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  1. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Well, had a bit of a brain lapse.

    Went to go get All Access to try some things, and ended up buying it thrugh Steam instead of the website (I saw you could do PayPal on steam so wasn't thinking).

    So now I have to DL EQ on Steam in order to get access of the all access I accidently bought there. LOL

    I'm going to go cry in my iced tea glass.

    UPDATE: My husband came to my rescue as he heard me upset. We sat down and figured out that it did put the All Access on my account, as checking my e-mail showed that. So he gave me some chocolate and a pat on the head before I logged in ... and I do have All Access!

    Whew, crises averted.
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  2. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    And here I was in Crescent Reach! Now that I got a good look at it, it's quite pretty. I explored a bit, got myself a Drakkin merc (yay!) named Bikchy .... too close to somethign else lol, and poked around some of the merchants in the big tent.

    I'm making sure to follow the Hero's Journey, and talked to the NPCs. So far I found a few things.

    1. Waterfalls are friggin LOUD
    2. I've outleveled alot of the beginning quests, BUT I am learning lore and story so I don't mind.
    3. Stupid skeletons attack you out of the blue even though I am much higher level
    4. I hate the elevator in the middle of the city.

    I'll be spending my time today questing and exploring, as well as reading more in Tributes and more.

    UPDATE: Just found out the language on Firiona Vie is set to Elvish? I don't know that. Going to head to another server as apparently I'm using a specific language that other players can't understand. I think I'll try Agnarr as it's PoP locked, and that's where I stopped playing before.
  3. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    If I were to play on Agnarr, would I lose all the All Access perks I just paid for? I see a pop up window that says certain things are turned off.
  4. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Not sure what you paid for.

    All Access is a general term used to give your accounts all the features in the game and allows you to play on TLP servers.

    Perks are additional "extras" that cost like $5 a month - separate than the All Access Charge

    So when you say you paid for All Access Perks, I am not sure if you paid the extra for the perks or just the normal subscription.

    The message you get is a disclaimer that not all stuff is available on TLP like it is on Live Servers but you don't "lose" them

    TLP (time locked progression) servers are restricted to only having certain "expansions" opened early on, so some features may not be available because that expansion has not opened yet on that server. As time goes on those servers "unlock" newer expansions.

    So if an item or something was not available in the game until say Omens of War and then if your TLP is not on Omens of War yet then you would not have use of that item. Once Omens of War unlocked then you would be able to use it.

    TLP are meant to be more like the original game and not everything we have now was available back then.
  5. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    I paid for the All Access and the 5$ worth of perks as well. I was wondering if I did Agnarr and would lose those, like the extra exp and coin drop, etc.
  6. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    From the help section:

    Will you be able to use the Perks on Time Locked Progression servers? Yes, however some portions of the Perks will not be available until the appropriate expansion that the feature is tied to has unlocked.

    So whatever is unlocked on Agnar you can use. Whatever is not unlocked you cannot use but you won't lose them because your account can play on other servers and use them there.

    You can always cancel the perks if you wanted to. And just pay for the All Access subscription.
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  7. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Awesome. Thanks for the info!
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  8. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    So I did a bit more research into things (gosh you have to think so much!) and decided with the perks I got and times I play, I will be on the Xegony server. Though I like the idea of being able to trade more items on Frirona Vie, there seems to be more restrictions I didn't know about especially when it comes to language (just my thoughts).

    I remade my Drakkin Necro, skipping the tutorials this time. I wanna jump right in!

    Now, what I'm finding is that putting beginning stats into a character is something that doesn't matter in the long run. So I decided to give her more STA which leaves her with this:


    Let's see how it goes now!
  9. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 1:

    - Talked to necro GM and got a fancy grey robe.
    - Waterfalls are still very loud in headphones. Yeesh
    - Picked mushrooms. I like the Open mechanic alot as it brings another way to get things.
    - Things are definately different when you don't do the Tutorial first, as I'm not over level for the quests.
    - The advanced loot window takes some getting used to. I like how it can be set up to always need or greed something, as well as ignore certain items on a corpse. I'll need to look this up more as I see some party options and other stuff.
    - Hit level 2
    - Spiderling silk!
    - Got some potions as rewards ... would have liked money but can't be picky. Wish I had a special bag to put these in, but for now I got them on my Hotbar
    - Found my race's tribute master, so handing over items I find so I can see how tributes work.
    - Fell through the hole where a lift was and died
    - Looked up tradeskill trophy info
    - Learned lore about the Scions of the Six and the city itself.
    - Got a fancy cloak, though not sure how 100 more faction will help with my home city
    - Made a banner and gave to the man of my dreams ... er I mean the drakken of my dragon color
    - Talked to spirits for the white dragon
    (after dinner)
    - Read some books and took a test for the gold dragon
    - Level 3!
    - Bought level 1 spells
    - Grabbed a bag or two
    - Touched some gross stuff for the black dragon
    - Grabbed weapons off a Warden's corpse ... hm
    - Touched some grass for the green dragon
    - Beat some wooden dummies
    - Played with fire for the red dragon
    - Played in water for the blue dragon (they also call Merchant Wyn'las a 'her' though the model is male. Hmmm)
    - Ran through a torch and was set on fire
    (after a nap)
    - Helped some lovesick drakkin.
    - Found out what happens if you anger one of the Six
    - I like how you get rewards ffrom these quests. Easy to see what they are, and you can even get choices sometimes!
    - Had to go out in the newbie area and gain some levels in order to get any more quests
    - Level 4!
    - Bought my level 1-4 spells
    - Had a Wanderlust Scout Pack drop from my first drake I killed. Apparently it's rare!
    - Level 5! Now I can use some of the rewards I got.
    - Had some friendly players buff me!
    - I thought to also focus on leveling my skills to keep up with my level in game. I've always thought it a good idea, because nothing worse than being level 50, and one's Abjuration is only 10.
    - Did some dentistry work on young pumas
    - Level 6! I'm hoping witht he perks I got, I won't lose exp when I die

    For now I'm off to bed. More adventures await another day!
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  10. Shaiken Journeyman

    Hey, if you like to stick to FV server let me know. I can teach your character languages. Then it is a non issue. It is a simple process. Sit in a party with a person, then go afk for 30 mins or so. Come back fluent in elvish. Repeat for any other language you want to learn.

    I cheated and just used my extra 4th account to make a language mule lol. Now all 3 of my new characters on FV speak elvish.
  11. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Aw thanks for the offer! I just wish it would have been stated that Firiona Vie was Elvish speaking or the like.
  12. Shaiken Journeyman

    Well, it is a roleplay server (at least originally, no one treats it as such anymore).
    Common tongue just isn't a thing.
    Some sites do mention the special rules.
    3 races speak elvish, so it was just easier to make that the default setting for the server.
    Easier to learn just 1 language, than all of the races languages (+13 more).
    Luckily, in chat channels language doesn't matter, like General, Newplayers, etc, etc.
    It only comes into effect if you are typing in a group, raid, /yell, /say, and /tell..
    Not 100% sure when it comes to raid or tells, I haven't had any of those lol
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  13. Sotu Sotu Journeyman

    As a Necro, you can use a tank merc all the way to Level 70-ish and not worry about a lot of stuff, just equip what you get, especially since you are gold / All Access, then you can use the Journeyman mercs.

    I'm F2P and got my Necro up to around 65 on the Apprentice 2 Tank Merc. I switched over to an Apprentice 1 Healer Merc after that. I figure my warrior pets can play tank while the healer merc tries to keep it alive, while the necro dots the mobs.

    I'm on a different server that does not have language issues, but I managed to train 1 point in every language from the Guild Master, then spent 30 minutes to an hour and got all languages to 100.

    My guess for Elvish on FV server, aside from many races initially speaking Elvish, is that, Elvish sounds or looks like English ... but no one really knows for sure, it just became what everyone agreed on to speak.

    You can also use socials or macros to get your spell skills up every few levels.
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  14. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 2

    - Did the tablecloth trick on bats and rats
    - Level 7!
    - Worked on my Alcohol Tolerance by randomly chugging Mead while running around
    - Picked up my level 5-7 spells
    - Popped some shroom tops off
    - Snagged some fizzy drink from partying pumas
    - I read that if you placed stat food in your first inventory slot, it gives you the stat bonus. So I'm trying that out
    - Took truffles from shrooms, while others set me on fire ...
    - Juggled so many POTIONS!
    - Did the PoP Tutorial for some extra items and exp
    - Did the Mines Tutorial for more exp.
    What I found in Crescent Reach, if you just focus on what you need to kill and nothing else, you are behind on levels to move to the next section of the quests.
    - Level 8
    (after lunch and doing .. WORK)
    - Level 8 spells? Yes please!
    - Level 10! ... skipped 9 apparently XD
    Out of the Mines tutorial now and nearly level 11. So much stuff in my bags so need time to go through my inventory.
    (taking a short break to see where to go next!)
    - Level 11!
    - Shaved some bears
    - Peeled some alligators and snagged a few of their eggs
    - Level 12!
    - Saw my first gnoll and stole its lunch money!
    - SWIMMING!!!
    - New spells!
    When it comes to spells, should I use the new ones I get right away, or should I level up the skill more on lower levels first? Like should I level up ABJ with Lifetap before using Lifespike more? How much does the skill your spell is attached to matter in regards to fizzing?
    - Finally have to give my mercenary a gold piece for upkeep. I tried giving her hugs and cookies, but I burnt the cookies
    - Hit level 13 and headed to PoK to find the NPC that sold my spells.
    - Had to Sam Fisher a barbarian alchemist
    - Stole the crown from the Canyon Queen spider
    Need to get to level 16 for more!
  15. Shaiken Journeyman

    If I recall, the trick to that is, buy normal Iron Rations as well. Consume those (right click on them over and over) till you get the message about being full. Then put your awesome stat food into the top left slot of your top left bag. Then you get the perks of those stats, but you don't consume the item. Repeat eating rations every now and then. It gets less of a hassle once you are high enough level to get the innate metabolism AAs (lowers the rate you consume food/drink).

    Fun reading your progress btw :D
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  16. Sotu Sotu Journeyman

    The stat food trick is kind of a hassle, but I guess it helps at lower levels. As a caster though, you shouldn't need to use it. I just buy 1000 milk and 1000 fish and forget about food for the next few days and just play.

    Eventually, when I got Forage AA, I don't need food anymore as I forage more than I consume, but for some reason the drinks aren't as plentiful. Still, what's 1 plat to stack up more water / milk / whatever.

    The last rank of metabolism AA should just make food last forever or not require it anymore, as it does take up at least 2 bag / inventory slots.

    Which reminds me, as much as I wanted the Flesh to Bone / Do not spend bonechips AAs at Level 59, I skipped them for now. I'll just get them when I auto grant them later on. You guys on Gold / All Access need not worry about this.
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  17. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Heard Castlen Drewe might have some armor quests to do! Might be a great way to visit places I've forgotten about or never been to.
    - First stop was Butcherblock Mountains. Remembered to CON NPCs as I'm a necro ... don't need a surprise stabbing in my back! Explored the famous Chessboard, fighting undead pawns that were so tall, they hit me on the head with sticks. Passed those many goblin camps I sat at for many hours. I don't remember fightng the enraged skeletons around a tower, but was nice to see it! Ghostly Shroud obtained!
    - Ah Blackburrow. When I played a Human Monk or Cleric, that was where all the cool kids hung out (poo on Crushbone XD). Hit level 14 while looking for guardsmen. WHo else remembers camping the snakes for their fangs?? Then making my way to the Everfrost zoneline brought back memories of running that path to buy sharpening stones back in the day. Had better rings now, but got the reward.
    - Ah North Ro. I don't think I spent much time there, so I'll be definately careful. Sand as far as the eye can see, with bugs and mummies to boot. Ew. This is when things took a bit longer to get the mobs and items I needed. When I ran back to Freeport, it was eerie to see the Commonlands Tunnel completely deserted. The cloak I got looked fancy, but mine was better.
    - Nektulous Forest. Who remembers hanging out at the 'newbie log' there? That was an adventure. Had a little difficulty on this one as the greater wisps decided to pile on us. My merc ran away and so did I! Strange that Brewall's map had barely anything marked on Nek Forest map, so had to do myself. Even had the spires in the wrong spot. Took me a bit to find them, then headed to lavastorm. Got an earring from it.

    For now, time for a break. Still not high enough to continue quests in Crescent Reach, so will do more from Castlen next time.
  18. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Last time from Castlen Drewe ....

    - The Warrens. Don't remember going in here, so it will be an adventure! Took a bit to find my way there, and got killed by one of the skeleton guards in the newbie area ... darn it. (I was looking to see if I could get a key to Paineel) So have to make my way back again (guess they don't like Drakkin). Also forgot I was still bound in the Mines tutorial >< . So used that time to buy more bone chips and sell some stuff. And my merc is up to 2g an upkeep. (Hmph ... must be to keep her hairdo that way.) Also realized I need to ACTIVATE my tribute benefits /facepalm. But we good now.
    -- Bound in PoK, ran back to the Warrens while I gave a middle finger to the skeletal guards in the Paineel newbie area. Thought to maybe kill some kobols for a time, get my faction up and see what this place is about! (and just like gnolls they run at 50% alot, meh) Found alot of alcohol on them to (PARTY TIIIME!)

    Think I'll be hanging around here for a bit! So far ...
    - Got me a Banestrike chance on kobolds now!
    - Made two three four crazy kobold trains to the Warrens entrance.
    - Figured out Spell Sets and how to save and load them.
    - Learned about Bind Affinity and Gate so I could sell and pop back to the Warrens easily.
    - Figuring out the best spells to use here is taking a bit. Don't have Root yet, so even slowing them down still makes trains. Gotta hit them hard and fast! Vampiric Embrace helps, as well as Imparting Strength and Focus Death on my pet with a weapon.
    - Drank all the alcohol I found on the kobolds .. now I can't see straight ... or walk straight XD
    - When you're drunk, you can't cast Origin cause you stumble around. Lovely XD
    - Being drunk + Cresent Reach lifts = RAGE
    - Hit level 16 and can learn Research now? Hm, will need to look that up!
    - Got myself from Scowl to Threatening with the Heretics in about 2 hours.
    - Got drunk again. WOOO!
    - I found if things don't go my way, just run to zone or get far enough away to use Origin! Been working so far.
    - Finally made it to the darn bridge. Now I gotta kill kobolds ... like I have been doing XD
    - Got drunk ... yet again (kobolds carry so much alcohol)
    - Kobold meat and hides to go please!
    - Level 17!
    - Killed Prince Bragnar!
    Finally got up to Dubious with the Heretics, but I'll come back later as new quests opened up in Crescent Reach!
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  19. LadyKagan Lorekeeper

    Day 3

    Here I am, back in Crescent Reach. We got some new quests to check out!
    - Spoke to some farmers in the inn, and looks like I'll be fighting some undead. Oh hey ... that's what I'm good at!
    - Before I did anything else, I made sure to hand in the quest from Castlen first. Got a kobold-hide mask. Interesting ....
    - Back through the stone in PoK, I decided to find these plants in the Blightfire Moors first. Those were a bit out of my league!!! Will try when level 20.
    - I found out your Bind Affinity location is your new 'rez' place, so popped back at the Warrens. Eh, might as well kill more kobolds for faction!
    Here's a picture of one of my best trains to date!:


    - Time to celebrate again! (holy cow the Brandy is STRONG)
    - Found an area with alot of kobolds that can cast spells. OUCH
    - Well back to Crescent Reach. Planted some seeds and found some lost trinkets. If the undead are deceased ogres, I find it strange they didn't destroy what was there in the farm.
    - Level 18!
    - Merc wants 5 6 8 9g now. I wish I could let her just take a share of the loot money XD
    - Level 19! Soon some of my gear will lose their extra benefits.
    - Still keep forgetting to set Roles after I log back in from lunch ><
    - A lot of these skeletal ogres must have been Shamans. ANNOYING
    - More undead killing for a cowardly Drakkin.
    - Level 20! Oh boy, Specilizations? I don't understand any of this! XD Better go to PoK and get my spells and read up on some things.
    - Got a Mercenary point. Since I have a Tank, I put it into Health.
    - Looked on the Bazaar for some updated armor. Wow, the prices were crazy. Guess I gotta find what I need.
    - Level 21!
    - Went to kill the ogre haunting the 3rd floor of Crescent Reach ... but didn't the Drakkin that was invisible tell me NOT to do that? /thoughts It's kinda sad that the ogre chief was stuck there, but now he is free!
    - Lots of rewards for achievements!
    - Castlen gave me my next task in Highpass Hold. I remember camping gnolls there, but not much else.
    Adventure time!
    -- Came into Highpass through Blightfire Moors and when I turned a corner .. a gnoll slapped me in the face. RUDE
    -- The guards REALLY don't like me ...
    -- Had to run through Highpass to get to the side with Kithicor Forest (thank god for Invisible!) and get the update. Whew.
    - Returned to Castlen to get a Highpass Signet. Would have been nice if it game me some faction there!
    - Next is Permafrost. I don't remember really doing much in the barbarian area besides buying a few things and running through the zone.
    Adventure time!
    -- The secret entrance really wasn't that much of a secret. I found it!
    -- Level 22!
    -- This place is a maze and I hate it ><
    -- 1p 1g my merc wants now? Wow .. does it go up every level?
    -- Engulfing Darkness on EVERYTHING!
    -- Found a level 35 barbarian who came up and punched me in the face repeatedly ... made my merc run away.

    So time to grind more Heretic faction since I died and popped back at the Warrens XD

    For now I have some questions ...
    - Where can I find some potions I can use? Like for mana regen or attack speed, etc?
    - What are Specializations and how do they affect me? I casted an Evocation spell, and got both a point in Evocation and Specialized Evocation. Seem to get Specilizations each time I cast now.
    - Can I find more defiant armor for my level through quests or drops? 500p is a bit much for me to spend.
  20. Shaiken Journeyman

    The really nice Potions are crafted by shamans if I recall. The merchants Alchemist Redsa, Elwin Razorfur and Ralkor Stoneclaw in Plane of Knowledge, in the western trader building, along with Alchemist Adeben in Crescent Reach, sell an array of basic potions. Some of them only sell a certain level range of potions. All potions can also be crafted by a Shaman with Alchemy.
    That link should answer your specialization questions.
    If I recall necromancer specialize in alteration, or conjuration. Mine specialized in alteration, cause I casted those spells a lot lol.

    Defiant can be pretty easy to get off vendors in PoK and Cresant Reach. Just have to check them for it. The spell vendors in PoK always seem to have defiant gear on them. (other players selling it to said vendors). Also check the vendors in brightfire moors, in that middle area with a bunch of NPCs.

    If not, kill a lot of level 20-30 mobs. Rough Defiant gear (you might want to save up or wait and get Ornate Defiant gear for 26-40 instead). You can also get a bunch of free defiant stuff from following the achievements for cresent reach (Hero's Journey). If you click on each one, and preview rewards, it can give you an idea of what slots you can skip buying and earn. Depending on how fast you are going to handle levels you can skip over some level ranges of Defiant. As a necro your gear isn't as much of a concern compared to a tank.

    Also, there is an NPC in PoK, by the small bank, near the guild hall. Franklin Teek. Hail him, get the quest he gives you for your level range. It is also the HOT ZONE (bonus exps) for that level range. Rewards waist, shoulders, back.

    There is also an NPC near the loyalty vendor, says Gear 1-49 or something like that. That person sells jewelry (mask, neck, ears, fingers). You will want to check that one out, for a Summoners Earring. Makes your pet a lot stronger when you wear it and summon said pet.

    Also, very optional. You can buy a Krono for $17.99 off the website. Then sell it in game. They tend to fetch 3 million or so on normal Live servers (and like 6 million on FV server).
    I did that myself. Bought bags that upgraded into 20 slot 100% weight reduction bags.
    ( ) Ignore the prices in the screen shot, they sell for 3-6k at most. You are looking for the Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent bags. It also gives you a ton left over to buy spells, gear till around 100 or so, when it really gets expensive.

    You may also want to get your hands on 2 casino tickets. Find someone to loan you a casino kit (all the tradeable LORE items). Turning in those tickets rewards you with either a NO-Trade LORE dark elf illusion mask, OR the fastest mount in game (which is why you want 2 tickets, in case you get the stupid mask first). Those tickets are also be bought off the loyalty vendor in PoK.
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