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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by tyrantula, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. tyrantula Elder

    I've been hSTA since the start of TBL and with all the changes lately, gear changes, and my actual role in raids... I'm questioning it. This thread is for all types of augs, whether 5, 7, 8, 18, or 19.

    General consensus I've seen is:

    Warriors: AC, hAGI, hSTA
    Paladins: AC, hSTA, hDEX, hAGI
    Shadow knights: AC, hSTA, hDEX, hAGI

    This isn't a written rule, just what I know. The question I have is more about diminishing returns, thresholds, etc. With as much HP/AC as many tanks have these days, would it be more beneficial to run hDEX for group game combat checks and DPS?
  2. Riou Augur

    If you play enough in the group game it's probably worthwhile, it will also improve your dps further
  3. josh Augur

    Based on what I've seen in recent parses, HDex might be the best for everywhere. It is definitely still the best for the group game.

    Either i hit a threshold, or something was changed, because I'm riposting raid mobs again. and its not a small amount, I'm riposting 12% most of the time. further testing would be necessary but that's a lot of work. I just hope it's not a mistake and it gets nerfed lol.
  4. p2aa Augur

    Been a while i didn't look tanking parse, and I decided to go have a look at my tank parse as I was curious about josh seeing riposte on raid mobs.
    I found indeed that until the 16th April, on 6 TBL raids boss mobs I'm used to tank this year, i was riposting in the range of 0,04 % to 0,35 % depending of the mob.
    Starting the 21 st April until today, i'm riposting in the range of 7,52 % to 8,94 %. The average of the 6 figures is 8,47 %. So + 8 % difference.
    I decided to have a look at my parry rate, to see if some parries before maybe went to be count as riposte, but my parry rate was moving in the range of 0,05 % to 1 % max between the 2 periods depending of the mob, and the number of it will be very dependent of how much time I used flash of anger or fortitude in the fight. So no change on parry. This is also make me think that if boss mob Hstrikethrough would have been reduced to allows us to riposte more, then I would have seen likely more parries or even some single dodge, but i'm still dodging 0 hit.
    I saw there was patch the 17th April, and in this patch I saw one note about Riposte.
    In the UI section, "Riposte messages are now reported before their resulting hit damage".
    I'm pretty sure it's this change which explains the riposte difference, but what does it mean ?
    Does it mean the parser catch more ripostes messages now when before he was not able to ? Like there are some riposte you do which would indeed hit the mob,and other riposte resisted by the mobs and we see all of them now in the parser ? It's just speculation here though.

    To answer to the OP also, as a raiding warrior, I favor Hsta over Hagi. Not for the shielding % increase, but for the HP bonus pool to be able to survive better to the heavy AE dmg there are on raids now. I use an own formula (with numbers assigned to AC, Hsta, Hagi, HDex and HP) that allow me to rank type 7/8 augs i wear. Obviously all my type 5 augs are Hsta favored.
  5. josh Augur

    Yup, that's a shame, this does appear to be a bug. It's logging the riposte even when it isn't successful. basically there are two messages, one incorrect one saying i riposted and one, correctly saying i didn't

    "ENEMY tries to slash YOU, but YOU riposte!"
    is followed by a
    "ENEMY tries to slash YOU, but misses! (Riposte Strikethrough)

    so he missed after striking through the riposte. I mean, maybe its just a coincidence that every riposte I've looked at is followed by a riposte strikethough, but no it's just a bug lol.

    EDIT: thinking about it, it's possible they intend it to give two messages, and then the bug would be in gamparse.
  6. Wulfhere Augur

    Oh RoS and EoK raid mobs, I'm not seeing any change. Still zero defense against those raids.

    Seeing about a 6% riposte rate on TBL raid mobs. Some are not preceded by damage or a miss. They seem real.

    [Mon Jul 08 17:50:40 2019] A burnt bones tries to punch YOU, but YOU riposte!
    [Mon Jul 08 17:50:40 2019] You slash a burnt bones for 2740 points of damage. (Riposte Strikethrough)

    [Mon Jul 08 17:53:26 2019] General Reparm tries to hit YOU, but misses! (Strikethrough Wild Rampage)
    [Mon Jul 08 17:53:26 2019] General Reparm is pierced by YOUR thorns for 1035 points of non-melee damage.
    [Mon Jul 08 17:53:26 2019] General Reparm hits YOU for 16283 points of damage. (Strikethrough Wild Rampage)
    [Mon Jul 08 17:53:26 2019] General Reparm tries to hit YOU, but YOU riposte!
    [Mon Jul 08 17:53:26 2019] You slash General Reparm for 27792 points of damage. (Riposte)

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