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  1. Gundolin Augur

    On some events such as the anniversary raid I can complete see if I'm in an aura or not based on the screen changing colors. But on some events I can't see the aura at all and just kind of run around where I think the aura is until I'm cured.

    So my guess is that I have aura's set to near the right level but need further adjustment.

    Is there some place that I can go that shows how my settings should be to see things like Auras?

  2. booser Journeyman

    I would like to say if you go to options. Display tab. env tab under particles. Set it for near/high. I could be wrong. If I am I'm sure someone will correct me. It's def in that area.
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  3. Kongfoo Elder

    The screen changing colors is from Enable Post Effects in the Advanced Options. This is good for most events. On events like Grummus you are better off turning this option off.

    To see the auras, go to the Options Window --> Display Tab --> Particles --> Player. I have mine set to Near Clip: Medium, Density: Low, On for: Everyone, and Opacity: 50%.
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  4. booser Journeyman

    Yeah I thought I might be wrong. Didn't think my arch nemesis would be the one to correct me!
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  6. Gundolin Augur

    Thanks, all.

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