore. Kinda scary but I'm happy on how I am slowly moving in.
    - Level 50!
    -- And after that I died XD

    NOW I'm going to go to bed XD
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  12. jeskola pheerie

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  13. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Aw, thanks Kenneth Copeland! I do my best XD

    Day 12

    Another day, another chance to have some fun!

    - Time to find some friendly centaurs! (timed mission)
    -- So I found the friendly centaurs .. which are in the NorthEAST of the map (not NW as the text says)
    -- Need to kill some stuff for Klassr; spiders, snakes, and some harpies
    -- It's interesting how the griffons on the west of the map can see you from so far away. And the harpies like to help them!
    - Level 51!
    - Took Foraging AA so I can get me some mats for baking!
    - I got some Titles! *places Mistress before her name* XD
    -- I would like to say, having the timer on the missions keep going when logged out to char select stinks. Had to do IRL things :/
    - Got that done, now to kill some of the mean centaurs! So much to earn Klassr's trust.
    -- Realized I did my Bind point in the worst place possible. LOL
    -- Everything here has SoW, ugh. Run so fast hard to Root them. That and Thorns all over them.
    - With the centaur thugs finally defeated, now I must find the reason for all this corruption.
    -- Set myself on fire again by running through a campfire.
    -- The creature I need saw me through a building , so it brought itself and a ton of centaurs with it. Ugh, so annoying

    I'll have to come back to that once I level more. All good though!

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  14. Shaiken Journeyman

    Shows up at level 55.... No idea why when it can be worn at level 48. Someone slacking at HQ me thinks.
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  15. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    So, Shaiken had asked me if I was going to work on the Epic 1.0 for Necromancer, and I had another player in game ask me if I have killed Vox and Nagafen.

    In truth, I have done none of those things, even when playing back in the day. Not sure if I ever will, but I thought to at least look some information up on what I would need to do.

    So here is a link for the Epic, as well as a checklist I can use for doing it. Perhaps I will work on it slowly like I've been doing with faction in Qeynos.

    [X] Symbol of the Apprentice
    (X) Hail Venenzi Oberzendi in Nektulos Forest
    (X) Hail Kazen Fecae in Lake Rathetear
    (X) Kill Sir Edwin Motte (Can be found in East Freeport) and Loot his Head
    (X) Give the Head to Kazen Fecae for the Symbol of the Apprentice
    [X] Symbol of the Serpent
    (X) Give the Symbol to Venenzi Oberzendi for the Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice
    (X) Kill Najena and loot the Flowing Black Robe Bought it from Bazaar XD
    (X) Give the Flowing Black Robe to Venenzi for Rolling Stone Moss
    (X) Give the Rolling Stone Moss and the Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice to Emkel Kabae in Lake Rathetear
    (X) Receive Symbol of the Serpent
    [ ] Symbol of Testing
    ( ) Hail Ssessthrass in Swamp of no Hope and give him the Symbol of the Serpent for the Scaled Symbol of the Serpent
    ( ) Kill the Herbalist in Chardok and loot the Mainsi Herb
    ( ) Give the Mainsi Herb and the Scaled Symbol of the Serpent to Ssessthrass for a Refined Mainsi Herb
    ( ) Give the Refined Mainsi Herb to Emkel for the Symbol of Testing
    [ ] Symbol of Insanity
    ( ) Give the Symbol of Testing to Kazen
    ( ) Goto the small inlet east of Emkel and kill the Bone Golem
    ( ) Kill the Failed Apprentice
    ( ) Kill the Tormented Spirit and loot the Symbol of Insanity
    [ ] Gzallk in a Box
    ( ) Give the Symbol of Insanity to Drendico Metalbones in Timorous Deep and receive the Journal
    ( ) Speak to Jzil Gsix
    ( ) Kill Azeraks and other second isle monsters for the Silver Disc
    ( ) Kill the Watchful Guardian for the Spiroc Feathers
    ( ) Kill Keeper of Souls for the Black Silk Cape
    ( ) Give the items to Jzil for the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers
    ( ) Kill Innoruuk or Mini-Bosses from Plane of Hate for the Eye of Innoruuk
    ( ) Kill Cazic Thule or Terror for Blood of Cazic Thule
    ( ) Turn into Drendico with the Journal for Prepared Regents Box
    ( ) Give the Prepared Regents Box to Kazen for the Tome of Instruction
    ( ) Give the tome of Instruction to Gzzallk for Gzzallk in a Box
    [ ] Scythe of the Shadowed Soul!!
    ( ) Give Gzzallk in a Box to Kazen for Scythe of the Shadowed Soul
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  16. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 13

    Had a bit of trouble finding the right places to walk over for the triggers, but finally finished a bit of searching for Scout Madu and the dromrek.

    Now I'm to try and talk to someone at the giants area. Hopefully I don't get hit on the head anymore with those huge tree trunks they wield @.@
    - I don't think *OW* they want *OW* to talk *OW*

    Scout Madu is surprised how the dromrek are intelligent creatures, but refuse to speak with us. So I'm off to Crescent Reach to see if someone there can help me do some research into why this would be.
    - I am to find someone by the name of Regan
    - Had to look this up. Master Vanguard Regan is who I was looking for.
    - No luck there, so off to Librarian Hemfar.
    - Hemfar will send instruction on how to make the item for Scout Madu, but need to find Naeema first for what substance will work? Ugh. Wish they would tell me WHERE to find these people.
    -- I was guessing they had to be an alchmenist or jeweler ... I was right! (Alchemist)
    - Okay, so Naeema is sending over a wand. Now to find Scout Ethaniel for bixie dust
    -- Hm, no such thing as bixie dust, but there is Refined Jumjum pollen. So off I go back into Stone Hive!
    -- Found the pollen, so taking it back to Naeema!
    - Naeema shooed me away as she didn't want me to learn her secrets. So back to Scout Madu!
    -- Time to try again but with this special wand!
    -- Wasn't too bad. I could fight with the wand if I got jumped. But doesn't look like the dromrak want to parley and be nice anyway.
    - Time to defeat Bigone and end this dromrek threat!

    It is now time to learn about the conflict between the Minohten and Tuffein satyrs!

    We start by helping Costica of the Tuffein
    - Seems the Minhoten are meanies, so Costica wants me to 'tweak their tails' a bit ...
    - First was to get rid of a few Minohten scouts
    - Now to destroy some camps and steal mushrooms

    Next we help Devan of the Tuffein
    - Time to steal some supplies to help the Tuffein camp
    -- Fruit
    -- Vegetables
    -- Beer
    - Now to get rid of some pesky wildlife that are bothering the Tuffein
    -- Mesa snakes
    -- Treants
    -- Mesa recluse
    - More supplies! This time from animals in the Mesa
    -- Snake skin
    -- Spider silk
    -- wolf skin
    -- bear skin
    - Seems like the nymphs in the Mesa have been working with the Minohten to attack the Tuffiens. I'm to disuade them from continuing by smacking some of the nymphs on the head
    -- Got killed by some Blacktalon raiders nearby and now I can't respawn to my bind point. Gosh dang it ...
    - More minohten scout killings. Hm ... something feels strange about all this, especially when the nymphs were under Ally faction for me.
    -- WTF?!?!?!?!
    -- I was captured and put in a cage, but a Minohten helped me escape!
    -- Looks like I have to fight my way out of this camp.
    -- Killed Devan and Costica as I ran by .. they went to attack me anyway XD

    I'm going to start a petition to remove all the campfires in the game cause I keep WALKING IN THEM! XD
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  17. Sotu Sotu Journeyman

    I think it's not easy to do them in-era. Or at the expected level ranges. Now that I'm above 70, I may try the old dragons solo since they will not banish anymore.

    As for our epic, it's been nerfed to not work on spells above level 100. I may skip trying to do it, or just do it anyway for the achievement and the ornament.

    I'm slowly working on the Omens of War armor quests, particularly the Robes. The factions. And earn levels while I'm it.

    I spent maybe 20 to 30 levels in Gorukar Mesa. Killing spiders. Wolves. Bears. Oozes. Snakes. Nice open zone. I stayed until about 65, killing the named snake Uriasarpe? (Forgot spelling). She drops a fang you can sell for 450pp or tribute for 2500. I did both, but its better to sell it for plat.

    I tend to stick around and kill mobs until they turn blue, light blue, then green. Sure the exp slows down, but you can still level up while they are light blue, and it gets easier, and less spells to cast. It got to the point where I cast 2 dots, root, snare and ... don't even need a pet or merc.

    You can kill 4 or 5, or even 6 mobs before needing to sit down and meditate.
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  18. Sotu Sotu Journeyman

    I have not tried that yet. The mob was an Ogre guard. Lifetaps would not land. Lifetaps used to be unresistable. Now they are not unresistable but do have a -200 resist modifier. (20 years ago, necros killed sand giants that were 10 levels higher using lifetaps.)

    Our fire dot spells have a -100 resist modifier.

    I will try to land Scent on that Ogre guard next time I see him. He should be green or gray to me now.
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  19. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    The time has come to make amends with the Minohten. Now that I think back on what has transpired, I feel really bad :(

    Let's go talk to Sorin
    - Figures. He wants me to go 'tweak' the Tuffien 'tails', just like I had done to the Minohten before
    -- Put rocks in their food storage boxes
    -- Destory some of their weapons
    -- Get back some goods the Tuffien stole ... er .. I think that's what I did earlier!
    -- For some reason, alot of the quests 'did' themselves. Meaning I walked near a crate and the rocks 'appeared' where they were supposed to go. Scared me XD. It's really jarring to make quests one way, then in another area they do something different than what was goin on before. Confuses the player alot.

    Seems the nymphs in the Mesa also have some sort of rivalry!

    We'll speak to Iulia first
    - Gotta burn some plants the Napaea like
    -- I had to run over a campfire a few times for it to give me the stick. *facepalm*
    - Gotta pluck some of the napaea wings. Don't think they'll let me do that easily.

    Now to talk to Nedelcu
    - This time need to break rocks the Oread find precious
    -- Grey on green was hard for me to see, but I finally got them all!
    - And now I need to pull their hair out. What is up with these nymphs?!

    Realized I had missed one of Scout Madu's armor tasks, so quickly doing that.
    - He needs a fair amount of materials from the different animals in the Mesa, so easy enough!
    -- Gotta watch as if you have the items already it doesn't count. You need to loot them at the time you have the quest

    And apparently got this achievement done!

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  20. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 14

    Love is in the air, and Dorina the nymph needs help sharing hers!
    - Time to be a stalker! Need to watch what Simu the satyr is doing for a while.
    -- That was the most riveting 15 minutes of my life .... /sarcasm
    - The joys of delivering a love letter!
    -- Ooof ... big oof there, Simu
    - Not deterred, Dorina has me gather things for a gift to give Simu
    -- Spider silk
    -- Spider fang
    -- Wolf canine
    -- Supple wolf pelt
    -- Large snake fang
    -- Dear lord trying to hand in quest items to an NPC that keeps flying around is $&#* annoying!
    - But now to give the gift to Simu.
    -- This isn't going very well ....
    - Is this ... are you serious??? *sigh* I have to make this now.


    Will need to take a break and do my Tailoring trophy before I continue!
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