Avoiding the mistakes of the last expansion

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lilura, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. IblisTheMage Augur

    1) most beta testers are hardcore. Hardcore players outshine average players like myself, as well as even more casual players. To attract normal players, a completely different incentive would need to be deviced, I am not sure how that should work, and I am not sure I think it is that big of a deal that it is necesary.

    2) a year ago, a lot more of the community activity was about boxing. EoK was extremely friendly towards boxing, RoS very much less so. This is a part of the “hard tier 1 zones”. I do find it strange that T1 zones are transit zones to xp grinding in T2... but maybe that is by design. Maybe DBG is trying to get us to do dungeons a lot more, instead of safe geinding outside, inT1. What is more “EQ”?

    3) RoS was only bad against EoK, who is one of the best all time expansions. Just think of TBM... RoS was quite good!
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  2. Millianna Augur

    RoS was a downgrade from EoK. Too many clockblocks, not enough content, and nowhere for those who are behind AA curve to box. Devs made horrible decisions with HAs and not to fix bugs prior to launch and blame the players.
  3. kizant Augur

    1. Get AAs/spells in sooner so we can actually test them before you stop reading feedback.
    2. Take people more serious when they say something is going to be overpowered.
    3. Make more zones like Skyfire as far as mechanics and NPCs with unique abilities.
    4. Create the appropriate threads on the beta forum with clear guidance on what is supposed to be posted to it. Last time there was confusion over what counts as a spell vs ability and what threads were actually being read. People were sometimes told they posted in the wrong place about X topic without having an alternative thread to post in, etc.
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  4. Verily Tjark Augur

    Avoid mistakes from last year?

    The only mistake made was an unfinished product being pushed to Live just to make a deadline.

    With even less resources than last year, don't expect an improvement unless there's less content to manage.
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  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I agree to an extent. Don't think trickling is the answer but more testing would be.
  6. Lilura Augur

    Gotta love the reactions from the uber guilds I named. :)

    I don't expect you to agree with me. But I sure don't want a repeat of RoS. Then again the biggest problem with RoS was devs not listening. People were waving their arms saying there's a problem here and those reports went ignored.
  7. Allayna Augur

    The pre-beta pep talk that our guild receives is, go break it!

    RoS we tested and broke everything from tradeskills (hello poisons) to chokidai unbound to raids (hello T2-2), to itemization. Feedback is provided by guilds on what is broken, what is undesirable and what is exploitable (hello killable quest npcs).

    Maybe try to get an understanding that the only benefit that we get from beta is a cactus hat and the joy of knowing we are a part of testing the game we love.
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  8. Elskidor Augur

    Drunk effect in Skyfire is really my only beef with the zone. Besides for that I actually prefer it to Overthere. The mobs can be avoided. But RoS was pretty weak. Hoping this new one will be a big step up.
  9. Allayna Augur

    Drunk Effect: Combated by: max AT or pet tank or avoid those mobs, they’re my undead mobs anyway
  10. Jumbur Augur

    Having max AT does not make you immune, it does make the drunk effect go away faster though.

    I still think it is unfair you didn't get AT-skillups when you fought vampires in SF. :(
  11. svann Augur

    Also bardsong soothing song of the sunrise
  12. Dreadmore Augur

    Releasing zones a few at a time doesn't guarantee that the experience-grinding zones will be tested.

    The resounding criticism against your first thread was also that people did test out those zones.
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  13. Brohg Augur

    agree that the effect should have skilled up AT for those not maxed
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  14. segap Augur

    The bard song was useless if you had a low tolerance. Even with the song, the game was unplayable for 20 minutes.
  15. Lianeb Augur

    What are there like 10? Vampires in the whole Zone?

    How is that what people remember about the zone?
  16. Beergoggles Journeyman

    IMO beta testing shouldn't be locked behind pre-purchasing the expansion. This could increase the number of people who test the expansion, and without assuming too much this could increase the number of casuals that test the group zones and questing content more. To me it makes little sense to lock beta testing behind pre-purchase unless they aren't confident their content is good enough to encourage people to purchase the expansion after testing it.
  17. Bigstomp Augur

    So you are suggesting someone who does not play the game because they can only experience ancient content would be a good tester?
  18. Beergoggles Journeyman

    If the person doesn't play the game because they can only experience ancient content, why would they test beta? I think you answered your own question within the question.
  19. Kolani Augur

    On the other hand, the fact that no one knew about the de-levelling bug for certain race-class combinations implies overuse of using automatic levelling to 110.
  20. kizant Augur

    Pre-ordering maybe isn't the best requirement but it at least shows you're playing current content and care at least a little bit. It's also not a surprise to me that many people didn't know about some bug related to leveling or didn't care to use one. Leveling is pretty easy as it is. I got 110 in beta the hard way and it only took a few days of barely playing. Granted my new guild at the time wanted everyone to be 105/106 to make the raids more realistic so I made a mistake by leveling too much. But anyone can betabuff or whatever a level 110 if that's all they cared about testing. Like I said before, the bigger issue is that lots of AAs weren't done so you could be 110 but not have anything to really test.

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