Back After So long. My Adventure!

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    Thank you for the info! I'll go through it more once I get back to PoK.

    - My game froze when I was alt+tabbed out. Thankfully only my pet died and not me.
    - Took down the Mighty Bear Paw!
    - Down goes Huntmaster Furgrl!
    - Trainer Daxgrr didn't stand a chance!
    - Jailer Mkrarrg tried to get me from around a corner, but was no match for my deadly spells.
    King Gragnar and his shaman cronie are dead!


    - Down goes Lorekeeper Roggik! All still hard but I'm keeping attention on what is happening so they don't run.
    - Fell down trap hole to some battlings that cast so much ICE! Ugh ...
    - Went the wrong way after finishing the quest and took a level 41 Ice Giant punch to the back of the head. Dead again so more Heretic grinding for a bit before bed!

    >>Right before I logged for bed, I hit level 23 and got Indifferent with the Heretics!<<

    Back in Crescent Reach to sell, I'm going over the info Shaiken gave me:
    - Got a stack of Clarity IV potions to help with mana regen.
    - If that's the case with spell Specializations ... mine was Evocation by accident. Cause I was leveling it and it hit 50 before the others >< Oh well, I'm good at blowing up undead!
    - I've found some Defiant gear drops and see they are rewards as well.
    - I think I'll try Franklin Teek when I hit a spot where I can't get the next achievement quests, or maybe after I finish Castlen's quests.
    - Didn't see that Summoner's earring at those vendors you mentioned. Is this the item you mean?
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  3. Shaiken Journeyman

  4. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Will be a while before I get there, but good to know!
  5. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 4

    - Started off the day by selling and handing in Tribute items.
    - Went to hand in the permafrost crystals in PoK. Got a Crystalflame sphere from it. Quite pretty!.
    - Went back to Castlen Drewe, and looks like I did all his quests! Here is the page if anyone interested in the future:
    - Decided to talk to Franklin Teek and see about these Hot Zones thingies. Have to go to the Southern Plains of Karana to kill 5 centaurs. So I go do dat.
    -- Zone Find took me to the Nexus. Wow. I remember when this place was CROWDED. Now it's so quiet ...
    -- The centaurs hurt a bit, but got it done. Had the same items as the rewards, but good to know for the future!

    - Now to get my Paineel key! These is the guide I used:
    -- Problem was .. I can't find these guards anywhere in the newbie area of Paineel!
    -- I said to the guard in newbie area "I need a key" but it said I still wasn't dedicated enough. So back to killing kobolds!!
    -- You need to be Amiably and say "I need keyz"
    -- Got the Hole Key and took a bit to figure out where to go to use it. Don't jump into the big hole ... you want to use the tunnel close to the Warren's entrance and go underwater. Just can't get OUT of the water on the other side XD.
    - Right clicked on the keys and POOF! Apparently got sucked into my brain or something.


    Back to Crescent Reach!
    - Selling and gearing up, it's time to check out the Blightfire Moors!

    Blightfire Moors adventure!
    - Started with the post board there
    -- Some quests are explorative, so I'll wait for those as I look around.
    - Rat pelts and snake skin. I'm pretty good at skinning creatures with zero knowledge! (funny how everyone seems to know how to do it XD)
    - Found a locket in a rat. Ew ...
    - Can finally punch these bushes in their ... face? .. and get their seeds.
    - Level 24!

    Time to help Ordunn the Miner
    - So he thinks the gnolls have some legendary Golden Pick. Hm ... doubt it but hey, I get to smack gnolls!
    - Apparently it WAS the pick! Huh. Well need to go get it repaired in Cresent Reach.
    - Treant parts and young croc skins to repair the Golden Pick. Nature is not going to be happy with me today!
    - Some bog turtle had an amulet and went all Pokemon growing thing ... yikes!!
    - Level 25!
    - The pick is fixed so back to Ordunn! Dwarves and their mining picks ...
    - Took me a bit to figure out how to use the Golden Pick to get the needed ore, but I did it. Smacked many gnolls on the way!
    - Stepped in a campfire and set myself on fire AGAIN
    - Level 26!
    - Alas it wasn't the long lost mine Ordunn was looking for, but I got a nice reward!

    Now to help Ozzana!
    - Time to hunt more crocs and turtles.
    - Level 27!
    - The usual cat skinning, but need to also catch a slashclaw cub. So cute!
    - Now I need to find some ghostwolves. Sounds scary. I think I'll hold off on that for a bit.

    Instead I'll talk to Hammerstock the gnome!
    - Ticking croc? Reminds me of Peter Pan. Better go save the clockwork rat! A new power core and it was right as rain.

    What about Alchemist Ella?
    - Alchemist Ella wanted stuff from wisps, so I'll grab those and deal with the ghosty wolves.

    In a span of 5 minutes ...
    - I found the ghost wolfy forest.
    - Got one pelt.
    - Found a witch mob that slapped me 3 ways to Sunday.
    - Updated the Intrepid Explorer quest while running for my LIFE.
    - Died from a train of mushrooms, a bog rat, and a wolf and witch hitting me XD

    I think I'll take a short break and look up stuff on crafting!
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    If your current specialization is already Alteration or Conjuration, I wouldn't worry about it until much later. Normally, most Necros do this, Primary is usually Alteration and Secondary (when you start getting AAs) is Conjuration. There might be a little advantage to switching them around if you are in a group or guild that will support you. There is very little reason to go with any other spell specialization.

    Edit: oh, I see it is Evocation. There are few spells that use this. You may want to go ahead and do the quest already and re-specialize in Alteration when you can. Other than Undead, its good for a couple other spells only? I think the Ignite Bones and the Cold based ones. We're not really wizards and our lifetaps are Alteration too. If you're going to be leveling from mostly undead, then maybe? But I find that I like to kill normal mobs just fine with all our dots, slow/snare/darkness, and while it works, fear.
  8. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Would it be someplace easy to get to at my level? That's the most important thing. Also need way more money to buy a ruby right now!
  9. Shaiken Journeyman

    Temple of Solusek Ro
    off Lavastorm Mt. Use neriak stone in PoK.
    Killer is the 125p ruby cost. :(
  10. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Tradeskill Time!

    Started with Baking (I like cooking IRL). Found the NPC and I'm pretty keen on this easier way to level Tradeskills.

    - Started with Simple Oatmeal. Had to buy a Mixing Bowl but was cheap. I like how the crafting 'bench' now has the ability to Make All and an auto inventory button. Even shows me my % chance of making! Favourite recipies button too! (I even kept the extra oatmeal I made to eat)
    - Next was some Muffins. I never made many muffins myself IRL, though I love making bread and cookies.
    - Now it's time to make a PIE! I've never baked a pie before ... I buy all mine XD
    - Ooh pastry. That's I've done before. Didn't come out good and I cried XD
    -- Now something weird is happening. I got an error saying I can't make more until my held slot is empty. Hm. Don't see anything what it could mean. So I pick up the Simple Pastry I made and POOF, it disappeared off my cursor!!! Try again with other. .. POOF! WHAT???? Everything I touched on my cursort disappeared, so I quickly logged out.
    -- When i logged back in, I was holding my Mixing Bowl on my cursor, and a Simple Oatmeal was inside the mixing bowl, even though I had eaten it earlier ... everything was back as it should be. Weird lag maybe?
    - Now since I hit 54 in Baking, I went to check out the Trophy quest (I'm going to see how these work before I do all the other tradeskills). So off to West Freeport!
    - Talk to a halfling, and holy jeebus that's alot of things to make. Hm ... this might take a while. Gotta clean out my inventory first!

    I was able to do everything up to Batwing Crunchies for now. The rest need things I don't have skills for yet.
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  11. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Ah okay. I'll start looting like crazy to get the money I need. Thanks!
  12. Accendo Guest

    Welcome back! It's good to see so much help being shared. Cheers, everyone!
  13. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Aw, thank you for the reply!

    NGL it's a lot of new things in game that have me confused. But I hope making this topic will help others, and I also encourage others to read and ask their own questions as well!
  14. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 5

    Was feeling a bit under the weather today, so decided to work more on Tradeskilling.
    - I'm going through each one alphabetically, then getting the Trophy quest for it.
    -- Has pottery always been 2 steps/ make things in one container, then another?
    -- I am really enjoying Baking and Brewing!
    -- Did I say I enjoy the new Tradeskilling window? I do!
    -- Smithing feels like I could end up being very costly.
    -- Fletching ... I remember players making arrows and other things while on a boat or waiting for one to come.
    -- Tailoring seems the kind of tradeskill where you can get much of the materials through mobs.
    -- Research was one I had most difficulty in. Finding the right container ... ugh.
    -- Lastly I worked on Fishing, drinking beer, and Begging ... while occasionally jumping off things to work on my Bind Wound.
  15. code-zero Augur

    Now this is the sort of positive thread I like to see here. Especially a returning player finding so much to do on a regular server.
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  16. Shaiken Journeyman

    Yupper, make the item then finish it. Kinda like pottery IRL. Gotta shape the clay, then toss it into a kiln. At least the game doesn't have a drying process... Imagine how long pottery would take to level then :eek:
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    After a nice lunch I went back to doing some questing.

    -- Handed in the Witchlamps to Alchemist Ella.
    -- Died to a southern moorlizard thing ... 200+ damage a hit!
    -- Carefully got the rest of the ghost puppy items
    -- Handed in the supplies to Cook Idriak

    Was visited by a cool Vah Shir named Ferrek who shared the plat love so I could buy my Ruby! Thanks again, friend!

    -- My trip through Nek Forest and Lavastorm was uneventful ...
    -- *looks at Solusek's Eye map* Holy $&#^
    -- Realized that is the wrong zone
    -- Realize Brewall's map isn't helping as I get lost
    -- Watched myself swim through flowing lava and not get hurt
    -- FINALLY found the Temple after 15 minutes.
    -- Gave over the Ruby, Ostorm hit me on the head, and BOOM! Specializations put at 49.
    -- Cast some Alteration spells to get the Spec Alteration to 51 so I don't mess up again XD

    Headed back to Crescent Reach, as Smithy Bronson (who helped us with the Golden Pick) had some quests for me

    - Heading off to PoK first to get my new spells. My skeleton was a bit light blue :O (Meh don't get it til level 29)
    - Ran over a campfire again and you know what happens next!
    - Defeated gnolls for their picks and hammers, as well as some ore they find in their mines.
    - More bush punching for their branches. Gosh those things like to call their buddies alot!
    -- The bushes heal themselves and cast BEES!!!!
    - Level 29!

    Now to Scout Zerak
    - Kill more gnolls? Don't have to ask me twice!
    - Seems an Ambassador was kidnapped. Must save them!
    - Now to take out the Pit Boss and save the Ambassador! I'll be a hero! *cheers*
    - Level 30!
    - Took the Pit Boss' shield back to Scout Zerak to show I defeated it.
    Aw yeah, Scout Zerak owes me a beer!
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  18. Shaiken Journeyman

    Wish I had more to give, just started new on that server myself :D :D :D
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    Busy day with appointments, so I decided to look some things up about factions. Now, I know many places don't like Necromancers. But being Drakkin and following Veeshan, I would think they are also 'neutral' in some ways as well.

    I wanted to start with Qeynos, as it was the city I made my first character in. I found this guide here and think I'll take some time to see what adventures I can get into! I'll be updating this as I go back and forth when I wanna change up from questing.

    Guards of Qeynos - Kindly
    Corrupt Qeynos Guards - Indifferent
    Merchants of Qeynos - Warmly
    Antonius Bayle - Indifferent
    Kane Bayle - Indifferent
    Priests of Life - Dubious
    Knights of Thunder - Dubious
    Circle of Unseen Hands - Dubious
    Order of Three - Dubious
    Silent Fist Clan - Kindly
    Steel Warriors - Dubious
    Bloodsabers - Threatening
    (Side note ... there is a faction called Guardians of the Hatchling, which I am Scowling with. I read that as 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and was startled they don't like me. >< )

    Step 1: Kills gnolls in Blackburrow!
    Step 2: Kill polar bears and hand in skins to raise Wolves of the North faction in Halas (this will make sense soon) as well as gnoll teeth. I swear the game realized I was looking for polar bear skins, because after I handed ina few ... they never dropped afterwards!!!
    -- I can now use Halas merchants to shop!
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  20. Shaiken Journeyman

    If you are enjoying running around this is a really good quest line.
    Myself I was getting sick of using 6 slot backpacks lol...
    Rewards 100% weight reduction 20 slot bag.
    Might need faction, might not. Never tried it on an evil character. The bag is Heirloom, so you can put it in your shared bank, and an alt can take it out. Get a new one from the NPC, repeat. Everyone on your server has the bag now (you can also keep 1 in your shared bank) :D
    (if you decide to ever make alts, it is still nice having a 20 slotter).
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