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    I read somewhere you can get auras at lvl 65 by a quest in takish somethingorother. Ae there any other auras at later levels for all or most classes?
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    It's 55 and 70 for auras. They were a part of the Prophecy of Ro expansion and to my knowledge, haven't been progressed beyond that expansion. The 55 aura is easily duoable since you only kill four mobs in Takish'Hiz (mobs have lots of hp and special abilities that differ by season). Only a few classes get the 70 aura/spell (it's not an aura for everyone. Wizards and Rogues and Necros get traps of a sort) and it's available as the reward for a series of quests (70.1, 70.2, and 70.3) from an NPC in North Ro. Look here for more info.
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    Anaia_Shibari wrote:
    That needs a few clarifications. Not all classes receive a level 55 aura/trap either. There are 2 mission arcs for the the level 70 spell/skill. One starts in North Ro as mentioned; the other starts in Arcstone. Calling them 70.1, 70.2, & 70.3 is a bit misleading, as that's usually used to refer to the DoDH spell missions. People will generally refer to the aura quests as Skylance 1, 2, 3, & Takish Hiz 1, 2, 3.
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    For the 55 auras, you need either a group of 55s, or a decent duo of 65s, or a solo 75 :). The four mobs you have to kill have very high hp, but do relatively low damage.

    The 70 auras, as posted above, need a group for the Skylance mission series or Message from the Past. You need to complete all missions in the series to get the reward, I believe.
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    There are other auras in game besides the quested one's mentioned above. There are a few on clickies found in PoR (both at the group and raid level). For example see: Marble Band of the Thex House or Earring of the Elddar And I know Enchanters got some new ones as part of the SoF spell set, not sure if any other classes got them.
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    I believe you get the PoR lvl 70 aura by either completing Tak 3 or Skylance 3 resepctively. Although someone that has already completed the 1st 2 missions will need to get the 3rd one if you go that route.

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