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  1. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Hm yeah, looked at the quest and I might have issues in Highpass ... and other areas first before I try this. But I will bookmark the quest!
  2. Shaiken Journeyman

    If I recall, killing the gnolls in blightwood gives highpass faction. You might be ok, depending on how many you murdereered.
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  3. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 6

    More gnoll and polar bear cub killing as well as I wanted to see if I could do anything with all these materials I've been collecting.

    - Went through my pelts and hides. Seems some are used in Research. Yeesh it is expensive, and I can't even sell the made spell at the end?!?! How sad. But I'll still level what I can. Just need to be careful.
    - Had a lot of patches of gnoll fur. I can make Fishing fly/lures? YES PLEASE! So I'm doing that. Glad I also kept all this spiderling silk!
    - Keeping the HQ bear skin/pelts in order to make handmade backpacks. Maybe I can help other new players!
    - Been picking up some random ores. Some I can make into throwing knives (which I use to bring up throwing ... yes I want the ACHIEVEMENT) and maybe can use to raise Smithing depending on cost.
    - Went through the silks, and kept a few. Tacky silk can help level Fletching IIRC

    Trying to get more plat as apparently they took the plat bags off the Loyalty vendor on Xegony (could be false info I dunno. I don't see it either) because Krono prices =/= play from the bags ... or something.

    - As of today I killed 1k gnolls!!

    Time to get into a bit more questing. So for where I'm at in the Hero's Journey ...
    - Did a bit of sneaky NPC merchant shopping. Got more bone chips, and found some potions that give me spikes! Gonna use those.
    - Game froze again ><
    - Fletcher Orshawn wanted some green oozy bud thingies. Not asking questions ....
    - Level 31!
    - Level 32!
    - Time to speak now with Roanoak. Aw, I have to kill some of his treant babies cause they're infected with sporali bad spores :(
    - Now to punish the sporali for what they have done!
    -- Who said the sporali could make tiny sporelings?!? OMG so cute!
    - And now to slay Molderahn and its guards to stop the sporali terrorizing the land!
    (Alcohol Tolerance up to 102!)

    Now things start to get a bit creepy.

    - Time to talk to Akins in Crescent Reach!
    -- Oh goodie, more bush punching. *sigh*
    -- The bog rats still attack me as I run by .. they're grey to me. WHY?!?!
    -- Level 33!
    -- Server disconnect ... in the middle of a fight no less lol

    Some reason I can't connect to Xegony. Game just hangs and even the forums here are giving me errors and hanging. So looks like that's it for me tonight!
  4. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    You can only buy them if you are All Access
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  5. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Hm, I will have to go look again as I did pick up All Access. Thank you for the info!
  6. Fluid Augur

    On Research: Mostly use cleaning hides to advance. Save the result if you want, but there is little need to make spells with the cleaned hides. My advice would be to just sell them. Another way of advancing the skill is in that it is much cheaper then just making spells. I haven't logged into Live as I've been hitting the TLP servers pretty hard the last couple of years *BUT* this quest works on TLP servers and so does
    So you can do it on the cheap. Problems abound in that there aren't a lot of low levels doing the hunting so many of the raw materials are not found in the quantities they used to be. On the up side, recently I used the 'Oh look! There is a rune of sorcery and words of duress on a vendor' technique to get some of the Sage's Box raw materials. DON'T, I repeat DON'T turn the product in to get the clickies because they are non transferable and can't be sold. Just turn the coin thing into the apprentist as the rewards average maybe 25pp in the form of gems. I made ~4,000 pp doing it that way.

    Tailoring: Bags I make a lot of those as they are great for bank slots or just substitute backpacks.

    Some Research crosses over to tailoring. For instance
    These drop and are often found on vendors
    They will take research to 142
    The product they make
    is then used in Tailoring to make
    Which is then used to make

    I've found a lot of the guides are for convenience rather then keeping cost down. I'm a naturally cheap person and that extends to my gaming. I always start a Magician as one of my first characters on a shard, then use them for summoning arrows and throwing daggers. Recently <yeah I know, 20 years I should know everything> I learned from a Monk who got his throwing skill up to the point were he was using these babies
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  7. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 7

    Not sure what happened yesterday, as EQ became unresponsive. But I'm back now!
    - Level 33!
    - Ugh, Akins wants me to find even spookier treants and take out their hearts. Ew.
    - Level 34! I can finally get my Root!
    -- Took a quick detour to PoK for spells and to check out the Loyalty Vendor once again. Yup, Bag of Platinum is there!
    - Hm ... still couldn't find the source of the magic thingie. .... Back to the marsh!
    - FFFFFFFF Zombie GIANTS?!?!
    -- Holy yikes I got stepped on. ALOT. Got what was needed, but ran for my life screaming as my mercenary and pet died behind me :/
    - Hm. Now to make a zombie giant thingie talk. This might take a bit.
    -- Hm, it talked about not harkening to Rallos' call. That's what happened when Rallos attacked the gods or something, right?
    - Level 35!

    Now I am going to help what I assume is a spectral ogre? It got big teeth too. Spoopy.
    - More bush punching for their woody stuff to build a fire. FUN
    -- OMG there are cute little rats nearby. EEEEE!
    - Time to whip out the undead whooping spells!!
    - Now to find the anchoring totems. I'd guess skulls or wooden idols of some kind nearby. And more undead whooping!
    -- Spoilers ... they were skulls
    - Level 36!

    Now last but not least ... Outpost Guard Gorath!
    - Aw, a dragon died nearby. Gotta save it from the sporali!
    - Now to take this dragon scale I found to someone named Selay
    -- Selay was a dragon! And the one who died went with her mate to fight the gnolls. Aw.

    Now it's time to work on quests against bixies. In truth, I don't remember bixies very well. Maybe in Misty Thicket? And apparently it's a difficult part of the Hero's Journey quests. Well, I'll try anything once!

    Scout Bowen is first.
    - I need to stop wasp drones or something? I dunno. A bee stung me once, and a yellowjacket bit me as well, so I'm not to keen on those. I like honey bees though!
    - Level 37!
    - Jumjum farms? I thought only halflings worked on those. Hm. Whelp, time to attack the farms and the bixie workers within!
    -- Had some previous quests in the bixie area from Fletcher Orshawn ... Buzzazar's mandible and venomous stonehive stingers.
    -- Like gnolls, the bixies and drones all liked to pile up on me, so need to be careful where I pull to and where I rest.
    -- And they heal each other like the stupid bushes ... REEEEEE
    -- Died from them as I couldn't out damage the heals. Take 2!
    - Level 38!
    -- One last try to get rid of the jumjum reserves by using an oozey bud.

    Scout Ethaniel is next!
    - Looks like his assistant is missing. Hm .. I think I saw a drakkin taking a dirt nap in one of the farms.
    - Oh, he was just playing dead. Gotta clear bixies so he can escape!
    -- I died again *sigh*
    -- Yup again again. Dead. Hm ... this is a bit difficult, especially since the gardeners can heal and cast nasty spells.
    - Level 39!
    - FINALLY was able to get Scout Verrin back to the camp nearby. Had to learn quick how to use my mercenary and pet in such a way I could pull the bixies and drones away from the farm, and not have them clump up together.
    - Interesting. One scout wanted me to destroy the bixie's jumjum, but Ethaniel wants me to collect the jumjum.

    A nice froggy shaman named Korsib cast a res spell (96%)on one of my corpses and buffed me. So nice of them XD

    I think I'll take a bit of a break from these bixies. Maybe craft a bit or check out the trophy quests.
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  8. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    So a little break has me doing some NPC merchant shopping. Found a few Rough pieces of armor (I think I'm also having trouble as my armor kinda poo), as well as seeing if they have any materials I can use on them.

    - Made my own Throwing Knives! Pretty proud of that.
    - Found a TON of Bone Chips .... yoink!
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  9. Shaiken Journeyman

    At 37 you can snag some Flawed Defiant in the bazaar for 100-500p each. Some slots are stupid priced (like 20k, (wtf people not everyone is a twink)), but it is something at least. At 48 Intricate Defiant. As long as you have even gloomindeep / crude defiant you are fine. Necros aren't gear dependent at low levels at all. You shouldn't be getting hit in the first place!

    Out of curiosity, do you use a Journeyman rank 1 tank merc? Is your merc set to Main Tank in group? You have to set it every time you log in, or re summon said merc btw. /mercassist /pet attack are 2 good items to put into 1 macro btw (1 command on each line). Turn off auto assist on your merc then the crackhead wont run in until you tell him to with /mercassist.

    Also keep an eye on the threat meter (tiny numbers on your target window, over 70/80 you are running the risk of taking threat if you keep casting more direct damage or Dots). If your merc is set to Main Tank, he can only taunt so much and necro dots generate a lot of threat. I assume it gets better once you can get the AAs that reduce threat (the AA you can toggle on and off, depends if you like to kite or not).

    Always keep Feign Death spell on your hotbar. Pull mobs to a safe area, never where they spawn, you run the risk of respawns or pathing mobs running up on you making things go bad fast. You pull threat off your merc don't be afraid to use this spell.

    What spell do you pull with? If it is your most powerful DD or dot, yea your poor merc is going to have a hard time snapping threat. I always keep the lowest level spell I own on my hotbar, something like Clinging Darkness for example, just for pulling. Even better if you use a debuff spell to pull instead, like scent of darkness.

    Do you give your skeleton pet 1h weapons x 2? Mages in PoK are always happy to summon pet toys. They tend to also summon haste masks and armor for pets as well. If your pet is doing a lot more DPS you wont be as compelled to cast all your dots and direct damage spells to get the mobs down faster.
  10. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    I like to get the melee achievements!!! XD But ok, I'll look around the bazaar. I did find a few pieces while NPC merchant shopping.

    Hm, yes it's a Journeyman 1 since I have All Access. I forget sometimes to set as Main Tank ... even forget to turn my Tributes on! I will see about making that macro next I go in.

    Oooh, okay that makes sense. I pull with a DoT of some kind. I'll change that up then.

    Wish I had more gem slots for spells!!

    I haven't had weapons for my pets in a while. Hm. I will see if I can get some in PoK. Seen many people hang around that NPC that talks about Auras, but not sure if any mages there.
  11. Shaiken Journeyman

    You can get more spell gems with AAs as well :D
    Game gets better when those start to unlock. Make sure at 51 you turn on Auto Grant, seeing you are All Access.

    What does your spell line up look like? My necro at the moment has 4 dots, 1 feign death, 1 invis, 1 gate, and 1 conversion. 1 hotbar set up is for summon pet / buff pet. and shield spell. Then the second set up is when I solo. so dots and the such, I don't use DD spells on my necro.

    If you didn't know, right click on the little spell book icon on the right of your spell hotbar, you can save, and load set ups :D Pretty handy stuff there!
  12. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 8

    New day, new bixies to punch! Ferrek and his merc buffed me and my pet and merc. Got new armor. Got pet weapons. LET'S GOOOOO!!

    - Looked in some buckets, grabbed some jumjum, punched some bees. A normal Thursday for me.
    -- Looks like the summoned weapons I keep getting for my pets is too strong for my merc to grab aggro. It died again XD
    - Oooh time to find out the bixie's plans! Hm ... can I even read bixie? Wonder what their language is.
    - Time to rescue some enthralled slaves! Interesting the bixies do that.
    - Level 40!
    -- TFW you use Origin to sell items then Gate back ... and realize you needed to do something in your Origin city at the last second ... but you already Gated, so now gotta wait.
    -- Had to do the thrall quest again because one of the thralls died, and the second one I accidently attacked
    - Level 41!
    - Finally got the thralls back safely

    Merchant Makesn is next to help
    - First I must find a lost locket of hers that the gnolls took
    - Now to find what happened to her child. I know my stories about will 'o wisps and swamps. That kid ain't alive anymore ...
    -- Spoiler .. I was right
    - And lastly, a few vials of honey to see if it can be sold. With losing her husband and daughter, I can't imagine how she'll make money for food and her house :(
  13. Shaiken Journeyman

    Still cant figure out why your pet is taking threat. I know back in the day certain necro pets held certain roles, like some were warrior, some were monk, some were rogue type. Not sure if that even still holds true after all the pet changes. I mean that is all I can think of, you have one of the older warrior pets, that has threat built into it. Even with taunt off?

    I wonder if it is worth having a healing merc instead. I would think necro pet is kinda squishy compared to a tank merc for lower levels.

    Does anyone know why a necro pet would keep taking threat off a journeyman rank I tank merc?
    (pet taunt off obviously)

    It just cannot be the mage toys. I've been using them on my lowbie necro as well, but don't seem to have the same issue, my apprentice rank V tank merc holds threat, even on pulls of 6, over my pet.... So confused!

    Even weirder is you are using the level 85 weapons, and I've been using the 100+ ones.

    There, I just got the level 39 necro pet on my necromancer, I can test this out myself now!
    (there goes my theory, my necro's dots are pushing more threat than even the pet can handle. Let alone a tanking merc)

    Is your merc set to passive maybe? Make sure the merc is set to Agressive, not passive and not assist (not to be confused with Auto Assist or Call Assist). If set to assist it wont use its taunt stuff. Set to passive, same. Has to be Agressive. The word Agressive will be in green when active.
  14. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Yes my merc is on Aggressive.
    Pet taunt is off.

    I've watched my pet use cheap weapons and seem to grab aggro from multiple mobs, which my tank CAN'T get aggro off of. Even me using a heavy spell (took me twice to cast it).

    I even used the macro you listed above, and it still wasn't always helping. Sometimes my tank merc just stood there, even after I hit the macro multiple times, though my pet attacked.

    I wish there was a way my pet stops attacking just cause I get hit once. I tried pressing Stop or Back. But only pauses a few moments then back to attacking.
  15. Shaiken Journeyman

    If your tank merc is just sitting there, it might be because you don't have anything on your threat meter. Sadly you cant send them in on their own. You need threat, aka pull with a spell or send in pet.

    Hmm, I tend to have to tap Back a few times (sometimes several times), as long as I don't hit my pet attack macro again, or don't get hit by a spell, it tends to sit there next to me.... Pulling caster mobs can be a huge pain if they just sit there and chain cast, my pet keeps wanting to charge in lol.

    Another AA that fixes that down the line of pet disciplines. AKA /pet hold.
    Low levels are such a pain sometimes :(

    Have you tried targeting each mob you pull, and hitting the mercassist macro?
    Might be best to remove /pet attack from it for now, and send it in manually. Your pet should be on the same mob when fighting multiples. Not sure why it is doing things on its own.

    Have you tried to split mobs if there are to many? Tend to need a lot of room for it. Snare 1, from max distance. Other stuff gets close, but not to close, you feign death, and lay there till the runners go back to their standing point. Then get up and recast on the slow guy. Should only get 1 mob at a time that way.... again later down the line of AAs help make split pulling much easier.
  16. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 9

    I'll try your suggestions! I removed the /pet attack from the macro, and moved the extended target window up where I can see it better. I'll have to practice with Feign Death. I'm so used to playing classes in games where I don't do things like that. I also think learning which mobs cast so I can focus them first will help too.

    Let's take a break and work on our crafting trophies once more.

    - Headed to Abysmal Sea to fish me up some tuna and crab meat. Why they all different weight? *stumbles with pockets of fish and crab meat >< *
    - FFFFFFFFFFF I keep failing! XD
    - Where the &$*#@ do I get griffon meat?!?! Oh ... found one! Now to camp the griffons for a while ....
    - Level 42!
    - Baking Trophy now done!


    - Took some time to level my Begging. Never got coin from it, but it's up to 180!
    - Went to PoK and picked up some of the colorful trader satchels I can get since I picked up those perks! Will help with keeping my materials separated easier.
    -- Can anyone explain how I was able to shove these SATCHELS inside a MIXING BOWL?


    Time to work on the Brewing Trophy!
    - Have to go to LFay to find some berries.
    - Ugh, I really don't like the new Freeport layout
    - Time to spend forever trying to get royal jelly ><
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  17. Shaiken Journeyman

    There are tradeskill AAs btw that are pretty handy for combines. Like Baking Mastery reduces the failure rate for baking combines. While Salvage gives you % that materials return on failure. Funny enough, tradeskill AAs don't auto grant. Up to you if they are worth waiting till level 51 to tradeskill at.

    Also, if you don't have custom maps there is this -
    Shows a lot of things the default maps do not.

    Also, grats on the trophy :D
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  18. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    I do have Brewalls, and that's one where I had trouble with in Lavastorm. The map is shrunk down so things weren't in the right places. Hm will see if I can contact them about it.

    And thanks! Went through my materials, writing down what I don't use in crafting but what can be sold for some plat. I do like how the trophies work, as I can now level them up by equipping them as I craft.
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  19. Osteo.Bonegirl Journeyman

    So glad you're doing the tradeskills - it's really improved since old days. When you max a trophy, it will change and you can get a big bag and a permanent artisan's satchel for free by turning in a temp bag to Jorum on the first floor in the Bazaar. He'll give you a little white piece that you put into the corresponding tradeskill device and you get a 24 slot tradeskill only bag plus a 12 slot artisan satchel from the combine.

    Also, you can shop the bazaar remotely now, though you can save on delivery expenses if you go in person. Find Trader works great.
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  20. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Break time with the tradeskill trophy quests ... halfway done the Brewing though! Now we're gonna do more Hero's Journey stuff.

    We'll start with Historian Pewdri
    - Hark! Did I hear to get ogre relics from UNDEAD OGRES?!?! Spooky tower here I come!!!
    -- I picked up a spell that turns my skelly pet to a chilly skellie pet! XD
    - The next quest has a timer of 8 hours on it. Need to find some remains in the spoopy skelly tower now.
    - Level 43!

    Now it's time to help Tailor Ulen
    - Need to get some ridge griffon feathers to make caps or something. I dunno.
    -- Pretty simple, so no issue there!

    Next is to find Shaytherrin the Exorcist
    - Back to the spoopy skelly tower!
    - We need to get some of their torches to light through the mist and spoopiness
    - Hm. So I keep the torches for now, and have to get some battle crests to get some dead dude to take on a form so I can punch him in the stomach or something. Okies!
    - Now to get rid of the skellie dude at the top of the tower. The DARK TOWER *makes spoopy noises*. Apparently I can use the torches I picked up to light up the area and cut down his power. We'll see!
    -- Sooooo can anyone tell me why a spell set specifically for UNDEAD doesn't work on an UNDEAD RAT?!?!
    -- So, when the named runs away I have to follow them asap, or tons of undead rats and bats get spawned and kill me.
    -- Also I have no idea how the torches in the main thing work. I put some in there but the named still hurt bad, as well as its adds.
    - Level 44!
    -- Finally got him. Don't EVER wanna do that $^#& again. Yeesh

    Our next person in need is Zan the Witch Hunter
    - Whelp ... he was turned into a newt
    -- And the witch turned me into one as well as I fought her. LOL
    - Time to take out the other witches and get their broken staves

    And our last contestant on the helping list is Arch Druid Springthorn
    - I wanted to make a 'step on me' joke, but I think too early ... *puts F in chat*
    - Gotta put the moorwalkers to sleep. Like, kill sleep? No ... sleep spell. Awwwww. I wanted revenge on that one that killed me before.
    -- Hilarious I got a full Rough Defiant set NOW after I bought better stuff XD
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