aug 7 camping?

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  1. catcattank Elder

    right now I'm just doing the Gribble/Marla route for leveling and I haven't had any issues yet but assuming I don't heroic, what are my options? My sk is 83 with abstruse, warrior 86 with tbm gear and stalwart sulstone of the sturdy.

    I previously leveled a paladin to 82 and I remember doing the following camps:

    2 augs in DSK
    2 augs in RSS
    random aug in field of scale off named snake iirc.
    failed attempt at aug off of valdeholm mob in rear castle

    Is it still like this? I have a silver ranger for tracking if necessary but am I wasting time getting jonas/warleader'spearl/heraldric bayle crest etc?
  2. Brohg Augur

    If the Gribbles themselves aren't slowing you down due to your being too fragile, then just keep on trucking. There are 20 (that is to say, a full suit of~) great augments scattered across The Broken Mirror and Empires of Kunark expansions.

    There's also a handful of major projects that produce good augs, but for establishing a character I'd tackle them after the ones you just camp. Hero's Calling, Shawl, Artisan, Relife Adornment, maybe Jonas' Parrot (not Hand) all worthies in the fullness of time, but quite a lot of effort for one upgrade.

    Just to fill slots meanwhile, you can pick up a dozen-ish augs that have some kinda AC from the various vendors in ETWK, and 4 of the magician-summoned Tavon augs.
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  4. catcattank Elder

    another question on proc on weapons themselves? I read another thread already about weapon augments but I want to know about weapons themselves.

    anger > rune > remote healing > dmg? also where would stunning strike fit into that, I know it has a value higher than normal damage due to its 0 second stun.
  5. moogs Augur

    catcat, you're the right level to do House of Thule progression. You'll get a nice set of augs from the chests at the end of those missions. There are some nice augs in VoA later (90+) like the one from Deathglider in Beasts' Domain. If you're doing the HAs you can buy a lot of great AC augs from the merchants in West Karana. Kind of hard to go wrong there.

    Stone of the Landing is easy to get at 90+ and so are the anniversary augs (March?).
  6. Brohg Augur

    Stone of the Landing is complete "at 90+", it requires full Lesser Champion of the Rain of Fear to be good, which is not going to be accomplished by anyone without either lv100 or major "help" - i.e. someone plain doing if for you.
  7. moogs Augur

    Maybe I'm thinking of another one...

    Two more easy and level appropriate augs are Feral Eye and Bonegrinder's Bauble from the common named in Field of...Bone?
  8. Tucoh Augur

    General gearing/leveling strat:
    1. Get to 105 from Gribble's and whatever progression you can scrap together, spend the gribbles $$ on type 7 augs in ETWK.
    2. Buy a bunch of Remnant of Tranquility, get a suit of TBM vendor armor + 105 augs.
    3. Do whatever you can to get EoK visibles, even if you're just picking T1 rotting visible armor.
    4. Get AAs and type 7 augs, the above link is a good list to start with.
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