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  1. Rauven Augur

    I don't see those as any meaningful benefit.

    Meanwhile only allowing active players to be online in a given time reduces the server stutters that occasionally happen. I'd rather see someone be able to pull a mob, not see it get stuck running in place and appearing in an apparent random location then someone having the ability to 'check logs' while he was away at dinner.

    I manage the server settings for a paid server on another game I play and even though the server is usually far under capacity, we still utilize AFK kick. The less maps and zones loaded, the better the overall performance. And when we're talking about a 22 year old game, every little bit helps.
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  2. Finchy Augur

    Just because you don't see something as a benefit, doesn't mean others don't. Why should we have to adjust the way we want to play a video game because you don't think something is beneficial? Specially one we've been playing the same way for 20 years.

    Can you please provide evidence to your claims you are making? I would like to see some data that shows only active players online reduces the server stutter issues you mention. That is very big and bold claim, but I would definitely love to see some data on how you come to that conclusion.

    Also, don't forget, every. single. server. has the AFK auto kick timer removed after a given period of time. some sooner than others, some later than others, but it always happens. I'm simply asking for this server to be in the "sooner than others" category based on server limitations vs. previous implementations. There is a new infrastructure server side that appears to be able to handle the load significantly better than previous servers. Before you ask, I specifically choose the words "appears to be able to" instead of a hard "it does", as my "evidence" is my experience on every single TLP launch since Ragefire, and this has by far been the smoothest launch of any TLPs since then, not to mention the numerous posts telling us they have been working hard on the backend.
  3. Rauven Augur

    Well if you would play the game, you'd have a point. But when you're afk, you're not playing it. So keeping the afk timer isn't affecting your gameplay at all. And keeping it doesn't affect active players either. So if they kept the timer, you'd be able to be afk for the next 20,000 years if you wanted.
  4. Finchy Augur

    We've resorted to passive aggressive attacks now? Come on, there is no reason for that, specially in a topic of this nature. I clearly laid out multiple scenarios regarding why I (or others) would benefit from the afk timer being removed (again, as every other server in existence) and somehow that offends you to lead you to this type of comment?

    Anyways, it'd be appreciated if this could be removed prior to Luclin, would be nice to see if for Kunark if possible Daybreak <3
  5. Rauven Augur

    Its not a passive attack its a fact. If you are afk, you are not playing the game. You're not getting around that by trying to marginalize whatever opinion you think I have.
  6. Finchy Augur

    I think you missed or forgot most of the benefits I mention include having additional toons that are AFK, not all my characters being AFK 24/7. So yes, having certain characters AFK would support me playing the game across all accounts/characters. Not to mention having characters AFK collecting data for me to review once I return, would also support a play style along with a knowledge gain, which again supports game play.

    I fail to understand what you are getting at.
  7. Rauven Augur

    I didn't miss it, I just dismissed it. I'm not going to entertain afk as actually playing the game. Because its not. You can squirm, whine, moan, and try to say it is till you go blue in the face. But it doesn't change that fact. But if that is all you are going to do, then I'm just going to keep pointing this out.

    But if you want my opinion. I think you're lying. Especially concerning the idea your family dinner was ruined because you realized your character got logged out. That's a fabrication. In my opinion.
  8. Zepplinn Elder

    I like to AFK in Plane of Knowledge while im doing some house chores. With the hopes when I come back im fully buffed from MGB'rs. Thats a good enough reason for me to have the AFK auto kick removed. Plus the fact that I have to PAY for my subscription to my TLP server, I want to look at my character and guild chat whenever I pass by my Comp. If it was a free service on these TLp's then auto afk kick to your hearts content. But as a paying subscriber, I should be allowed access to the world how ever I choose, afk or not.

    Some people choose to sit in front of there comp and just watch the world go by, my father was one of these players. He would meditate to the music in some of these zones. He would be totally content watching players running around doing tasks. He could easily be mistaken for being afk when hes totally just sitting there watching. People have different ways of playing games. Both arguments could be valid on the definition of who's afk or not. But again if your a paying Subscriber who the F cares how you play or even if you are playing. Remove the auto kick "Would" be nice. Thats all im sayin.
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  9. Rauven Augur

    Except you don't:

    Heck you don't even need to play EQ1 to utilize that. You like me, choose to pay. But we do not have to.
  10. Finchy Augur

    I didn't add this simply because the server hasn't reached xpacs where you can AFK without buff timers counting down (starting in Luclin) but yes, this is a big reason, when the time comes.
  11. Zepplinn Elder

    Guy , are you playing on a TLP server ? The buffs DON't Count down in Plane of Knowlege , Nexus , Bazaar. Everyone congregates in Plane of Knowledge or in the Guild Lobby depending on the expansion unlock. If your server is unlocked from Luclin on, you CAN afk in the Nexus and the buff timer does not tick down.... If you are talking about the New servers Mischief etc... Then yes there is nowhere to go afk without the buff timer ticking down. I think the OP was referring to the Aradune server. Which I am also refering to. The AFK auto Kick is annoying AF on this server.

    Also I know I can play on a free Live server and not get auto afk kicked. But were talking about TLP servers that require a monthly subscription. I don't pay with Krono, as your referring that maybe I should. I don't have the time to farm and resell items as maybe like yourself. Either way it's still a pay to play server. Wouldnt you agree that you should have access to your character when ever you want ?
  12. Elskidor Augur

    The AFK kicker is just silly at this point, no amount of white knighting is going to justify leaving it in. It's tolerable for now but it definitely needs to be gone by Luclin.
  13. Finchy Augur

    what? are you ok? i am the OP...and i'm talking about the new set of servers. I wasn't aware Aradune's timer hasn't been removed as of yet, which is an oversight by Daybreak. I'm aware of what zones you get that buff don't count down. I was agreeing with you...calm down brother.
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  14. Rhythar Elder

    The afk kicker is always beneficial. It doesn't make sense to waste server resources on afkers, especially with the company's stance against afk gameplay.
  15. Stix Man Elder

    If they cared about server performance, maybe they would deal with the 200 bots on Aradune rather than punish AFK kick the rest of the server.

    The bots are allowed to perma be logged on for 29 out of 30 days (minus patch day) but people are insulting real people for wanting to AFK 60 minutes in pok? How are real people being yelled at that they shouldn't afk meanwhile half of PoK are afk bots?
  16. brickz Augur

    This thread is absurd. Literally every other MMO boots people for being idle. If you can't even be arsed to press a button once every half hour then you aren't playing and don't need to be taking up space. Checking guild chat? Everyone uses discord. AFKing for buffs? Ask a guildie instead of contributing to the lag pile. Checking spawn timers? Unless you're using third party you won't know when it spawns if you're AFK so....
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  17. Rauven Augur

    But the family dinner... think of the wives and kids! Its ruined everytime you're taking a bite of that amazing alfredo you just ordered and remember you have to reenter your password when you come home.

    Cannot even enjoy the biscuits at Red Lobster because of that. They need to let us stay logged in between patches and maintenance. Sure its an impossibility, but damn them for not doing it anyway.