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  1. Nolrog Augur

    If you're looking for a specific item, my experience suggests that it's cheaper to buy it in the bazaar (plat, krono) than trying to get it from opening the packs. Learned this in LoN.
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  2. ZenMaster Augur

    Bug Report: Traveler's Trapestry says "North Qeynos" when Wind Spirit's Song is in - and teleports to - "South Qeynos".

    Beautiful tapestry!

    P.S. WTB Wiltedblossom Wreath on Luclin Server, send tell/message to Notes. :)
  3. Brovaar Lorekeeper

    I used to think so too, until I noticed that the bell bottom flare looks remarkably similar to Star Trek dress uniforms. Now I think they look cool. LOL


    I'm a doctor not an Ayr`Dal, Jim!
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  4. Zaviere Augur

    This post makes me love them now, too. It also made my life a little happier in general. Thanks <3
  5. Benito Augur


    It's also prudent to stockpile items from current heritage crates to trade for items in future heritage crates.
  6. Prathun Developer

    Fixed internally. Thanks for letting us know!
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  7. Catashe Augur

    Next thing you'll know they'll be spell checking items in the Database.. Oh wait! =)
  8. Benito Augur

    Is it just me or are Ayr'Dal crate's selection odds (percentages) unconventional? Teir'Dal crates had a conventional hierarchy with house items/familiars as common, non-plate suits as uncommon, plate suits as rare, and illusion/mount as very rare.

    Ayr'Dal odds feels like:

    -Meanderer Suits (including Plate/Scalemail) - Common
    -Wanderer Cloth-Ringmail - Uncommon
    -Familiars - Uncommon
    -House Items - Rare
    -Wanderer Plate/Scalemail - Rare to Very Rare
    -Illusion/Mount - Very Rare to Ultra Rare

    This is based on my crates and what I see on Bazaar/General.

    I suspect the developers do not want TLP players to have tons of clicky ports so house teleport items will be rarer from here on out.
  9. Koryu Augur

    Turnaround screenshots of the new ornamentation sets are up on ZAM. If you want to see what a full set looks like, search for the suit.
  10. Flatchy Lorekeeper

    I got a bear mount in my crate. Are they as rare as people let on? I am not a huge mount collector so would not mind parting with it. Im on BB server send an in game e mail with information if you wish to.

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