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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Flatchy, May 11, 2021.

  1. Flatchy Court Jester

    Since this expansion started out the way it did (loot pinata on the ore) About the only loot left there is to get (especially on the groupers side) is augs. I have never stopped playing EQ and Am pretty well augged. Not this time around. It seems RNG is been very very bad to me.

    1. Since no one needs grouper gear that drops hardly all aug camps are almost perma camped.

    2 When you do get a camp You never see the augs. I have killed the Wyvern in Cobalt scar so many times its unreal and never seen one drop. What is the percentage to get an aug drop on the loot table? I would put all this down to terrible luck but its the same on diff mobs in diff zones. When you have reg loot and augs on same mob the chance to see the aug has to be terrible.

    Next expansion can you just have augs drop only from certain Named or at least up the chance to 50/50 for an aug to drop. The way it is seems to be causing bottlenecks in the game especially when you got that completist boxer who refuses to move to a diff mob untill all his casters has the Dex aug you are after.
  2. Cadira Augur

    Unfortunately this is what they want. They can't put out an expansion filled with content and didn't have time to put another evolving item or two out so they had to put artificial time sinks like horrible Aug camps for people to fill their time with.
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  3. Schadenfreude Augur

    It doesn't help that you can spawn Kirezelbough and find it engaged by randoms in zone if you killed the trigger mob more than 30 seconds run from the ramp - I've only ever seen his aug twice in twenty odd kills so the weapon and range item both seem flagged as common while the aug is extremely uncommon.

    Pastletlith has been perma camped on FV for months (almost always in three instances at once). It also very rarely drops the aug, I got very lucky getting one inside a couple of hours but actually getting the camp took almost a week of checking at all sorts of hours.
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  4. bobokatt Augur

    I had the same issue really, with good augs for the group game. In my case, I decided to forgo camping named in CoV and competing for a spot and rather went back to ToV etc., and worked on getting the 3 Velium Infused gems (3/4) as one is Lore Group. Also having 3/4 from CoV (Velium Threaded Gems) gave me 6 good ones. Then during the Anniversary, I got and worked HARD (and lucky) and got the 2 Copper ones. That makes 8. I am still rocking 3 of the Conflagarant gems as well which I know are old but really they are still NOT that bad for the group game. That gave me 11 (decent ones).

    What I do not have are any of are the Secret Dawn ones as I pretty much skipped that whole expansion OTHER than doing the Fire mission to try and get the evolving items. That might be a better option instead of again competing against straight up CoV camps speciffically for an Aug 7/8 or the Type 5 augs etc. I have a smattering of other augs here or there than I got lucky with.
    Do you have all Velium Threaded, Velium Infused, Secret Dawn already? That would at least cover 9.
  5. Petalonyx Augur

    Yeah, the drop rate on the T1 named augs is paltry, but so is the benefit over more common augs from missions and prev expansions. I just got them for my Paladin and moved on, with the intention to revisit them during bonus rare, or when there arent any better options for upgrades.

    I had to check Pastletlith spawn multiple times a day for about a month before I got a spot there, across 2-5 pickzones, but it's much more often open now that (i assume) most folks have gotten what they want.
  6. Fanra

    I'm still finding Pastletlith in Western Wastes camped in all picks on Bertoxx 99% of the time. And the aug is his rare drop...
  7. Fenthen aka Rath

    All augs seem to have a drop rate of < 1-10%.
    Morwenna is a REALLY COMMON named spawn, and when I was farming my dex augs I would often have 5 of her corpse laying there at a time. Augs were still once every 6-ish hours.

    I hear guys camping Past for 4 straight days, and getting at most 1-2 augs per day.

    This is exactly what it is. They will find a way to artificially increase the expansion's playable time by screwing with drop rates. You can clear all Claws of Veeshan group-level progression (part/merc/hero) inside of 10 hours, and there's really only need for 2 of those zones to be completed due to the progression spell bumps.

    Most of this current expansion is just fluff. Most of the raid encounters don't seem to be working correctly or are still being tuned 6 months after we reported problems with them. There really isn't much to love with the past 18 months.

    I guess this is just our life now.
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  8. Endorek Lorekeeper

    Every time I get on I check the Past camp, if that's not open (which is most of the time) I either log, or run over to CS to try Kirez, but as mentioned above, the problem with that camp is missing out on the actual named to another group at the spawn point. As frustrating as it is, I've benefited from this as well, the only aug I've gotten off of him was just luck, I zoned out of SS and he jumped me. My suggestion is to make all the augs like ores, random chance off of any named, and really rare chance off of trash in the whole expansion. I have zero incentive to ever zone into DN and the only reason I went into ToV was to do the progression for my progressive spell.
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  9. Flatchy Court Jester

    I spent some time in past camp , now Resource shows just one room for him to pop in. Is that true? I know information is sometimes lacking lately. Kirez still taunts me, i dont kill any wyverns but the ones around the tower so I can run right up when the ph is dead. I was on my way to CS and ran into him sat morning , I thought to myself "THIS IS IT, ITS DESTINY TIME". .....another crappy weapon to trib great.
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  10. Dropfast Augur

    I post this is the Beta threads but it was entirely ignored. All I want to know is if it REALLY was intentional to make tier 1 augs nearly impossible to get while making tier 3 augs as simple as one mission run. It's completely booty backwards. I think I know what they did that's making them WAY more rare than intended. PS- please spare me the "this is the new replacement for content" and the "It's just bad RNG dawg!" speech, I'm not stupid and that is very likely not the case.

    So what I've seen happening is after killing that stupid Wyvern is CS at least 50+ times, not one single Dex aug. But I've got like 18 of the random drop damage augs. I think they messed up and put the random dropped augs and the nameds specific dropped aug on the same loot table. Which has never been done before and could explain this issue. That or they forgot a 0 when entering the drop rates, so instead of 10% it 1% or whatever.

    Never before has any aug, from any named in current content, ever been anywhere near this rare. It's stupid. At this rate most mains will not even have these 3-4 augs this issue is affecting, let alone alts. Their is something seriously wrong with these. I call complete BS on just Bad RNG, something is wrong or broke period. 50+ Wyvern, 40+ dragon, 30+ Sharks .Somewhere is the range 120-150 named killed and ZERO stat augs. But I've got like 40+ random dropped damage augs instead as the only loot...
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  11. Chorus Augur

    I dunno, I killed over 250 overseers in ToV for the shield aug, and never got it. Ended up dropping for a friend a week later and I picked it up that way.
  12. Schadenfreude Augur

    I've spent about a dozen hours in those caves and the information seems 100% accurate. Most of that time was spent in the cave where Feltinth spawns waiting on the other camp opening up and sometimes when Pastletlith popped on track and all my mobs were down I'd run over to check to make sure he was still camped and it always spawned in that one spot.
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  13. Flatchy Court Jester

    If you wanna have the mob drop other items as well that is fine just give them all the same chance to drop, because that is not how it is now.
  14. Schadenfreude Augur

    The original game had common and uncommon drops, a kobold champion in Sol B would more often than not drop the shield for example but the ratio was usually something like 75/25 as opposed to the two previously mentioned augs where the drop rate seems more like very low single digits. The shark aug I didn't have too many issues with but it has a ton of PHs in a small area.
  15. Flatchy Court Jester

    I finally got Driz Rage off Shoen the Fanatic in skyshrine. Then again I have heard that was one of the easier ones and its only a type 5 one so theres that.